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Kingdom Hearts 2 Review (PS2)

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Kingdom Hearts 2 Box Art

Kingdom Hearts 2

Square-Enix USA, Inc.

The Bottom Line

This is no ordinary sequel. Kingdom Hearts 2 and the upcoming Final Fantasy XII prove, yet again, that the some consoles shine brightest in the twilight of their cycle. Poetic imagery aside, where do you start? Killer graphics, beautiful music, solid combat, great story, over 100 Disney and Final Fantasy characters... Kingdom Hearts 2 has it all. The only improvement I could see being made is a better link between the levels, and more time spent with Tron and the other great levels.
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  • Tron!
  • Best of Disney + Best of Final Fantasy = PS2's killer app, Kingdom Hearts 2
  • All the charm of the first game with none of the gameplay issues
  • Updated graphics and art direction make this a stunning title


  • The levels feel a little to "episodic"
  • Some of the best levels are too short, and some of the annoying ones... well, they're short too


  • Graphics: 5 Kingdom Hearts 2 wins for best use of polygons in a PS2 game, it is breathtaking
  • Sound: 4.5 Amazing music and most of the original voice actors, but Jack Sparrow sounds wrong
  • Control: 4.5 Solid controls for both gameplay and camera make Kingdom Hearts 2 a pleasure to play
  • Difficulty: 3 If you've ever beaten an RPG, this will be no challenge, play it on hard
  • Multiplayer: 0 Sorry, it just you, Sora, and Disney, though friends will want to watch
  • Concept: 5 Yes, we've seen this idea before, but really, this is the Mercedes of RPGs
  • Online: 0 Forget it, Kingdom Hearts 2 is a JRPG in the strictest sense
  • All scores are out of 5. The overall rating is not an average of the above scores
  • Rated: E10+ If you're comfortable with the tyke watching a Disney flick then you're OK with KH2

Guide Review - Kingdom Hearts 2 Review (PS2)

Let's get this out of the way. When I heard Tron was going to be in Kingdom Hearts 2 words could not express my joy. The guys over at Penny Arcade obviously had similar feelings . But while Tron may be the second-best movie ever, a great videogame needs more than a neon-blue protagonist to achieve greatness, though not much more.

The basic concept behind Kingdom Hearts 2 is similar to the original. Take the best of the Disney Films, add a healthy dash of Final Fantasy, mix in humor, and presto! a game for the whole family. It worked out pretty well in Kingdom Hearts, and, surprisingly enough, even better in Kingdom Hearts 2.

The first major improvement is the camera. Simply put, it's the best camera system the PS2 has seen, to date. Pan, scroll, flip it anyway you like and you don't get stuck, the game doesn't break, and everything looks as sharp as when you started. The auto-camera does an amazing job of capturing intense action with tons of on-screen characters with dramatic flair.

Less Kingdom Hearts 2 be another me-too game, the combat has also been improved. AP (attack points) allows players to equip moves and attacks much in the same way that one would equip a weapon or spell. The result is fast and fun combat, which we are grateful for, because there is plenty of it.

But what really makes this a top notch RPG is the story and charm. Kingdom Hearts 2 will keep you playing because it is a beautiful, charming place to be. You'll wish this one would never end.

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