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Top Ten PlayStation 3 (PS3) Gifts Guide: Holiday 2010 Edition


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PlayStation Move Bundle
PlayStation Move

PlayStation Move "Sports Champion" Bundle, Rated: E10+

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The PlayStation Move is one of the more pleasant surprises this holiday shopping season. Few, including Sony, expected it to sell so well. Because of high demand, Sony had to ramp up production, twice. The good news is, there should be plenty of units on shelves for the holidays.

In a nutshell, the PlayStation Move combines the motion control of the Wii with the video-based gameplay of the EyeToy games of years past. The biggest difference between the Move and the systems of yore is fidelity. With accuracy and graphics that the Wii can't come close to the PlayStation Move is delivering on the promise of fun and engaging motion control.

There are plenty of ways to get started with the Move. If you don't have a PlayStation, there's a bundle that includes the PS3, the PlayStation Eye Camera, a Move motion controller, a copy of "Sports Champions" (a fun, family-friendly collection of games including disc golf, table tennis, archery, and more), and all the necessary cables to get you going.

If you already have a PS3, the PlayStation Move bundle comes with "Sports Champions," the PS Eye camera, and a Move controller.

Of course all the items are also available separately, if you already have some components or are looking to buy multiple controllers. There is a growing collection of games designed specifically for the Move, including family games, such as "EyePet" and "Start the Party," as well as more mature titles, including "Time Crisis: Razing Storm." Additionally, there are games that are compatible with the Move, but can be played without it, such as the strategy game "R.U.S.E." and the upcoming platformer "LittleBigPlanet 2."

The Move is more than a popular new gimmick, it represents both a new style of play for gamers, and a new control scheme that is more accessible to non-traditional gamers. Great for parties and serious games, the Move will have you on your feet and doing things with your PlayStation that you've never done before.

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