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Sony's Official (PlayStation 3) PS3 Launch Titles List

No More Speculation, Here Are the 21 PS3 Launch Games


PS3 Blu-ray High-Definition Disc Drive

PS3 Blu-ray High-Definition Disc Drive

Updated November 15, 2006
Sony Computer Entertainment America (SCEA) has finally announced its PS3's launch titles. While no dates have been confirmed, all of these games are to be released during the PS3's "launch window" meaning on or around the launch date of the actual PS3, November 17th.

21 first and third-party PS3 titles will be available for the holidays. The launch catalog encompasses the most popular game genres, with the noticeable exception of a fighting game. Sony states that most of the titles are expected to retail under $60.

“Our line-up of PS3 games that will be available through the holidays is unprecedented in terms of volume, variety and innovation, surpassing any previous competitive launch catalog and even our own original offerings for other PlayStation platforms,” said Kaz Hirai, President and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America. “We are pioneering a new era of true next-generation gaming through such titles as Resistance: Fall of Man, a visually arresting game that takes advantage of the large storage capacity and exceptional visual clarity offered by Blu-ray Disc (BD), and NBA 07, running at full 1080p for the highest resolution image possible, creating hyper-realistic characters and gameplay never seen before.”

The Full List of Launch Window Titles:

  1. Resistance: Fall of Man - Sony - Find Best Price
  2. NBA 07 - Sony - Find Best Price
  3. Genji: Days of the Blade - Sony - Find Best Price
  4. Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII - Ubisoft - Find Best Price
  5. Call of Duty 3 - Activision - Find Best Price
  6. EA Sports Fight Night Round 3 - Electronic Arts - Find Best Price
  7. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - Bethesda Softworks - Find Best Price
  8. F.E.A.R. - Vivendi Universal Games - Find Best Price
  9. Full Auto 2: Battlelines - Sega - Find Best Price
  10. Madden NFL 07 - Electronic Arts - Find Best Price
  11. MARVEL: ULTIMATE ALLIANCE - Activision - Find Best Price
  12. Mobile Suit Gundam: CROSSFIRE - NAMCO BANDAI Games - Find Best Price
  13. NBA 2K7 - 2K Sports - Find Best Price
  14. Need For Speed Carbon - Electronic Arts - Find Best Price
  15. NHL 2K7 - 2K Sports - Find Best Price
  16. RIDGE RACER 7 - NAMCO BANDAI Games - Find Best Price
  17. Sonic the Hedgehog - Sega - Find Best Price
  18. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 - Electronic Arts - Find Best Price
  19. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas - Ubisoft - Find Best Price
  20. Tony Hawk’s Project 8 - Activision - Find Best Price
  21. Untold Legends Dark Kingdom - Sony Online Entertainment - Find Best Price
For the unofficial release dates for these games, see my unofficial list of PS3 launch titles release dates page.

- list from Sony

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