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Splashdown Screen Shot

Splashdown Rated: Everyone

The Bottom Line

Splashdown is pretty, fast, and fun. Looking for a wet and wild arcade-ish,extreme sports, Sea Doo racing game? Then this is it!
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  • Prettiest water this side of Bali
  • Fast, fun, and easy to pick up
  • Killer soundtrack


  • Beautiful waves, lackluster splashes


  • Splashdown is very, very pretty. The courses are lush, and the water makes you want to dive on in.
  • All star soundtrack features bands like Sum 41, Smashmouth, the Donnas and Blink 182.
  • Lots and lots of tricks. They are fairly easy to pull off, and very fun to watch.
  • 18 beautiful locations like Bali, Japan, Florida, and Italy will make you want to pack your bags.
  • Split screen multiplayer allows 2 racers to compete head to head.
  • Veer far enough off course and... well I won't ruin the surprise, just keep going.
  • Available on the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

Guide Review - Splashdown

Watersports are highly underrepresented on home videogame consoles. Sure there was Wave Race, but the other offerings were pitiful, at best... until Splashdown. Rainbow and Atari have dove head first into the wave ripping waters of extreme watersports, and have emerged with a winner.

Splashdown is everything you could hope for in a watersports title. The game is loaded with high flying stunts, aggressive racers (there's nothing quite like running over someone in a Sea Doo), and quite a few twists. There are multiplayer, arcade, and career modes to choose from, so there's plenty of longevity. Throw in variety in gameplay, loads of courses, great music, as well as sharp visuals and you've got an excellent extreme sports title.

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