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Robotech Battlecry

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Robotech Battlecry Box Art

Robotech Battlecry Rated: Teen

The Bottom Line

Robotech fans rejoice! The game you have waited almost twenty years for is here, and it's better than you could have hoped for. This is how a licensed game should be done.
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  • Awesome adaptation of the Robotech series
  • Fast and furious transforming mecha combat
  • Original voice actors are back, including Minmei!


  • Multiplayer needs more options
  • Some levels are quite tough


  • Pilot the fabled veritech fighter... transform into battloid, guardian or veritech modes.
  • Cameos by Macross characters like Rick Hunter, Lisa Hayes, Roy Fokker and even Lynn Minmei.
  • Cel shading and great Robotech-esque music make you feel like you are playing the show.
  • Original and deep story mode fits right into the Robotech universe with no contradictions.
  • Multiplayer allows two players to spar in various veritech, as well as female power armor.
  • Large levels with interesting goals and destructible landscape.
  • Lots of unlockable goodies, including interviews with the original Robotech voice actors.
  • Available for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, and GameCube.

Guide Review - Robotech Battlecry

Ahh Robotech, giant fighting robots, soap opera-ish love story, cheesy music, what wasn't there to love? Robotech is back, and surprisingly enough, not only does it not stink, it is quite good. Games based off movies and cartoons have a tendency to... well, suck. Robotech breaks that mold and delivers a surprisingly good game.

Robotech Battlecry casts you as Jack Archer, former hired gun turned veritech pilot. The game works you into the existing Robotech story, then brings you into a whole new side story involving renegade Zentradi.

The missiles, the veritech, the Zentradi all look great. Add a killer soundtrack, good gameplay, and tons of unlockable goodies, and you've got the Robotech game you've been waiting for.

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