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LifeLine - PS2

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LifeLine Box Art

LifeLine Rated: Mature

The Bottom Line

"Ah Rio, you have it all. You're beautiful, armed, and you have me as you 'eye' in the sky. I'm trying to lead you to safety, but all you do is ignore me. Rio, please, help me help you!" Playing LifeLine was much like real life, everyone has questions, but when you have the answer, no one seems to listen. Such is the feel of Konami's promising voice action game LifeLine. I can't tell if she's stubborn or just didn't like me, either way, Rio and I had a communication breakdown.
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  • Voice activated gameplay is a sweet new twist
  • LifeLine looks beautiful
  • Look Ma, no hands - voice only, and requires PS2 Headset


  • Didn't 'feel' interactive enough
  • Her name is Rio and she doesn't understand...


  • Graphics: 4.5 LifeLine, and it's heroine both look great.
  • Sound: 3 The game needs to hear your voice, so the sound is secondary in the game.
  • Concept: 5 This was a great idea. I only have to wonder if it works better in Japanese.
  • Control: 2 Maybe she didn't like the sound of my voice...
  • Replay: 2 I really can't see myself playing though it again. even if she did listen up, very linear.
  • Difficulty: 2.5 If she likes your tone, it'll be a breeze, if not, frustration lies ahead.
  • All scores are out of 5. The overall rating is not an average of the above scores.
  • ESRB Rating: Mature, for Blood and Gore, Violence. I'd have rated it Teen, personally.

Guide Review - LifeLine - PS2

LifeLine looked promising. It was the first fully voice activated (controlled) game to be released on the PlayStation 2, and possibly any home console. It received rave reviews in Japan, including a Platinum Award from Famitsu, a popular Japanese gamin mag. The screen shots were sweet, and I was very excited about finally getting to meet Rio, the heroine in LifeLine. But, like so many blind dates, this one was more fizzle than sizzle.

Don't get me wrong, Rio was a hottie, in fact the whole lifeline universe looked pretty good. The aliens were creative, and the environments were lush. Rio was interesting, and had a beautiful voice, (acted by Kristen Miller, star of TV's She Spies), but right from the very start we had communication problems. We were fine when it came to the action, and it was hot, although repetitive. "Dodge, shoot, flee, pop the little stinky alien in the left eye..." I'd shout it, she'd do it. But when things slowed down, our relationship fell apart. I'd ask her to go to the door, she'd go to the bed... hmmmm, one is left to wonder... I'd ask her to examine a bottle on the desk and she'd just stare at me seeming to say, "why don't you go examine the blue bottle?". I would if I could, dear, I really would.

I don't know, maybe she prefers Japanese guys, or perhaps their language just works better. The game looks sharp, but there were too many times when she simply wouldn't do what was asked. Reasonable response from a person, but frustrating from a video game.

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