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Resistance: Fall of Man Review (PS3)

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Resistance: Fall of Man Boxart (PS3)

Resistance: Fall of Man (PS3)


The Bottom Line

Resistance: Fall of Man easily gives Halo, or Gears of War a strong run for their money. It looks stunning, the way a next gen game should, it runs smooth, it's intense, it has a killer game concept (Call of Duty meets Halo 2), and it's a blast to play. Think of everything you like about first person shooters, it's in Resistance. While some may gripe that there's nothing "innovative" about the game, I like to think of Resistance as a fine wine. I'm not looking for novel, I'm looking for excellence, and Resistance is excellent.
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  • This is easily the best PS3 launch title
  • Halo vs. Resistance... tough call
  • Jaw dropping visuals
  • Killer choice of weapons
  • 40 players online? Yeah, that's pretty darn cool.


  • Nothing very original, it just does it better than anyone else
  • Normal level may be too easy


  • Graphics: 5 Gritty and realistic, Resistance is one of the best looking first person shooters out there.
  • Sound: 4.5 With top notch sound effects, and a moving score, I think some filmmakers could learn from Resistance
  • Control: 5 The controls are tight and responsive. There are a lot of customizable options. Tip: turn down the sensitivity.
  • Difficulty: 3.5 It all depends on which difficulty you choose. Unless you are new to shooters, choose a higher level.
  • Gameplay: 4.5 It's classic FPS, just done better than the rest. The real treat, however, is online.
  • Multiplayer: 4.5 There is an offline co-op mode, but oddly not an online one. However the variety of online modes is stellar.
  • Online: 5 With 40 player online matches, Resistance is a tough act to beat. At no cost, this is one of the best online games.
  • Documentation: 4.5 The manual is average, but the in-game documentation rules. Read, or miss out on how to use the Sixaxis.
  • Rated: Mature There's a lot of killing a blood in this game, but it's not as gruesome as some.
  • All scores are out of 5. The overall rating is not an average of the above scores

Guide Review - Resistance: Fall of Man Review (PS3)

Yes, Resistance: Fall of Man is that good. I know, I didn't expect it either. It was decent at E3, and with all the hype surrounding Gears of War I almost forgot about Resistance. Yeah, that was a mistake.

Resistance: Fall of Man is one of the best first person shooters on any system. Graphically, it was everything one could expect from a next gen title, killer models, intense textures, lots of effects. The score is better than any sci-fi movie I've seen lately, and the concept is pure genius. People love WWII shooters, people love aliens... hmmm, put them together and presto! You have one of the most original FPS stories to date.

Of course it isn't all about the eye and ear candy (which tastes oh, so sweet), Resistance plays like a dream. The controls are tight and there isn't a hint of frame rate or animation issues (Gears I'm looking at you!). The huge variety of human and alien weapons keep things interesting. Every weapon has a primary and alt fire, and, unlike Halo you can cary more than two around. The weapon that stole our hearts is the alien Auger. It's primary fire goes through walls and objects, gaining strength as it does, and the alt fir throws up a force shield, the only downside is when a pod of aliens shows up with them and your cover means nothing.

Resistance: Fall of Man is a killer single player game, but online, it simply dominates. First, let me remind you that it's free to play online. Rankings, matchmaking, all of it is free. Second you get six maps, a ton of game modes, and can fight up to 39 other people. Yes, 40 person battles, and it runs without a hitch.

Very rarely does a launch title deserve this much praise. Yet, aside from one little glitch, I could occasionally walk "through" fallen enemies, I cannot find fault with this game. Resistance: Fall of Man is what every FPS should be, excellent.

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