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Top 10 PS2 (PlayStation 2) games of 2005


This list represents the cream of the PS2 videogaming crop. The way the list is organized is that each game represents the best it its genre, as well as being ranked against the other games in the list. For example, God of War was not only the best action game of the year, but it is the best PS2 game of the year. The runners up represent the next best PS2 game in the genre, but may not have made the top ten list on its own. Any of the PS2 games listed here is more than worthy of your time.

1. God of War - Game of the year, rated: Mature

With so many great games, it was a tough pick. God of War, however, claws its way to the top of the list with stellar graphics, lovely music, intense gameplay, and a compelling story. God of War is an action game for grownups. The violence, gore, and mature themes may prevent the kiddies from playing, but the rest of us were stunned by depth and attention to detail. God of War is a contender for best game on the PS2, period. Action game runner-up: Resident Evil 4.
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2. Psychonauts - Platform game of the year, rated: Teen

I love Psychonauts. Originally slated to be an Xbox exclusive, Microsoft dropped the game and Majesco brought Tim Schaffer's bizarre psychic boy scout game to us all. I love it when the stars align. Psychonauts is one of the most original games on any console. It's bizarre Freudian imagery combined with postmodern humor will bring a smirk to the most cynical faces. It was a real contender for game of the year. Runner-up: Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves

3. Soulcalibur III - Fighting game of the year, rated: Teen

Smooth as silk, Soulcalibur III is the most polished and balanced fighter you have ever played. This PS2 exclusive brings new depth to the series with a surprisingly deep character creation system and a solid campaign mode. The campaign mode allows for the unlocking of countless items and artifacts to adorn your created fighter with. The new characters blend seamlessly into this beautiful game. Runner-up:Tekken 5
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4. Shadow of the Colossus - Adventure game of the year, rated: Teen

One of the most original games in years, Shadow of the Colossus pits you against gigantic roaming colossi as you battle to save your love. Climbing the immense colossi is an experience you will not soon forget. The art direction and sense of scale this game brings is jaw dropping. A bit slow at times, Shadow of the Colossus makes up for it in beauty and sheer elegance. If you are looking for a game to call art, Shadow of the Colossus is it. Runner-up: Frame III: The Tormented
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5. Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King - RPG of the year, rated: Teen

Picture in your mind how much people love Final Fantasy games, now multiply that by 10. That's how popular the Drag Quest games are in Japan. We are blessed beyond measure to have Dragon Quest VIII in English. With the same art designer as Dragon Ball, Dragon Quest VIII looks like your favorite anime come to life. Despite its humor and silliness, DQ VIII has a deep story that will suck you right in. Runner-up: Indigo Prophecy
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6. Gran Turismo 4 - Racing game of the year, rated: Everyone

Best driving game ever! There, I said it, and I believe it. The amount of cars, courses, and races make this a massive game. But the physics, the sound, and the Xbox 360 quality graphics push it over the top. Playing Gran Turismo 4 with the Logitech Gran Turismo force feedback steering wheel is one of the best gaming experiences out there. The game is deep and complex, it is the canonical driving simulation. Runner-up: Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition
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7. Socom III - Best shooter of the year, rated: Mature

This exclusive PS2 game is the thinking-man's shooter. Strategy is the name of the game as you advance with your troops through Morocco, Poland, and Bangladesh. This is the first version to also include vehicle combat, and the game will never be the same. Socom has been the crown jewel of PS2 online play, and Socom III is no exception; with new maps and vehicle play, the online scene is frantic and fun. Runner-up: TimeSplitters: Future Perfect
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8. Madden NFL 2006 - Sports game of the year, rated: Everyone

Madden has always been a hit, but this year it's better than ever. Finally, something has been done to make passing more difficult. The inclusion of the passing cone, representing the QB's field of vision adds much needed depth to Madden NFL 2006's offense. The fact that you can also take your dynasty team to the PSP and back again is a phenomenal treat, allowing you to progress faster than ever. Runner-up: NHL 2K6

9. Peter Jackson's King Kong - Best licensed game, rated: Teen

I hate it when stereotypes die, but this one is done. Comicbook/movie videogames no longer suck, and 2005 was the year to prove it. King Kong is linear, but it is a thrilling ride the whole way there. With sharp graphics and the ability to play as Kong, the game is engaging and entertaining. Runner-up: The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction
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10. Guitar Hero - Best peripheral game, rated: Teen

Air-guitar be gone! You can now live out your rock-n-roll fantasies with the amazing Guitar Hero! Much like other rhythm games, except you play with an excellent guitar controller, how well you play determines how good the song sounds. With tons of licensed music, you'll be rocking out to classics like 'Smoke on the Water' and ' Ziggy Stardust'. With two of the red octane guitars you can have a PS2 battle of the bands. Runner-up: EyeToy Kinetic
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