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PlayStation 3 (PS3) Launch Titles and November Release Dates

The PS3 Launch Titles Look to Strong Enough to Sweep this Holiday Season


Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Screenshot

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Screenshot

Sony Online Entertainment
November is a massive month for PlayStation-ites all over the world. Well, except Europe, where Sony has delayed the release of the PS3 until Spring 2K7, sorry guys.

For the hundred thousand Japanese and four hundred thousand North Americans who manage to get their hands on one of the 500k PS3s being released, you are in for an amazing time. The PS3 games available in November make the PS3 launch list the strongest any console has ever seen.

This list is as accurate as I can provide, at this time. Sony has yet to release an official launch titles list. So I've compared my list with other websites, game publishers, and retailers to come up with what I believe to be a fairly accurate one. I've left off the much expected Warhawk and Heavenly Sword, as there are too many signs that they might be delayed. If the PS3 games don't shake down in this order, I apologize.

The order of the list is: Date - Title - Publisher - Genre. Clicking the title of the game will take you to a page of screenshots and other details about the game.

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