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Winning Eleven 6 - PS2

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The Bottom Line

Winning Eleven 6 is the world's most popular soccer game for a reason... it's really, really good. Graphics, gameplay, options, are all very tight. But is there a market in North America?
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  • The best selling soccer game on the planet
  • The highest rated soccer game on the planet
  • The best looking soccer game on the planet


  • Do people play soccer games?
  • Can it be called 'Football' without cheerleaders?


  • Winning Eleven 6 is quite possibly the best looking PS2 sports title out there.
  • The gameplay is simple and smooth. It really captures the feel and speed of soccer.
  • Features 54 national teams and 40 club teams from around the world.
  • Excellent franchise mode and player creation mode... Madden should take notes.
  • Awesome title in a underrepresented market.

Guide Review - Winning Eleven 6 - PS2

There's simply no comparison... this is the best soccer game in the history of soccer games. Man, do I wish all sports games were this good.

The players are very lifelike, the 14 stadiums are beautiful, the camera is great. This is a good looking game... and oddly enough, a great playing game. No arcade affects, no powerups, no catching on 'fire', just sweet smooth, fast soccer. I don't even follow soccer and I could help but get sucked in. Kudos to Renderware for taking such pride in their product.

To be fair there has to be a downside... so here it is, occasionally there is a little slowdown, especially on corner kicks. But umm, that's it. Other than that it truly is the prefect soccer game. If you dig soccer, you have to have it.

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