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LEGO Madness!


LEGO games have taken over the PS4. Which one should you play? Which one should you ignore? Check out our coverage with Hobbit linked above, Marvel Super Heroes & The Movie Videogame below, and our piece on franchises that need LEGO games.

PlayStation Games Spotlight10

Final Headhunter Pack Released For Borderlands 2

Sunday April 20, 2014


Before we get into the world of the just-announced and I-can't-wait-to-play "Borderlands: The Pre-sequel," we have one more adventure with the Vault Hunters in the fifth and final Headhunter pack for "Borderlands 2": "Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax." Should you take the trip? Why stop now?

Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax

Take a Trip to Middle Earth in LEGO The Hobbit

Saturday April 19, 2014


Is it just me has there been a new LEGO game every other month? There are already THREE available for the PS4. How does "LEGO The Hobbit" stack up next to "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" and "LEGO The Movie Videogame"? Read our review and find out.

LEGO The Hobbit

Step to the Plate with MLB 14 The Show

Monday April 7, 2014


The season may have started but baseball isn't really underway for me until I begin my season of "MLB The Show". How's the latest iteration? Check out the scouting report below.

MLB 14 The Show PS3 Review

What Games Will You Play in April 2014?

Tuesday April 1, 2014


As the weather gets warmer, there's still that video game itch that needs to be scratched? How will you entertain yourself this April? With one of these four games. Maybe even two.

April 2014 PS3/PS4 Release Dates

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