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Nascar 06 Total Team Control Review - PS2, Xbox

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Nascar 06 Total Team Control Review - PS2, Xbox

Nascar 06 Total Team Control

Trading paint in Nascar 06

The Bottom Line

I am a fan of racing games, but as much as I enjoy turning left, Nascar never really held my interest, until now. As good as last year's was, Nascar 06 Total Team Control is twice the game. The ability to switch between cars cannot be overstated. Not only is it immensely fun, but it changes the strategy of the game in a fundamental way. Nascar 06 looks and drives great. Now with the team options it is a tier one racing game.
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  • Beautifully intense Nascar racing
  • Racing is a team sport, now you get to control the team
  • Damage looks great and influences the race
  • Superb racing career mode


  • Lack of solid tutorials
  • Many races not long enough to use team controls


  • Graphics: 4.5 Damage, speed, sparks... it all looks sharp and helps bring Nascar 06 to life
  • Sound: 4 Engines and road noise are realistic enough, the music is up for grabs, though
  • Concept: 5 The addition of team control changes Nascar 06 and turns it into a very deep racer
  • Control: 4 The controls certainly work, especially with a wheel, but the voice recognition is spotty
  • Difficulty: 4.5 This ain't no Need for Speed, you have to work for your checkered flag here
  • Replay: 4.5 There is a whole lot of game here. Loads of vehicles, tracks and races to enjoy
  • Rated: Everyone, unless you are offended by the amount of fuel consumed, it should be fine for all

Guide Review - Nascar 06 Total Team Control Review - PS2, Xbox

Nascar 06 Total Team Control brings a much needed dimension to the forefront of racing games: teamwork. Blocking, drafting, pushing... Nascar has a major team component to it. It's not only nice to see in the game, it changes the way you race, for the better.

Much like last year, Nascar 06 looks sharp and drives superbly. It's not easy, and may be one of the more difficult racers out there. The sparks, the paint rubbing off, the damage modeling all not only look great, but truly impact the way your car handles. The career mode is as deep, and perhaps, better than ever. But the real treat is in the team control.

With one little flick of the D-pad (how glad am I that my Logitech Force Feedback steering wheel has one) you can actually switch between cars. This means that you can actually control teammates and position them to help each other out. By getting behind each other, you can create a draft-train that will push all four of you to the checkered flag. Got a car in first? Why not take control of a teammate and block for him? Shout into your USB headset and you can issue commands to teammates without having to actually control them. It's not just about your skills, it's about your ability to be a Nascar general.

Nascar 06 Total Team Control is a racing treat. It has a steep learning curve, but once your over the hump, your in oval track heaven. One side note, break down and buy a decent steering wheel. I love the Dual-Shock, but racers feel twice as sweet behind a wheel.

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