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PS3 Release Dates: March 2013

The Last Amazing Gaming Month For This Generation?


It looks very likely that March 2013 will be the last great video gaming month of this generation. With the PlayStation 4 hitting this Fall or Winter, we're in the final days of the PS3 but that doesn't mean that we should just sit on our hands and wait for the next generation. There's still some greatness to be had in this one and this month features some of the most anticipated sequels and reboots of 2013. Major sports games like "MLB 13 The Show," "MLB2K13," and "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14" will sit next to sequels like "God of War: Ascension" and "Bioshock Infinite," and they may all be critically overwhelmed by the spectacular "Tomb Raider." I hope you have some used games sitting around for resale. You're going to need some credit this month. Each week's highlight, one at a time...

March 5: Tomb Raider

Tomb Raider Cover
Image © Square-Enix

Square-Enix worked wonders last year, delivering the best "Hitman" game yet with the reboot "Hitman: Absolution," however sales for that title have been disappointing. I don't think that will happen with "Tomb Raider," a highly-anticipated action-adventure that totally lives up to the hype. We'll have a full review tomorrow but just go get your copy today. Trust me. "Tomb Raider" is a spectacular game, delivering action gameplay with some of the best graphics this generation has yet seen. It has echoes of "Far Cry 3," "Assassin's Creed 3," and the "Uncharted" series but it also cuts its own captivating path through the brush. More tomorrow.

Publisher: Square-Enix

Before You Buy: Go back and play at least one of the original "Tomb Raider" games to see how far the series has come with this reboot.

Suggested Reading: "Tomb Raider Trilogy"

Alternates: "MLB 2K13", "MLB 13 The Show", "NARUTO SHIPPUDEN: Ultimate Ninja STORM"

March 12: God of War: Ascension

God of War: Ascension Cover
Image © Sony

Kratos is back for one last blast through the PS3 before an inevitable launch on the PS4. In fact, that's got to be the main concern here. Why not save this game for the PS4? Why not upgrade the look of "God of War" and make Kratos a prominent part of the launch window for the new machine? Let's be optimistic and assume it's because Sony knows they have enough greatness in titles like "Killzone: Shadow Fall" and that they are saving a future "God of War" game for 2014 or, more likely, 2015. We should also remember that "God of War II" came near the end of the PS2 cycle and was undeniably one of the best games for that system. Even as gamers were moving on to the PS3, they were loving that game. Let's hope the same thing happens here.

Publisher: Sony

Before You Buy: Go back through the story of Kratos in the great "God of War Saga".

Suggested Reading: "The Top Ten PS2 Games of All Time," which arguably places the original "God of War" too low. Will this title make the cut for the PS3?

Alternate: "Sniper Ghost Warrior 2"

March 19: The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct

The Walking Dead Cover
Image © Activision

Probably the biggest question mark of the four highlights of this piece, Activision's "The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct" promises a much-different experience than the highly-acclaimed, GOTY-winning "The Walking Dead" from Telltale Games. "Survival Instinct" promises a lot more action than the Telltale story-heavy experience and the question is whether or not it's a cheap tie-in to the hit AMC show or a zombie game that could stand on its own merits. We'll know in a few weeks but the early screenshots and footage have given gamers reason for concern, especially with the other three gorgeous games coming out this month. Can "Survival Instinct" live up to its title and compete?

Publisher: Activision

Before You Buy: Catch up on the show, now in its third season on AMC with the first two seasons available on Netflix.

Suggested Reading: "The Walking Dead Review"

March 26: Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite Cover
Image © 2K Games

Please be good, please be good, please be good. Ever since the first images of the third "Bioshock" game hit the interwebs, gamers have been salivating over what could easily be the best game of 2013. The stunning imagery, the trailers that you watch over and over, the promise of the kind of creative gameplay trademarked by two of the best games on the PS3 -- say it with me now, PLEASE be good. It would be sad if "Bioshock Infinite" misses the mark creatively, even if expectations are SO high now that anything less than a masterpiece might be deemed a disappointment.

Publisher: 2K Games

Before You Buy: Go back and play two of the most essential games of this generation -- "Bioshock" and "Bioshock 2"

Suggested Reading: "PS3 Screenshots: Bioshock Infinite"

Alternates: "Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel", "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14"

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