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June 2014 PS3/PS4 Highlights


I know. You’re too busy hacking your way through “Watch Dogs” or destroying Nazi strongholds in “Wolfenstein: The New Order” to care too much about what’s to come. And, to be fair, you’re not wrong. Those two surprisingly robust, lengthy titles should keep you busy for most of June, especially if you also download add-ons to “Call of Duty: Ghosts” and the latest episode of “The Walking Dead.” After a few very light months, one can actually feel excitement in the world of PlayStation again. Will it continue? What if you want a new game in June? There are a few offerings. Here’s each weekly highlight for your gaming planning purposes:


June 3: “Murdered: Soul Suspect” (PS4/PS3)


We know surprisingly little about this collabo between Airtight Games and Square-Enix given that it’s coming out any day now. There was some early footage and hands-on reports that were, well, off-putting, but I happen to be a big fan of what S-E has been putting out lately and I’m curious about a game that promises a unique brand of gameplay like this one. It is Salem, MA and you are Detective Ronan O’Connor, who is brutally murdered. Yep, you play a ghost. You have to fight demonic creatures and solve the crime that took your life. The game made a big splash at E3 2013 (and, yes, I too can’t wait to see what drops this year) but the ripples have been kind of quiet since then. Let’s see what happens next week. Come back for a full review.


June 10: “Enemy Front” (PS3)

Namco Bandai

Every summer produces what I would call a minor war game, a title that’s not in the same major league of combat titles like “Call of Duty” or “Battlefield” but could actually be better than those behemoth franchises. Developed by City Interactive and published by Namco Bandai, this is another World War II title in which you play an American war correspondent who gets caught in the web of the resistance movements in Europe. It is being hailed as the first truly modern WWII FPS. Sign me up.


June 17: “EA Sports UFC” (PS4)


There aren’t enough sports games on the PlayStation 4. Sure, we have last year’s “Madden” and “FIFA” titles but those were really just imports, not developed directly for the next gen. The only two sports games that really feel like PS4 titles are both FANTASTIC. Seriously, two of the ten best games you could own for the PS4 are “NBA 2K14” and “MLB 14 The Show.” But that’s all about to change. EA will start to roll out their 2014 sports titles for the PS4 and, in an unusual move, they’re starting with a modern, trendy sport—Ultimate Fighting Championship. THQ sold the licence for the UFC to EA when they went under and this is the first UFC game under the EA Sports banner, developed by EA Canada. The gameplay promises intuitive AI that adjusts to the gamer’s style and it was largely designed by the team behind the now-defunct “Fight Night.” I’m not a UFC fan in real life but the gamer in me is curious.


June 24: “Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark” (PS4/PS3)


Another movie tie-in. I can see you rolling your eyes. Although this one isn’t really directly related to “Transformers: Age of Extinction,” even if that movie does come out three days after this hits stores. And we’ve played great Transformers games before. “Transformers: Fall of Cybertron” rules. And this game is a sequel to that game, developed by Edge of Reality. I know almost nothing about it. But I’m still kinda psyched to play it. I know, a movie tie-in. Call me a glutton for punishment. I won’t deny it.


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