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PS3 Release Dates: October 2012 Should Be Biggest Gaming Month of the Year


Prepare your wallets and your holiday wish lists for one of the biggest video game months of the year. It sounds remarkably cliched but there really is something for everyone in October 2012. There are sports games, action games, family games, anticipated sequels, new IPs, greatest hits collections, and more hours of gameplay than one could possibly play in a single month. You're going to have to pick and choose. Which one are you most excited to play?

October 2: Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6
Image © Capcom

Quick, name the biggest video game franchise in the last twenty years. If you asked that of a hundred people, a large number of them would say "Resident Evil," one of the most influential collection of action games in entertainment history. The "Resident Evil" games have influenced countless other titles and even seen their impact on film, television, and other mediums. These were hit games before "The Walking Dead," "28 Days Later...," and the Milla Jovovich films. Zombies are everywhere now but the "Resident Evil" games helped kickstart the trend. But can they keep going with all this undead competition? Can the 6th game be as creative as the 5th or as masterful as the 4th? We'll be running a full review tomorrow. Don't miss it.

Before You Buy: Play some of the classics available on the PlayStation Network right now so you can learn the background of returning characters like Leon Kennedy.

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Alternates: "NBA 2K13"

October 9: Dishonored

Dishonored Cover
Image © Bethesda

There have been a few exciting games in 2012 like "Mass Effect 3" and "Borderlands 2," but wouldn't it be nice if there was a solid contender for Game of the Year that was an original IP? This is our best shot at that from here to the end of the year. And Bethesda must be confident in their product to schedule it right in the most heated video game market of the year. What do we know about "Dishonored"? Not much although that could just be because this critic is trying to stay as unspoiled as possible. The images that have been released so far have a striking, unique design, and Bethesda is an incredible company in terms of quality action product including everything from "Fallout 3" to "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim." Even the company's recent near-misses ("Brink," "Rage") have been interesting games. Hit or miss, "Dishonored" will almost certainly be one of the most talked-about games of the season.

Before You Buy: Check out our screenshot gallery.

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Alternates: "Just Dance 4," "Naughty Bear Gold: Panic in Paradise," "XCOM: Enemy Unknown"

October 16: James Bond 007 Legends

007 Legends
Image © Activision

Activision unleashes James Bond games at an annual rate and so one might shrug their shoulders at the unveiling of yet another shooter that has the potential to blend in with the mediocre crowd. So why get excited for "007 Legends"? Why does this title seem to have more potential than "Blood Stone" or "Quantum of Solace"? The company seems to have learned their lesson by playing to nostalgia with the mega-hit of their rebooted version of "GoldenEye 007" and so they're going into the catalog of Ian Fleming's iconic character yet again with a game that builds itself around multiple iterations of Bond and various movies throughout his multi-decade legacy. A bit of Daniel Craig's Bond, a bit of Sean Connery's Bond, maybe even George Lazenby -- sounds like a blast and a way to make a game that plays to fans of 007 in a unique way.

Before You Buy: Check out the About.com Movie Guide for "Skyfall"

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Alternates: "Doom 3: BFG Edition," "Mugen Souls"

October 23: Medal of Honor: Warfighter

Medal of Honor: Warfighter Cover
Image © EA

It takes some guts to release a combat game this close to "Call of Duty: Black Ops II," which launches in November, and while "Battefield 3" is still captivating so many players with its waves of DLC. Will "Medal of Honor: Warfighter" get lost in the shuffle? If it's as mediocre as the last game in the series than it undeniably will but a reported emphasis on realism over the more cartoonish extremes of the "CoD" franchise could allow this title to stand out as an alternative for fans willing to play two multi-player wartime shooters. But do we want a more realistic combat game? If "MoH" is too difficult or too complex, it's going to fail. It's hard to say until we play it how the "Warfighter" story will end but it could be one of the more interesting ones of the season.

Before You Buy: Read an old review of Medal of Honor: Vanguard for a little history on this legendary franchise.

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Alternates: "Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2012, "Killzone Trilogy," "Skylander's Giants"

October 30: Assassin's Creed III

Assassin's Creed III Cover
Image © Ubisoft

Ubisoft's "Assassin's Creed" franchise is more than a mere hit series of games. Do a quick search on the game and you'll find an amazing amount of ancillary product like T-shirts, art, collectibles, action figures, and much more. The series has become an addiction for millions and every time something new has been revealed about "AC3," it's made major headlines. The latest buzz hasn't been the most positive but, to be honest, that's happened for the last few games and those have been critical and commercial hits. "Black Ops II" will easily by the biggest game of the season but "Assassin's Creed III" could be a closer-than-expected second.

Before You Buy: Read the Xbox Guide's review of Assassin's Creed II"

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Alternates: "LEGO: The Lord of the Rings," "Need For Speed: Most Wanted Limited Edition," "Toy Story Mania," "WWE 13," "Zone of the Enders HD Collection"

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