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Gundam Crossfire Review (PS3)

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Gundam Crossfire Boxart (PS3)

Gundam Crossfire (PS3)

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The Bottom Line

If there's giant robots involved, I'm usually in 100%. Transformers, Macross, Gundam, I love it all. As much as I want to like Gundam Crossfire they made it really difficult to. The visuals lack punch, and the game is broken in so many ways. This is a game that could really have benefited from from a few more months in development.
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  • Gundam, well who doesn't like Gundam
  • The game plays like a tank simulator, and, back in the day, I LOVED tank simulators


  • The game plays like a tank simulator, and there's a reason nobody has made one in years
  • Graphically, well, it's incrementally better than the PS2, but nowhere near other next gen titles
  • Problems abound, framerate issues, broken camera, missing animation frames, funky menu system


  • Graphics: 2 Umm, you can tell they're robots, but you can't tell if this is a PS2 or PS3 game, decidedly not next-gen
  • Sound: 2.5 Decent voice work, but sound effects and music add very little to the game
  • Control: 1.5 Ugh, severe camera issues, clunky controls, melee combat becomes button mashing madness
  • Difficulty: 4 Surprisingly hard, you will be repeating missions over and over, more frustrating than fun
  • Gameplay: 1.5 Poor indicators, lack of variety, and dismal controls make this game play as poor as it looks
  • Multiplayer: 1.5 Split screen, head-to-head combat lets you share the pain with a friend
  • Online: 0 Seriously? A PS3 launch title with no online play? Seriously?
  • Documentation: 2.5 The pretty manual doesn't cover a lot of what is going on in the game
  • Rated: Teen for giant robot destruction and the fact that it's simply to frustrating for 10 year-olds
  • All scores are out of 5.

Guide Review - Gundam Crossfire Review (PS3)

Gundam Crossfire is a lackluster launch title. Don't get me wrong, I've played the heck out of this game, but I'm a bit of a Gundam geek. Even so, I wish the game had been better.

It's not like it's impossible to make a good mecha (giant robot) game. The Armored Core series did it well, as did MechAssault on the Xbox. There have been lots of them out there, but Gundam Crossfire is not one of them. Sure there are tech problems with the game: jumpy animation, poor framerate, lumpy textures, evil camera, which oddly enough was better at E3, when the game was only 30% done. But really where Gundam fails is in design. It falls into the same trap that many mecha games do. It's torn between being a simulation, and what the anime was, an adventure. The cartoon moves fast and frantic, there are loads of zany weapons. The tries to maintain the story, but wants to make piloting a mech 'realistic'. The problem is, there is no realism, these are giant robots with energy swords.

Far too much of the game is spent replaying difficult levels that don't feel challenging so much as frustrating. Between escort missions and having to protect a base from an onslaught aided only by AI teammates who seem far less intelligent than the AI opponents, there is plenty of opportunity to test your patience.

All that said, there is a game here, and at certain points, you could see that it could have been a good game, but as it stands, this is a product for Gundam fans only, and even then, it's a very mediocre one.

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