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MX Superfly Featuring Ricky Carmichael

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MX Superfly Box

MX Superfly Rated: Everyone

The Bottom Line

MX Superfly finally elevates motocross games to the same level as other action sports titles. A fast and fun ride.
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  • Variety of play modes and mini games
  • Download new tracks and riders
  • Possibly the best motorcycle game out there


  • Bikes can feel like they are 'floating'
  • Motocross with no dust or smoke?


  • Features racing, freestyle, multiplayer and fun mini game modes like "Pizza Delivery" and "Golf".
  • Race as Ricky Carmichael, 26 other pros, or unlock hidden characters like Vanilla Ice.
  • 22 tacks, tons of equipment, plenty of "hidden" bikes and riders to unlock.
  • Download extra content on Xbox Live.
  • Design your own race tracks with the built in track editor.
  • Create your own rider, male or female and compete in an excellent career mode.
  • Controls are easy to pick up via the tutorial and allow for wild, high flying stunts.
  • Available for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube.

Guide Review - MX Superfly Featuring Ricky Carmichael

MX Superfly offers numerous improvements over MX 2002. The career mode, music library, equipment, gameplay, and number of tracks have all been expanded. The visuals are much sharper, (though it is the 'cleanest' motocross racing I've ever seen). The greatest improvement lies in the career mode. You can play either a racing or freestyle career, earning cash and trophies to advance onto more tacks and unlock new bikes and equipment, all of which are available in the multiplayer mode.

MX Superfly is easy to pick up, but there are plenty of difficult stunts and moves to keep players interested. All in all, Mx Superfly gives you two great games for the price of one, a solid dirt bike racer, and a radical, high flying freestyle game.

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