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DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution - PS2

DDRMAX2 is here! Stay Cool!

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DDRMAX2 Rated: Everyone

Stay Cool! DDRMAX2 is ready to deliver more neighbor annoying, calorie burning, non-stop fun. DDRMAX2 is all the Dance Dance Revolution you can handle. Think DDRMAX 1, only much better. The Dancers are back, there are REAL music videos, the graphics are better, 65 killer tracks... this is what DDR was meant to be.

Save that seventy-five cents and your pride by playing DDRMAX2: Dance Dance Revolution at home. This is the DDR you've been waiting for. DDRMAX2 features 65 songs by artists like Kylie Minogue, The Crystal Method, and Dirty Vegas. The Dancers are back - and this time they're cell shaded. It simply doesn't get better than this!

What!?!?! You've never played Dance Dance Revolution? Surely, you jest! Well, for those of you who have never experienced the strangely satisfying humiliation that comes from playing DDR in the arcades let me give you a brief rundown on how the game is played... First you select your song from an endless list of hip techno-esque tunes. Then you place your feet on any of the arrows on the gamepad you are standing on (only wimps or sissies play DDR with a controller). Flashing arrows will slowly (at first) scroll up the screen. Once the arrow reaches the top of the screen you step on the corresponding arrow on the big pad you're standing on. You keep doing this, ignoring the trippy visuals and dancers behind the arrows, they are only there to distract you. Eventually you will be stomping all over the pad, sometimes stepping on multiple arrows and having to jump to reach others in time.

In the video game world we call this dancing. No, really.

OK, now that we are all up to speed let's talk about Konami's latest and greatest, DDRMAX2. Oh, I know you are pumped that the dancers that were taken away in DDRMAX 1 are back, but before you get too excited you should know that you have to unlock them. Just like it's predecessor DDRMAX2 features oodles of unlockable goodness. The tummy trimming workout mode is back (I can't wait for them to team up with Gold's Gym and offer a 'pro' version - I want royalties if this happens!). New modes include a beginner's mode (eases you into the addictive world of digital dancing), a nonstop mode (themed courses without breaks in songs), and an endless mode (dance to all the songs in one continuous mix - good luck!). The other new twist is that some of the songs, such as Love at First Sight - by Kylie Minogue, feature actual music videos to dance to.

DDRMAX2 is as good as DDR has ever been. Sorry Mario, but DDRMAX2 has you beat hands down as the best party game in town. It should be noted that Konami is also selling DDRMAX2 in a bundle with the dance pad. If you do not have a dance pad already this is not only a sweet deal, but a must by. This game was designed to stomp to.

As much as I love that Dual Shock Controller this game was made for your feet. Just do yourself a favor and get to know your the folks who live below you first.

  • Graphics: 4 - The cel shaded dancers and music videos take the visuals up a notch
  • Sound: 5 - Over 100 minutes of Captain Jack, K.C. & The Sunshine Band, The Crystal Method and more
  • Concept: 3.5 - Same DDR with new condiments
  • Control: 4 - once you get used to it you'll be a virtual private dancer, but it takes practice
  • Difficulty: 4 - It starts easy - but evil is only a few songs away
  • Replay: 5 - This is one you'll bust out every time you have guests... just to watch them play
  • All scores are out of 5. The overall rating is not an average of the above scores.
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