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EverQuest Online Adventures

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EverQuest Online Adventures

EverQuest Online Adventures Rated: Teen

The Bottom Line

EverQuest online Adventures brings it's addictive gameplay to your living room. Now you can kick back and slay dragons from the comfort of your couch.
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  • It's EverQuest!... on your TV!!!
  • Same addictive gameplay as the PC version
  • Excellent streamlined combat system


  • $9.99 per month after the first 30 days
  • Not the sharpest graphics in Norrath


  • EverQuest is the most popular PC online role playing game to date, with over 430,000 players.
  • A beautiful and enormous world, with over 320 virtual square miles to explore
  • Interesting overarching story to participate in, or try any of countless side quests
  • Total in game freedom, play alone or in a party, try to follow the story or simply kill rats
  • Excellent character customization, featuring 9 races and 13 classes
  • Tremendous amounts of items, spells, skills, and non player characters
  • Requires a PlayStation 2, Network Adaptor, and an ISP. After the first 30 days, it is $9.99
  • For those of you without credit cards many game shops sell a prepaid card you can use

Guide Review - EverQuest Online Adventures

EverQuest... You are like an evil spider who slowly consumes everyone who touches your web... And now you're after my PlayStation 2!

Melodrama aside, it's true, EverQuest Online Adventures is here. The scary thing is, it's even better than you could have hoped for. O.K., no it doesn't have the prettiest characters in the world, and no, the soundtrack isn't quite up to par. But it's got game, and lots of it. The magic and combat systems work surprisingly well with the D-Pad, but the virtual keyboard is a joke... go buy a USB keyboard.

There is more than enough here to satisfy current EverCrack addicts, and Sony did a brilliant job in the transfer, so console cowboys will have no problem at all teaming up and tearing up trolls.

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