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Top 10 PSP Games, Round 1


I know you're thinking, "isn't it a little early to declare the top ten PSP games? It hasn't even been a year!" I agree, but there are a slew of games out there already, and it's my job, literally, to help you find the PSP games that are worth your hard earned moolah. So I've culled through the first batch of PSP games to bring you these: the top ten PSP games of round 1.

1. Ridge Racer

Ridge Racer PSP
Ridge Racer was a lackluster PS2 launch title, but it has been a stellar PSP one. This arcade racer is insanely difficult to put down. I've played through my battery in a single sitting, more than once, hammering throughly the addictive World Tour mode. Ridge Racer is the game you pull out when you want to show your PSP off to you buddies. Killer graphics, bumpin' music, addictive gameplay; if you like racing games at all, Ridge Racer is a must have. - Rated: Everyone

2. Wipeout Pure

Wipeout Pure - PSP
I was reluctant to put two racing games as the top two picks, but honestly, these are two incredible games, regardless of genre. Wipeout Pure is a beautiful game. This is the best looking game on the PSP. The environments are absurdly detailed, I cruised them at low speed just to admire them. The music is sublime, and the course design is pure heaven. Wipeout Pure is en extremely balanced futuristic racer with a touch of combat. It's pure joy. - Rated: Everyone
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3. Lumines

Good luck finding a copy of Lumines, this one regularly sells out. Lumines is a puzzle game that tips its hat to the granddaddy of all block games, Tetris. The game seems easy enough, navigate colored blocks to complete the puzzle. In it's simplicity is it's beauty, mesmerizing graphics and a hypnotic ambient techno soundtrack that changes with your gameplay turn this into a rhythm puzzle masterpiece. - Rated: Everyone
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4. Metal Gear Acid (AC!D)

Warning, Metal Gear Acid is best reserved for hardcore gamers. Not that it's not a superb piece if game design. MGA simply can get... complicated at times. Solid Snake is back, as well is the Metal Gear and a very eerie set of villains. Lots of guns and sneaking around, but this time it's all done with cards. Metal Gear Acid is a very compelling turn-based card game. Instead of shooting, you play a shoot card. I think it is an amazing game, but it's not for everyone. - Rated: Mature

5. Tony Hawk's Underground (THUG) 2 Remix

Tony Hawk's Underground 2 Remix is the pinnacle of action sports entertainment. It features a very tried and true control system, loads of enormous, very detailed levels, an assortment of unlockable goodies, and all the skating goodness you can handle. The only problem is if you have Thug 2 on a console, you already have this game. Thug 2 remix is the same game as Thug, but it includes 4 PSP exclusive levels. If you already have Thug 2 for the PS2, it may be a tough call. - Rated: Teen
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6. Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade

As I said in my review, Untold Legends is Champions of Norrath, but without the Everquest mythology. If you can overlook the story, which is easy enough to do, you'll find a gem of a action role playing game. Untold legends is a solid hack and slash dungeon crawl. The game features amazing graphics, and has the long load times to prove it. - Rated: Teen

7. Archer Maclean's Mercury

All you fans of Marble Madness, run, don't walk, and get Mercury. Mercury is an amazing puzzle-maze game in which you tilt the labyrinth in an attempt to guide your blob of mercury to a specific goal. Slick futuristic graphics and sound add to the atmosphere of this hidden gem of a game. The only problem with Mercury is the long load times, goofy menu interfaces, and a frustrating lack of autosave. If you can ignore the interface issues, the game is great. - Rated: Everyone
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8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Tiger Woods PGA Tour is hands down, the best portable version of the franchise on a handheld system. Is it as good as it's console counterparts? Perhaps not, but it is still the best golf game you can put in your pocket, and possibly one of the best sports games on any handheld system. Tiger Woods PGA Tour delivers the same customization and analog swing system found on the consoles. - Rated: Everyone
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9. NFL Street 2: Unleashed

NFL Street 2: Unleashed may be missing the outrageous cutscenes from the console versions, but that's about it. All of the moves, running on the walls, and wicked gamebreakers are still intact. The game looks great and plays smooth, but find another PSP owner to sit down with, as the real fun in NFL Street 2 is in the multiplayer. This is extreme football the way it should be done. - Rated: Everyone
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10. Spider-Man 2 PSP

Well, if you have a PSP you probably already have Spider-Man 2, the movie, on UMD. I can guarantee you that Spider-Man fans will want to complete the set with this game, and they'll be glad they did. There is simply no comparison between this game and the version on the Nintendo DS. This is free roaming, high-swinging super-hero action that'll make your head spin. Besides, this and Ape Escape are your only action choices... it's an easy call. - Rated: Teen
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