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July 2012 Highlights

Sports Stars and Pirate Scars


On the eve of the first new release Tuesday of the month, we here at About.com are typically making some tough decisions about what to highlight when it comes to the next month's PlayStation 3 release dates. For example, we highlighted twelve games in our June edition of this recurring feature, including hits like "Lollipop Chainsaw" and "Spec Ops: The Line." There was a highlight and one or more alternates for every week of the month. Such is not the case in July 2012, as most of the publishers have decided that too many potential buyers are going to be seeing "The Amazing Spider-man" and "The Dark Knight Rises" and so are holding their hot releases for later months. There are a whopping THREE games coming out for the PS3 in the entire month of July. However, the diminished quantity should be seen as no reflection of the quality of this trio. Who knows? Perhaps your most anticipated game of the year is in the bunch. Read on and find out.

July 10: NCAA Football 13

NCAA Football 13
Image © EA Sports

The team at EA Sports are never one to rest on their success and so no one should expect that the latest incarnation of their hit "NCAA Football" franchise will be just an updated version of "NCAA Football 12." The press release boasts significantly enhanced audio, new stadiums, and trophy celebrations, and the game seems to be focused on Heisman Trophy winners this season as you can build a franchise around one of 10 former Heisman winners (including Robert Griffin III, Barry Sanders, and Desmond Howard). Can you create a team around one mega-star? There have been changes to "Dynasty" mode that offer more depth and ways to scout players along with a new element in "Road to Glory" called "Reaction Time." And if our experience with EA in the past holds true, "NCAA Football 13" players can expect fine-tuned presentations, graphics, and mechanics all over the game from an enhanced passing system to a more reactive defensive A.I. Football season is almost upon us and the release of "NCAA Football 13" is the opening ceremony for another exciting year.

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Before You Buy: Of course, it makes sense to practice your skills by playing "NCAA Football 12" but you may also want to check out our College Football Guide for details about your favorite sport.

Suggested Reading: Tim Hyland's 2012 College Football Preseason Top 25

July 24: miCoach by Adidas

Image © 505 Games

This long-delayed PlayStation Move-required game will finally hit stores just as people are getting most excited about sports with upcoming college football and pro football seasons, a heating-up baseball season, and the London 2012 Olympics. Timing is everything and a game in which you can use the Move to turn your PS3 into an athletically-inclined machine isn't a bad idea, even if most of this subgenre of games have turned out to be lackluster disappointments. The concept here is that you work on sports-specific exercises with all-stars of each game. Developed by Adidas, the game promises cross-training with experts that include Dwight Howard, Jose Mourinho, Eric Berry, and more. The title boasts over 400 exercises designed to enhance your ability at specific sports. Want to become a better basketball or soccer player? "miCoach" could help.

Publisher: 505 Games

Before You Buy: Dig out the Move and practice using it with one of these games, the essentials for the Sony peripheral.

Suggested Reading: Check out the About.com Basketball Guide for the latest Dwight Howard news. By the time you get your hands on miCoach, he may be playing for a different team.

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July 31: Risen 2: Dark Waters

Risen 2
Image © Deep Silver

The first "Risen" game released for the PS3 (the 2009 original was available only for PC and Xbox 360) finally hits stores on the last Tuesday of July after its April PC release. Piranha Bytes, the team behind the "Gothic" series for the PC, have developed a massive, unique world with pirate themes that mingle with the supernatural and voodoo. "Risen 2" promises a deep RPG experience that allows for massive customization but it remains to be seen if this world will register with Sony players more than it has on PC (where the title received some mediocre reviews). Whether or not it ranks with the best games of its type for the year, "Risen 2" promises to be one of the biggest time-suckers of the Summer 2012 season. Perhaps it's a good thing that there aren't that many games this month.

Publisher: Deep Silver

Before You Buy: Check out "Risen" or "Gothic."

Suggested Reading: "Risen" guide

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