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We Love Katamari Review - PS2

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We Love Katamari Screenshot

We especially love rolling the Katamari underwater

We Love Katamari

The Bottom Line

Katamari Damacy proved that you don't need licensed hip-hop, Hollywood voice overs, or even next-gen graphics to make a hit game. We Love Katamari builds off of its budget titled predecessor's success by bringing us a Katamari game about a Katamari game. It's beautiful, funny, charming and will remind you that videogames are far more than first person shooters and sports simulations. I'll say it again, We Love Katamari, we really do!
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  • We Love Katamari, we really do!
  • Everything great about the game is back
  • New areas and ingenious levels will have you rolling the Katamari for hours
  • The visual style of Katamari Damacy is back with a vengeance
  • The fragmented self-referential humor makes this my vote for Postmodern Game of the Year


  • The graphics are still blocky, but it's all part of the charm
  • If you didn't love Katamari Damacy, you don't love Katamari


  • Graphics: 3 The intro and cut-scenes are beautiful, the game itself is blocky, but creative
  • Sound: 5 This is pure aural cheesecake. Rich sound and creamy songs will delight your ear buds
  • Concept: 5 We Love Katamari is a creative treat, the idea of a game about a game... pure genius
  • Control: 5 The Katamari takes both analog stick to control, but it does roll responsively
  • Difficulty: 3 We Love Katamari is easy to play, tough to put away
  • Replay: 4.5 I could play We Love Katamari forever, even if it meant replaying levels
  • Rated: Everyone, We Love Katamari enough to say it is appropriate for all ages
  • All scores out of 5. The star rating is not an average of the above scores.

Guide Review - We Love Katamari Review - PS2

You do not have to have played Katamari Damacy to enjoy We Love Katamari. In fact, you'll learn plenty about Damacy in the King of the Cosmos' retelling of the story. But if you have, you will be rolling over all the references to Katamari Damacy. In the first game you roll the Katamari as the Prince of the Cosmos replacing all the stars your father accidentally destroyed. In We Love Katamari you roll the Katamari as the Prince or one of his royal cousins in order to appease the fans of Katamari Damacy, and to replace the rest of the stars.

The game itself consists of players rolling a ball over small items, say paper clips, until they have rolled over enough items to have the mass to roll over even larger items, and eventually you will have enough to make a star. Nope, it makes no sense at all.

But, in this postmodern videogame instead of rolling for a noble reason, you roll to appease fans of Katamari Damacy. You even take requests, rolling in candy, race, underwater and other random-themed levels. The additively sweet Japanese easy listening music and bizarre items are all back. There's even a two-player mode for those of you who prefer not to roll alone.

We Love Katamari is a pure example of creativity and solid game design. The concept is simple, as are the graphics, but the game is surprisingly deep and compelling. I've said it twice already, We Love Katamari, we really do!

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