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PlayStation Game Screenshots: PS3, PS4

From the current generation PS3 to the next generation PS4, these screenshots not only show what the systems are capable of, but give gamers a chance to preview a PlayStation game before they purchase it.

Tomb Raider
A gallery of screenshots from the 2013 reboot of Tomb Raider.

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag
The first pics of the annual installment of the Assassin's Creed series are here. Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will hit stores on October 29, 2013 for PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC, and Nintendo Wii U.

Watch Dogs
Watch Dogs, from Ubisoft, was one of the most exciting new games announced for the launch of the Sony PlayStation 4. Here are the first images from the game, including the box cover, which will be available for PS4, PS3, Nintendo Wii U, and Xbox 360.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II -- Revolution
Call of Duty: Black Ops II -- Revolution was released for the Xbox on January 29, 2013 and will soon be available for the PS3. Check out these images of the maps you will come to love and destroy.

Bioshock Infinite
These are images from Bioshock Infinite.

Hitman: Absolution
These are screenshots from Hitman: Absolution.

Dead or Alive 5
This is a gallery of screenshots from Dead or Alive 5, featuring hit characters like Kasumi, Tina, Sarah, Bass, Brad Wong, Rig, Ayane, and many more. The game will be released for Sony PlayStation 3 on September 25, 2012.

Grand Theft Auto V
This is a gallery of screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V.

007 Legends
This is a gallery of screenshots from 007 Legends.

Deadpool Screenshots
This is a gallery of screenshots from Activision's Deadpool, based on the Marvel character.

NBA 2K13
NBA 2K13 hits stores for the PS3 on October 2, 2012. Newly released images feature cover stars Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and Blake Griffin.

Resident Evil 6
This is a screenshot gallery of Capcom's Resident Evil 6.

Darksiders II
This is a screenshot gallery of THQ's highly-anticipated Darksiders II for the PS3.

Sleeping Dogs
This is a gallery of screenshots from Square-Enix's Sleeping Dogs.

Borderlands 2
This is a gallery of screenshots from 2K Games' Borderlands 2 for the PS3.

Crysis 3
This is a gallery of screenshots from Crysis 3.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Screenshots
Call of Duty: Black Ops II will be released by Activision and Treyarch on November 12, 2012 and these are the first six stills from the highly-anticipated military shooter.

'Crysis 3' Screenshots
This is a gallery of screenshots from Crysis 3.

'Dishonored' Screenshots
This is a gallery of screenshots from Bethesda and Arkane Studios' Dishonored.

'Battlefield 3: Close Quarters' Screenshots
This is a gallery of the official screenshots from the June 2012 downloadable content map pack for Battlefield 3 -- Close Quarters.

Screenshots and and Review of "Catherine," the Creepy Romantic-Horror Video Game
Scary, seductive, and squarely aimed at adults "Catherine" puts players in the middle of a bizarre and deadly love triangle. Deadly nightmares, drinking, partial-nudity, and a strange storyline make "Catherine" a surprisingly intriguing Japanese import. Make no mistake, "Catherine" is not for the kids.

Dante's Inferno (Video Game) - Preview Screenshot Gallery
Dante's Inferno is a piece of literature ripe with graphic visual imagery and a perfect setting for the new 3D action game from EA. As seen in these screenshots, the Dante's Inferno Video Game is dark and seductive. Perhaps Kratos is finally going to face some real competition, unlike the puny gods he's already dispatched.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Screenshots
Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 may be the best looking game based on the now Disney-owned stable of super-heroes to date. The production values and attention to detail in MUA2 is stellar. It feels more like an interactive Marvel experience as much as it does a game.

PS3 Slim - PlayStation 3 CECH-2000A Console/Hardware/Accessor…
Slimmer, smaller, better? The PS3 Slim (CECH-2000A) is Sony's cheaper, more energy efficient, more petite version of the PlayStation 3. This gallery of PS3 Slim images not only shows off the svelte next-gen system, but also compares it to the current PS3.

ARMY OF TWO: THE 40TH DAY Preview Screenshots
ARMY OF TWO: THE 40th DAY brings the all the guns, girls, glory and gold of the original game back with a new setting, new story, and new co-op options. These ARMY OF TWO: THE 40TH DAY Preview screenshots look even better than the original. Expect bigger and badder... well, everything, in these screenshots from ARMY OF TWO: THE 40TH DAY.

Max Payne 3 Screenshots
Rockstar Games is bringing back the action with Max Payne 3, due out in the Winter of 2009. Max Payne was the action game to beat, back in it's glory days, and these screenshots show that Rockstar has spared no expense in bringing the Max Payne franchise back. Though still early, these Max Payne 3 screenshots look superb and in keeping with the original's look and feel.

Batman: Arkham Asylum Screenshot Gallery
Batman: Arkham Asylum pits the Dark Knight against his familiar nemesis, the Joker, only this time it's on the insane clown's turf. Batman: Arkham Asylum moves the game away from the streets of Gotham and into a facility for the criminally insane. As these gorgeous screenshots show, this is not going to be a friendly visit for Batman.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game Screenshot Gallery
Ghostbusters may have had a rocky past. But with a new publisher, the game has a new life, and it's looking pretty spiffy. The Ghostbusters: The Video Games screenshots show off how well the game is coming together.

Resistance 2 (PS3) Screenshots, Renders, and Concept Art/Image Gallery
As this gallery of Resistance 2 (PS3) screenshots, renders, and concept art shows, this is shaping up to be one of the best looking games on any console. PlayStationites were pleasantly surprised with how good the first Resistance game was, and it's looking like Resistance 2 will surpass all of our expectations. This is going to be one great shooter.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Screenshots (PS3)
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a stunning game, as these pix demonstrate. Screenshots can only go far far in telling you how good a game is, luckily for MGS4, they are as pretty as the game is fun. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a strong contender for game of the year.

Battlefield: Bad Company Screenshots
Battlefield: Bad Company is simply the most fun you can have with any modern shooter. These pix simply can't do justice to the sandbox single player mode and amazing 24 player battles that occur in Battlefield: Bad Company. But, until you get the game, these screenshots will have to do.

Grand Theft Auto IV (GTAIV) Image Gallery, Multiplatform Screenshots
As this screenshot gallery demonstrates, Rockstar has finally delivered a game that looks as good as it plays in Grand Theft Auto IV (GTAIV). These multiplatform images show just how good Niko Bellic and Liberty City look. Rockstar has taken full advantage of the next-gen graphics capabilities of the PS3 and Xbox 360 with Grand Theft Auto IV.

Soulcalibur IV Screenshot Gallery: Vader, Yoda, and the Crew
Soulcalibur IV looks stunning, as evidenced by these screenshots. Add Darth Vader and Yoda, exclusive to the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of Soulcalibur IV, respectively, and you have one of the most anticipated fighting games of all time.

"Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway" PlayStation 3 (PS3) Preview
"Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway," as these PS3 screenshots show, is one of the best looking next-gen games to come down the pipe.

PlayStation 3 and Sixaxis Images - Final Versions
The final hardware version of the 60 gig PS3 is a site to behold. The sleek black case and accenting chrome Blu-ray face plate give the machine a high-tech look and feel.

Untold Legends Dark Kingdom Preview and Screenshots - The Mage and The Warrior
Untold Legends Dark Kingdom is a highly anticipated PS3 launch title. This action RPG series is one of the most popular franchises on the PSP. Untold Legends Dark Kingdom has stellar graphics and looks to be one of the first truly 'next-gen' RPGs. This Untold Legends Dark Kingdom preview features 10 screenshots of the mage and warrior class in action.

Tony Hawk's Project 8 Screenshots (PS3)
Our Skateboarding Guide, Steve Cave, has a huge gallery of Tony Hawk's Project 8 screenshots. The 22 images show what the game will look like on the PS3 and the Xbox 360. Project 8 has been kept largely under wraps, but is supposed to represent a new direction for the skating franchise.

Virtua Fighter 5 (PS3) Screenshots
Virtua Fighter 5 looked sublime at E3. These PS3 screens show what Virtua Fighter 5 will look like running on actual PS3 hardware.

Okami Screenshots, PlayStation 2 (PS2)
Okami is shaping up not only to be one of the most beautiful, but innovative PlayStation 2 games. These Okami screenshots show the game's unique art style and vision.

Sonic the Hedgehog - PlayStation 3 (PS3), Xbox 360 Screenshots
Sonic the Hedgehog is ready to bring his fast and frantic action to the PS3 and Xbox 360. These screenshots are from the Tokyo Game Show and have Sonic showing off what the next-gen systems can do.

Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4) PlayStation 3 (PS3) screenshots and MGS series details
There is no doubt that Metal Gear Solid 4 PS3 is going to be a massive hit. Here we have MGS4 screenshots from the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) as well as details about MGS 4, Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence, and Metal Gear Acid 2. Please note: while the article contains details about all three Metal Gear games, the screenshots are all of MGS4.

Ultimate Spiderman Videogame Screenshot (PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PC)
With the glut of gorgeous superhero videogames out there it isn't easy to consider one game better than all, but the Amazing Spider-Man is truly amazing in the Ultimate Spider-Man videogame. These screens show the superb comic-shaded graphics of Spidey and friends.

Early PS3 Screenshots: Getaway, Heavenly Sword, I-8, Ni-Oh, Tekken, Vision GT
These are early screenshots from a variety of PS3 games. No word as to how close to final they are, but if any of the games look this good on the PlayStation 3, we're in for a treat. There are screenshots of The Getaway, Heavenly Sword, I-8, Ni-Oh, Tekken PS3, Vision GT.

Devil May Cry 4 PS3 (PlayStation 3) Screenshots
Devil May Cry is in constant combat with games like God of War, and Prince of Persia to be the top dog in the action videogame market. These PS3 preview screenshots show that Dante is ready to take the first stab at being the king of next-gen action videogames.

Eyedentify PS3 (PlayStation 3) Screenshots
It is uncertain whether Eyedentify will be a full fledged PS3 title or if it will be bundled with the new EyeToy. Either way, Eyedentify breaks traditional barriers by allowing gamers to play via speaking and possibly gesturing to the on-screen avatars.

Fifth Phantom Saga Screenshots, PS3 (PlayStation 3)
Fifth Phantom Saga is Sega's entry into the early PS3 fold. This shooter looks vaguely like PsiOps, only much, much prettier.

Formula 1 PS3 (PlayStation 3) Screenshots
Despite a poor showing at the American Grand Prix, F1 is still one of the most popular race series in the world. Sony is hoping to bring the fierce competition of F1 to the PS3.

Gundam PS3 (PlayStation 3) Screenshots
Gundam games have traditionally sold very well in Japan, but are rarely brought over to the West. Gundam PS3 is a magnificent looking game, capturing the look and feel of giant fighting mobile suits. Let's keep our fingers crossed that Gundam PS3 will make it to North America and Europe.

Killing Day (Working Title) PS3 Screenshots
Killing Day is Ubisoft's entry into the Next Gen Arena. The PS3 demo of this game left jaws on the floor, and created quite the buzz. This shooter features some of the most amazing bullet impact effects to date.

Killzone PS3 Screenshots
Killzone PS3 was a sight to behold at E3. The game that rocked the PS2 looks to be right at home on the PS3. If the final games looks anything like these early screenshots, Killzone PS3 will be one of the best first person shooters on any console, ever.

PlayStation 3 (PS3) MotorStorm Screenshots
MotorStorm shows off the incredible graphic capabilities of the PS3 and its Cell processor. The incredible detail of MotorStorm PS3 makes all other racing games look like Pole Position.

Possession PS3 (PlayStation 3) Screenshots
Possession is Blitz's Next-Gen Zombie game slated for all three systems. These early Possession screenshots show some of the gory action that takes place as players control zombies and wreck havoc.

PLAYSTATION 3 (PS3) Pictures
The PS3 is a thing of beauty. It is tough to compete with it's near future design and three available colors. These PS3 Pics will (hopefully) tide you over until its Spring 2006 release date.

Beyond: Two Souls
This is a gallery of images from Sony & Quantic Dream's Beyond: Two Souls.

Infamous: Second Son
These are images from Sony PS4's Infamous: Second Son.

Killzone: Shadow Fall
These are images from Sony's Killzone: Shadow Fall.

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