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James Cameron's Dark Angel

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James Cameron's Dark Angel

James Cameron's Dark Angel Rated: Teen

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The Bottom Line

Dark Angel looks good and is filled with plenty of beat 'em up action. Fans of James Cameron's series will be pleased.
  • Dark Angel's Jessica Alba does her own voice work
  • Good adaptation of the Dark Angel series
  • Tons of great flips and kicks
  • Can get repetitious
  • Pretty straightforward, few surprises


  • Third person hand to hand combat marathon, with a touch of stealth thrown in for good measure
  • Plenty of different attacks and a cool RAGE system which allows Max to access special moves
  • Fun Matrix-esque effects, like bullet time and flipping off of walls
  • Available for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox

Guide Review - James Cameron's Dark Angel

When you first pick up James Cameron's Dark Angel you will be pleasantly surprised. The graphics are good, Jessica Alba does great voice work, combat is fun, and there seems to be a lot of potential.

Unfortunately after beating the tar out of several dozen guards and blowing up countless 'gas cans' to bust through walls you wonder if there's going to be anything more. Unfortunately there isn't. The recipe is pretty simple: beat soldiers, whip out a key, sprinkle in a boss, repeat. The level design really holds back an otherwise promising game.

If you are a Dark Angel fan, you'll love the game. There are bonus pictures, interviews, and more. But, if it's a choice between Buffy, Spiderman, or Dark Angel... well I don't like her odds.

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