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Killzone: Rated Mature

The Bottom Line

Killzone has been billed as THE Halo killer. If it had a couple of more months of development time, and the power of the PS3, it may have been. But, as it stands, Killzone is a solid cinematic first-person-shooter that may be just a little too much game for the system. Killzone is a blast, but it may make your PS2 beg for mercy.
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  • Killzone is one of the best looking PS2 games of the year
  • Fighting with fellow soldiers in huge battles is amazing
  • Variety of online multiplayer modes


  • Too much game for the system, a touch slow and choppy at times
  • Absurdly long reloading animations


  • Graphics: 5 This is as good as it gets on the PS2. Killzone's graphics rival those of the Xbox's
  • Sound: 4.5 The score is more than adequate. Turn up the speakers for the awesome explosions
  • Concept: 4 There are some pretty obvious Halo similarities (you fight Elites!), but it is solid
  • Control: 2 The control scheme is fine, but the slowdowns actually affect how well you can aim
  • Difficulty: 3 Killzone is right where it should be, accessible, but not boring
  • Replay: 5 Aside from a compelling single player mode, the multiplayer action is fantastic
  • Rated: Mature - If you're bothered by blood, violence or language, steer clear of the Killzone

Guide Review - Killzone

Killzone is an amazing fps. The graphics are stunning, and easily on-par with those found on the beefier Xbox. The near future battles are enormous. It is very easy to get swept up in the action as you fight along side comrades while enemies bear down on you, and bombs explode far too close for comfort. Unfortunately, all this action comes at a price, and there is slowdown and the controls get sluggish when the action gets too hot.

Despite the fact that Killzone could have benefited from a bit more time in the development studio to slim it down, it remains an exceptional first-person-shooter. The opening cinema draws you into the game, and the first level acts as an excellent tutorial. The enemy are clever, and know that it is wise to duck to avoid fire. All in all it does everything a top-tier shooter should do. It looks great, has a strong sense of atmosphere, and is action packed. Again, if it weren't for the technical issues, this would easily be a top ten PS2 game.

It's important to note that Killzone is, aside from SOCOM II, one of the best PS2 online games out there. The teams support several players, bots, and features lots of maps and playmodes. In the end, Killzone is fun, online and off, but one can only hope that Killzone 2 will land on the PS3, as my PS2 simply isn't up for the task of processing graphics like these.

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