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Top Ten PlayStation 3 (PS3) Games of Summer, 2K7

Naysayers beware, there are plenty of great games on the PS3


Despite what you may have heard, the PS3 had plenty of great releases over the summer. This list of the top ten PlayStation 3 (PS3) games is just a smattering of all the games that were released between May and August of 2007.

Yes, many of the games were multi-platform, but I fail to see why that doesn't make them great PS3 games. Any of the games on this list would be perfect for holding you over until the fall/Christmas flood of games.

1. Warhawk - Action Shooter

Available as a download from the PlayStation Network or as a retail game (the retail version costs more, but includes a Jabra Bluetooth headset) shows how online-multiplayer games should be done. You can participate in 32 player matches online fighting either on foot, in vehicles, or in the air. The feeling of full scale battles is epic. The best part? The downloadable version of the game was a mere 29 bucks. Rated: Teen

2. The Darkness - First Person Shooter, Horror

The Darkness PS3 Screenshot
© 2K Games
The Darkness takes an excellent, but little known comic-book series and turns it into one of the more original FPS games to date.

Not content with merely providing stellar production values (some of the best voice acting ever in a game). The Darkness also introduces new gameplay elements in the form of supernatural powers, demonic underlings, and the trademark giant tentacles that protrude from your body.

I admit that I was skeptical about this one, I simply thought there was no way to make a man with living-evil tentacles not look silly, but I was dead wrong. Jackie not only looked cool, and fought like a, well, man possessed, but I actually started to care about him as a character, a rare feat in a videogame. Rated: Mature

3. Ninja Gaiden Sigma - Action, Adventure

Originally an Xbox game, this is not the first re-make of Ninja Gaiden, but it is the best. Ninja Gaiden Sigma looks stellar in HD. If you have yet to play Ninja Gaiden, this is the version to pick up.

There was a surprising amount of new content in the Ninja Gaiden Sigma. From new boss battles and new weapons to new enemies and being able to play chapters as Rachel, the buxom counterpart to Ryu's more traditional ninja skills.

This is how remakes should be done. The game not only looks and plays better, but provides enough new material to make this a worthy purchase for those who have played the greatest ninja game before. Rated: Mature.

4. The BIGS - Sports, Baseball

The Bigs PS3 Boxart
© 2K Sports
Originally, I gave The Bigs 3 out of 5 stars. It was a fun game with some good gimmicks, but it simply didn't have the depth or options we've come to expect from modern sports games. The real surprise, I still find myself playing it.

I'm almost ashamed to admit it, but The Bigs has become my PS3 quickie. When I want to play for 5-10 minutes I always reach for it, and always end up playing the batting in Times Square mini-game. When friends pop over and we are waiting to go out, it's home-run challenge time. Though the game wouldn't fit the classic mold of a "casual game" it scratches the itch better than most any other game out there. Rated: Everyone

5. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas - Shooter

Though it was long in coming, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas was worth the wait. All the tactical action and realistic weaponry that folks have come to expect with the series combined with a console friendly control scheme and creative setting made this one of the most fun shooters in years. Sure the premise was zany, but it was a shooter vacation, in a sense, from more politically sensitive scenarios. Rated: Mature

6. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix - Puzzle, Download

Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is one of the best Tetris knock-offs to date. Sure there are falling blocks, but this time it's all about matching colors and patterns to make your opponent sweat. Pull off a big combo and your favorite Street Fighter character will perform their special move that will treat you to a humorous animation and your opponent to a dreadful wall of blocks. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo HD Remix is an excellent competitive puzzle game. Rated: Everyone

7. MLB 07: The Show - Sports, Baseball

For those of you looking for a more serious baseball game than The Bigs, this is it. A solid playing game with lots of options, the real treat in MLB 07 is the innovative road to the show mode. Instead of playing a team, you play a single ball player. If he isn't up to bat or involved in the game, then it simply fast-forwards until he is. Very clever, and very fun. Rated: Everyone.
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8. NCAA Football 08 - Sports, College Football

Though perhaps not as polished as years past, NCAA Football 08 is an excellent college football sim with more depth than most players will take advantage of. This year we get back the dynasty mode, the campus legend mode, and real online play and matchmaking. Rated: Everyone

9. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 - Sports, Golf

While the draw and fade mechanic, as well as new courses, make this a fun game, Tiger just isn't that game it used to be. Yes, it looks better than ever. Yes, it is still and excellent sports game. It just seems a bit too easy, especially compared to games like Madden. This reduces the game's replay value as well as the satisfaction one gains from hitting a solid shot. It's still the best golf game out there, it just seems to have lost a few steps. Rated: Everyone

10. Madden NFL 08 - Sports, Football

Madden NFL 08 (PS3)
© EA Sports
Madden is still excellent and contains everything you expect from the series. This time, though, the addition of the "weapons" feature may change the way you play the game. Icons represent weapons such as speed or ball handling that make that player a bigger threat on the field. Every weapon, however, has a counter weapon, setting up a version of football rock paper scissors. Don't worry, it plays much better than it sounds. Rated: Everyone
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