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Street Fighter Alpha Anthology Review (PS2)

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Street Fighter Alpha Anthology

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology


The Bottom Line

The games in the Street Fighter Alpha Anthology represent the golden age of arcade fighting games. These token gulping games were fast, fun, and remarkabley well designed. From insane chains of combos, killer moves, and balanced gameplay that bordered on the sublime, Street Fighter Alpha(Zero) was a beautiful series of arcade games. While the games are great, the anthology itself is weak. No flashy menu, no behind the scenes photos or videos, just games. Luckily for Capcom they are good games.
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  • These are direct ports (save one) of the arcade Street Fighter Alpha games
  • Super Gem Fighter MiniMix (aka Pocket Fighter) is a real treat
  • There are tons of arcade specific modes and options to tweak
  • These are some of the best Street Fighter games in the series


  • The anthology's interface is dull
  • There are practically no extras or bonuses
  • Great games, but a bare bones collection


  • Graphics: 3 Street Fighter Alpha is looking as old as it is
  • Sound: 2.5 If you think game graphics have improved, wait until you hear the difference in sound
  • Control: 5 Street Fighter has always had the tightest, best mapped, responsive controls
  • Difficulty: 4 The computer should pose a fair challenge, but your 30 year-old uncle will mop you up
  • Gameplay: 5 Street Fighter Alpha 3 is a near perfect fighter
  • Multiplayer: 5 This is the type of game you and a buddy can sit at for hours
  • Online: 0 Yeah, online match-making would have brought back that arcade feel... too bad
  • Documentation: 1.5 The manual is practically useless you'll have to surf for a moves list
  • All scores are out of 5. The overall rating is not an average of the above scores
  • Rated: Teen It's pretty mild violence, I'd rate it an E10+ in comparison to other Teen games

Guide Review - Street Fighter Alpha Anthology Review (PS2)

The Street Fighter Alpha games remind me of why I always got my tail handed to me in the arcades. True fighting games require zen like calm, mastery of complex moves, and a keen sense of timing. I knew the basic moves of most of the characters, but that was never enough. To the casual observer, Street Fighter was a button-mashing mess, but really it's more like chess. Chess at hundred miles per-hour.

The Street Fighter Alpha Anthology features five great arcade games: Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter Alpha 2, Street Fighter Alpha 3 (special "arranged" version unlockable), and Super Gem Fighter MiniMix (known as Pocket Fighter on U.S. consoles). It also includes PSOne and SEGA Saturn fave Street Fighter Alpha 2 Gold, essentially a remix of the arcade version of Alpha 2. While each game has its strengths and history, causal gamers will skip right to Alpha 3, the most balanced and frantic game of the bunch. It's one of the crown gems in the pantheon of Street Fighter.

Now, we all have to wonder what Capcom lackey got stuck with assembling this collection. From dull packaging, dry menus, NO bonus content... this is not what one expects from such a high profile franchise like Street Fighter. How about some ads? How about a trailer for the Street Fighter Alpha movie? How about some history? Most annoying, how about a stinkin' move list? It's been a while for some of us. Yes, they are downloadable, but really, I'm buying 10+ year old games, throw a guy a bone.

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User Reviews

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 3 out of 5
street fighter alpha collection, Member Ricpasley

its okay but i agree they should have added more because in my opinion the game feels like it's lacking something its not graphix its figuring out the moves you need to be a genious or in sf alpha do like i did use v mode and in my opinion they made bison too strong in st alpha to the point that i could only counter his combo by doing a v combo as he did the psycho crusher and in the other games&in st alpha 3 as well they could have added more charaters and also re-released the bonus stuff that u could get on the ps2verson and the modes and maybe made the moves simpler instead feeling like u needed to be a rocket scientest for each sf alpha game heck it was learn and unlearn per sf alpha game should people get this yes if your a true fan if not skip this game and get sims 2castaway for the ps2 instead

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