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Readers Respond: 5 Reasons to Buy a PlayStation 3 (Not a Wii or Xbox 360)

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Hardware Flaws

I own both systems,PS3 and XBox 360, I have had my PS3 since 2007, I bought a 360 shortly before that....I have yet to have a problem with the PS3, the 360 on the other hand has been back to Microsoft 4 times...the first time was for the power brick, next it was RROD, then I had disk read problems and needed the DVD player replaced and last, RROD again. I also had the 360 wireless racing wheel, 2 failures on that, the first one was a smoked power supply the second was drive motor failure. When I bought my PS3 the big hard drive was 60 gig......I have replaced that with first an 80 then a 160.....the 360 came with a twenty gig and still has it because I refuse to pay an inflated price for a proprietary hard drive. That's all I have to say on the subject. No research needed, experience gained.
—Guest DirtyTrix


sure, the PS3 is nice, and the blu-ray is a good bonus if you don't already have a blu-ray player. spec-wise, the xbox and the ps3 are quite similar. the xbox does have a case of the gremlins, but the ps3 costs more m(and is a blu-ray player.) both are fine systems, but an article like this will do nothing but stir up fanboi rage. regardless of haow non-biased the review, if you ay the ps3 is better than the xbox, xbox nerds will be angry, as well as wii fans. works every way. no wonder why people don't respect gamers-they are so inwardly violent over such a trivial issue. in my experience, the ps3 is marketed more towards the hardcore audience, with hardcore games, the wii towards the casual and young/very old crowd, with games reflective of that, and the xbox towards the frat boy crowd, with big manly games like GOW, but nothing truly hardcore.
—Guest Discoman


Xbox 360 beats PS3 in price, preformance, populatiry, (most) games, and they have better online (Xbox Live)... The PS3 is better is some catigories but not as important as these...
—Guest Anonymous


My friend's mom works at customer service at Wal*Mart and sees at least 3 xbox 360 systems come through per day but she has only seen 2 PS3 systems in the 1.5 years that she has worked there.
—Guest Josh

PS3 is weak

I am hate hearing blue ray! I have a blue ray already. I use my xbox for games not movies. People pay for xbox live why? The money goess into the network to make it better, that's simple business. And the PS3 is not cheap at all dumb ass comment by dude who wrote this. You know hard wired is the best connection, quit hating. And might I bring up xbox kinect, next gen gaming, plus I can network my xbox to my home network and stream music, videos, pics, etc. And use it for a dvr. PS3 I think not. I am not even going to start with the whole easier to program for xbox than PS3. Peace, I am out.
—Guest goatmouth

are you kidding me?

all you sony fanboys are actually a little pathetic. Your practically just dictating sony's advertising campaign with the ps3. each of the advantages the ps3 has are usually incorporated with the other systems too. the ps3's "stickier price" of about 4 to 6 hundred dollars is not worth this mediocre system. the online may be free but thats the same with the wii and the xbox 360 will always have better online then both of the systems. and the 360 and wii both have distinct advantages that are actually meaningful (wii:gameplay and controls, xbox: game library and online) while all the ps3 has is graphics. While that is great for all you interior decorator ps3 fanboys, graphics is really just the icing on the cake (cake being gameplay) and if you have a crappy cake then no matter how much icing you put on it will still be a crappy cake.
—Guest Thevoiceofreason

ps3 is gay

the xbox 360 is always gonna be better than the ps3 especially the newer version of the 360
—Guest roach


hi ps3 fanboys the massive amount of bias views on this thread is pathetic how about you stop comparing PS3, the Wii and 360 and just enjoy video games
—Guest noonelikesafanboy

Way better

Look the ps3 has free online gaming and blue ray built in the ps3. Yes the xbox 360 is a good system but the ps3 is just better. Also better games.
—Guest Ps3 better than xbox360

Indy games

Xbox supports way more indy games then the ps3 ever will. Unless you just mean small companies instead of truly independent games.
—Guest Blargh

umm think about it

the ps3 has free online and the xbox360 has an wifi that you have to buy for around 80, plus 50 for a year ofxbox live , then u have the risk of fire with its huge bulky power cable , its been noted with over 200 fires from just that cable alone , and u have the big ordeal with the red ring of death which u have to send in and its a big hasle , but with ps3 there is none of that shit hints XBOX 360 but any way if ur look for a new system , go for the 300 dollar ps3slim , more gbs less plastic!
—Guest jj

Xbox Vs PS3

I think that the war over Ps3 vs Xbox is just starting. If you look at the features of both systems they both have good qualities like PS3 free on-line gaming, Xbox expansion packs for games like Call of duty Modern Warfare 2 arrive first for this system. But Its all about what games you want to play if you like Halo you found your system, If you like Massive killing on real maps and millions of opponents then PS3 is for you. When you get down to the nitty gritty you find that its all about preference. Personally I would buy a PS3 but thats just cause I like Sony and don't wanna pay $100 every month just to kill my friends. Thank you for your time. I read on this site that someone was looking for a date that this was posted well I posted this Friday, April 23, 2010 at 2pm.
—Guest David

I prefer PS3

Hey, me and my friends always argue at school about which console is better between the PS3 and XBOX 360. I personally own a PS3. Thank you very much on the information provided, I will have more ideas to back up my argument :).
—Guest Jamie

Biased and completely Incorrect

You actually used the same point several times throughout your entire post. I'm a little ashamed as a gamer how biased and completely incorrect you are (AKA Stupid). Let me just point one out of all of your wrong doings, Blue-Ray isn't in. Its Expensive, its expensive and unnecessary. HD and Blue-Ray have practically no difference in quality. "But Blue Ray can hold more room!" Game compression is so amazing even if the blue ray can hold more room it wont matter, it wouldn't make the graphics 'nicer' the texture quality would be the same because the rest of the hardware on the PS3 is old and as outdated as the Xbox 360. So More Space =/= better console. Your buying a glorified DVD player. Thats all the blueray is good for at its current state. As for your post about it coming out ready to play, it doesn't even come with a mic for online play and its lack of games is pathetic. The worst part is the programming for it, its terrible! Thus the lack of games.
—Guest Indie Programmer

I would like to know...

Red ring of death is a major problem for Xbox, and I owned three dead Xbox'es before getting my PS3. Sadly this article seems old. there are alot of the accusations against the Xbox in particular that doesn't hold anymore, and there are alot of new things that isn't even mentioned (like the future potential in the PS3 vs. the Xbox), but all in all this wasn't bad. I would like to know what Kitty means with "Connect to any SOE based service and you will be paying a fairly hefty fee, more than that of the XB360"? You have never payed for online gaming on the PS3, and if there were some evil money draining agenda behind PSN, it would probably have been recognised by now.
—Guest TheNinetySecond

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