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PlayStation Release Dates

We make every effort to ensure your PlayStation release dates are spot on. However, release dates can change at any moment, be sure to check with local retailers to make sure the game is in stock.

July 2014 PlayStation Highlights
Highlights of July 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 gamers with a new emphasis on downloadable games and what you should expect for free with your PlayStation Plus account.

June 2014 PS3/PS4 Highlights
What will you play on your PS3 and PS4 in June 2014? Get your calendars out.

May 2014 PlayStation Highlights
Highlights of PS3 and PS4 releases for May 2014.

April 2014 PlayStation Highlights
A highlights piece on the best PS3 and PS4 games being released in April 2014, including a new LEGO game and a new Final Fantasy one.

March 2014 PlayStation Release Dates
The most important PS3 & PS4 releases of March 2014, including Infamous Second Son, Dark Souls II, and more.

February 2014 PlayStation Release Dates
This is a feature on the biggest video games being released for the PS3 and PS4 in February 2014 including Thief, The LEGO Movie Videogame, and more!

The Five Most Anticipated PlayStation Games of Early 2014
This is a feature on the five most anticipated PlayStation games of early 2014 including Thief, Infamous: Second Son, DriveClub, and more!

November 2013 PlayStation 3 Highlights
It's the final days in which there won't be PS4 game to entice you to graduate to the next generation. It's like video game Prom! Will you like your date? Find out.

PS3 Release Dates: May 2013
Want to know what's coming soon for PS3 gamers? Check out our monthly installment of weekly highlights for the coming turn of the calendar. Underground armies, zombies, racing games, and non-stop action -- feels like May.

PS3 Release Dates: March 2013
March 2013 could very well be the last major gaming month for this generation of systems. What will be the most important games of the final year of the PS3? At least one, and probably more, are in this release date feature. Get your calendars out.

A Valentine's Day Treat For Gamers
What will you be playing this Valentine's Day and beyond? Will February produce at least two great games like January did or will the market slow down in anticipation of an explosive March? Read on and make your predictions.

PS3 Release Dates: January 2013
Got some holiday spending money and wondering what the first must-play games of 2013 are going to be? Check out our monthly highlights feature and get the information you need to know before the New Year!

PS3 Games Calendar
With so many exciting games hitting shelves, it can be tough to keep track of what's being released when. Let us guide the way with this handy calendar of upcoming games scheduled to be released for the PS3. All dates are subject to change.

PS3 Release Dates: November 2012
It's the final push for your holiday spending dollar as major franchises, one of which has been dormant for the entire existence of the PS3, return this month to stores. What one will you buy? Get your wish list out and start planning now.

PS3 October 2012 Release Dates
Resident Evil, Medal of Honor, Assassin's Creed, LEGO, Skylander's James Bond, NBA 2K -- the biggest gaming month of the year is here. How do you choose what to play when there's no time to play it all? Let us guide the way.

September 2012 PS3 Release Dates
Franchises, sports simulations, and familiar faces drive the PS3 market in September 2012 with games like NHL 13, FIFA Soccer 13, and even Angry Birds Trilogy try to take your gaming dollar. And, of course, there's a little game called Borderlands 2. What are the highlights of the month? Read on and find out.

August 2012 PS3 Highlights
July 2012 was a bit of a snooze for PS3 gamers. Wake up! August is here and there's a lot of carnage coming to your Sony PlayStation 3. It's on the field in Madden NFL 13, in the sky in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and, well, everywhere in Darksiders II. Don't miss our monthly highlights piece for all of the details.

July 2012 Highlights
While most PS3 owners are still working their way through the massive amount of titles released in June 2012, the calendar has shifted to a new month and we're here to guide the way with our monthly feature of highlights. What will you want to play in July 2012? It's limited but there are a few titles worth a look.

June 2012 Highlights
This is a featuring highlighting PS3 games for June 2012 including Inversion, Spec Ops: The Line, Lollipop Chainsaw, and LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes.

May 2012 Release Dates: Everything Old is New Again
May 2012 is full of reboots, sequels, and remakes as everything old is new again. "Sniper Elite V2," "Starhawk," "Max Payne 3," "Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier," and "DiRT Showdown" attempt to reignite fan's passions for some franchises that have been long dormant. Read all the highlights.

March 2012 Release Dates: Sequels Dominate the Market
This is a recurring release dates feature highlighting the biggest PS3 releases of the month. This month includes Mass Effect 3, Resident Evil: Raccoon City, Silent Hill: Downpour, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, and much more.

"Deus Ex: Human Revolution" vs "Comix Zone" PS3 New Releases
"Deus Ex: Human Revolution" brings the cyberpunk/cyborg trilogy to the PS3. A killer new release that has more action and atmosphere than most out there, "Deus Ex: Human Revolution" highlights this week's PS3 games.

"No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise" vs "Driver: san Francisco" PS3 New Releases
"No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise!" Creepy, cool, and finally! Games like this and "Catherine" are the type that made the PS2 great. We may be late in the PS3's life cycle, but the great games keep a'comin!

Creepy "Catherine" Headlines the PS3 and PSN New Releases 7/26
"Catherine" is so very cool and so very creepy. As in everybody's doing the "creep," ya know what I mean? It headlines this week's PS3 new releases.

PS3 and PSN New Releases for July 18th-22nd, 2011
Highlights from this week's new PS3 and PSN releases for July July 18th-22nd: Call if Juarez: The Cartel & Limbo!

PS3 and PSN New Releases for July 11-15th
Highlights from this week's new PS3 and PSN releases for July 11-15th.

PS3 and PSN New Releases for June 20th-24th
Highlights from this week's new PS3 and PSN releases:

Dec. '06, Jan. '07, Feb. '07 PS3 Release Dates
Here is the updated list of PS3 releases for December '06, January '07, and February '07. Some titles were pushed back, such as flOw and Sonic the Hedgehog, and some were total surprises, Gran Turismo HD Concept anyone?

PlayStation 3 (PS3) Launch Titles and November Release Dates
Sony has yet to release an official PS3 launch games list. However, this list is composed of dates released by the game publishers and information collected from a variety of sources. On it are some expected titles, like Resistance: Fall of Man and Marvel Ultimate Alliance, but there are a few surprises as well, including a little game called Oblivion.

November, 2006 PS2 Release Dates
With the release of the PS3 in November, many fear that the PS2 will be overshadowed. But, with games like Guitar Hero II, SOCOM: Combined Assault, and Test Drive Unlimited there should be more than enough game for the majority of us who don't land PS3 at launch.

October, 2006 PS2 Release Dates
Final Fantasy XII, Need for Speed Carbon, Scarface, and Bully... what more is there to say? Is it possible to call in sick for an entire month?

September, 2006 PS2 Release Dates
This month we're getting all the NBA and NHL one could ask for. We're also getting amazing Japanese imports in Okami and Yakuza, both of which look superb. Though September's big hit will probably be LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, there's something about the plastic brick retelling of the Star Wars saga that has adults and kids mesmerized.

August, 2006 - PS2 Release Dates
Honestly, this is looking to be the best August ever for the PS2. We've got two pirate games, sequels to Xenosaga, Disgaea, and Final Fantasy VII, and Madden 07. I hope you didn't have any plans for late summer.

March 2006 PS2 and PSP release dates
March brings Kingdom Hearts II, The Godfather, Metal Gear AC!D 2, and more!

February 2006 PS2 and PSP release dates
February is the hottest Winter month. With games like Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure, Fight Night Round 3 , and World Soccer Winning Eleven 9 it's going to be tough to clear February 14th for Valentine's day. My suggestion? Buy an extra DualShock and invite your love interest over for games and pizza... now that's true romance.

January 2006 PS2 and PSP release dates
The holidays are over and the new year is here. Let's ring it in with these PS2 and PSP games.

April 2005 PlayStation 2 Release Dates
April is looking like a beautiful month to stay indoors. Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition, Rise of the Kasai, and Psychonauts are all top notch games on this month's PS2's release dates list.

March 2005 PlayStation 2 (PS2) Release Dates
March is looking pretty sweet for the PS2. We've got Tekken 5 and Gran Turismo 4 (hopefully neither will get pushed back...again), as well as Devil May Cry 3, Full Spectrum Warrior and Splinter Cell Chaos Theory.

February 2005 PlayStation 2 Release Dates
February brings us Tekken 5 and a surprisingly strong batch of PS2 games. Oh, and Valentine's day, don't forget that. Now if only you could give Tekken 5 for Valentine's day...

PS3 Release Dates: June 2013
What will you play in June 2013 on your PS3? There are three major games this month -- Remember Me, The Last of Us, and Deadpool. Should you play one, two, or all three?

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