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Spiderman: The Movie - Video Game

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Spiderman: The Movie - Video Game

Spiderman: The Movie Rated: Everyone

The Bottom Line

Spiderman: The Movie is a swinging good time for fans of the film, the wall crawler, and action addicts in general.
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  • Spiderman and friends look good
  • Spiderman can crawl on practically everything
  • Storyline captures the feel of the movie


  • Tobey Maguire sounds bored
  • Controls can be awkward


  • Spiderman can crawl or swing off of any surface you can see, allowing for very interesting levels.
  • Spiderman: The Movie features a surprisingly large number of moves and deep combat system.
  • Variety of levels allow for fights in, on and above the city. Huge levels and many hidden items.
  • Available for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, and Game Boy Advance

Guide Review - Spiderman: The Movie - Video Game

One honesty doesn't expect too much from a game based off of a movie, but that's slowly changing. Spiderman: The Movie is a prefect example of why.

The concept of the game is simple enough: beat up thugs, find a key, rescue someone, beat up the boss... But Spiderman's strength is in the details. The visuals and sounds are great. Tobey Maguire does do the voice work, however, he sounds like the Green Goblin forced him to.

Spidey looks, moves, and fights very well. There's nothing more satisfying than dropping off the celing, grabbing a thug, flipping him across the room, then tying him up with your web so you can go pound on him some more. Spiderman does a great job of rescuing gamers from another lame spinoff game.

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