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Tenchu Wrath of Heaven - PS2

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The Bottom Line

Tenchu is fun. It has a few design flaws, and someone forgot to load up the enemy AI, but oddly enough, it's still a really fun game. Oh, and you get to be a ninja, which is always a plus!
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  • It's Tenchu!!!!
  • Killer stealthy ninja action
  • Great multi-player modes


  • Enemy AI makes Anna Nicole look brilliant.


  • Possibly the best stealthy action game since Metal Gear Solid 2.
  • Excellent graphics and cut scenes. I'm surprised the game didn't give my PS2 a heart attack.
  • Loads and loads of kewl weapons. Poisoned food, ninja stars, swords, explosive traps, and more.
  • 9 very cool unlockable 'special' abilities.
  • Play on of three killer characters, including a male and female ninja, and a doctor - no joke.

Guide Review - Tenchu Wrath of Heaven - PS2

Tenchu: Wrath of Heaven is a very good game. Not a perfect game, but a very good one. It features slick graphics, co-op and deathmatch multiplayer modes, and all the ninja feel you can handle.

The downside is some wacky level design. You'll have no problem dispatching the mindless minions (yes the AI is that bad) but the deadliest thing you ill encounter are ledges. Yes, prepare to meet a swift end as you fall off a cliff, again and again. Eh, even ninjas have their weaknesses.

Oddly enough Tenchu's shortcomings are easily forgivable as the game quickly sucks you in with great atmosphere, sound and visuals. It's also just really fun to do away with the baddies with some very slick combos. Tenchu is 100% pure ninja fun.

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