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Logitech PlayGear Mod Review - PSP Headphones

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PlayGear Mod - PSP Headphones

PlayGear Mod - PSP Headphones


The Bottom Line

Logitech's PlayGear Mod are an interesting, stylish headphone set. These behind the head/over the ear headphones are made of very durable polycarbonate and match the PSP perfectly. They do not offer inline controls, and may be uncomfortable for some wearers. They do offer clear sound, but tend to die off at lower frequencies. Headphones fit people differently, so try before you buy, or make sure there is a solid return policy.


  • Very attractive, sleek and futuristic looking headphones
  • Matches the look and style of the PSP
  • Extremely durable
  • PlayGear Mod offers a new design for over the ear headphones
  • Fits well with glasses


  • Lacks strong low range
  • Can be uncomfortable for some wearers
  • Non adjustable


  • Over the ear/behind the head design is slick, but may not fit everyone.
  • The PlayGear Mod will plug into the PSP's included controller, but the black cord won't match.
  • The sound quality is crisp and clear, bass is strong but lacks range.
  • The detachable comfort bands may make this the choice headphones for glasses wearers.
  • The black polycarbonate band is rugged and matches the PSP well.

Guide Review - Logitech PlayGear Mod Review - PSP Headphones

I wear glasses. As a result over the ear headphones tend not to work out so well for me. I am usually stuck with earbuds which tend to offer no bass. You can imagine my surprise, and excitement, when I put on Logitech's slick looking PlayGear Mod PSP headphones. These phones fit behind the head, and feature removable comfort bands which fit over the ear, and comfortable over my glasses. Not only did I look cool wearing them, but I felt comfortable.

This however is not true of everyone. While the PlayGear Mod fir me perfectly, they have no adjustment on the band, so if they are too tight or too loose, you have to look for a different pair of earphones. Fortunately the over the ear comfortbands are removable, which may help some.

The PlayGear Mods are solid earphones which deliver far better sound that the earbuds included with the PSP. Over the ear headphones offer bigger, and thus better sounding, speakers than earbuds, and the difference is noticeable. While they deliver solid performance, they do not reach some of the lower frequencies that more expensive headphones do. But as a mid priced headphone, they do deliver better sound than many in the same price range.

If you are looking to replace your earbuds and want solid sound at a reasonable price, the PlayGear Mod is a solid contender. If you are looking for dynamic bass, you may want to pay more and splurge on mid to high end Sony headphones. But for cruising and gameplay, the PlayGear Mod sounds great to me.

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