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NCAA Football 07 Review (PS2)

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NCAA Football 07

NCAA Football 07

EA Sports

The Bottom Line

NCAA Football 07 improves on the past versions in most every respect, and is more than deserving of your videosports time and attention. While the graphics and sound do show improvement, it's the new game modes and gameplay options that really make NCAA Football 07 worth a season's ticket. The standout addition is the new "Campus Legend" mode, in which you are responsible for one player's education, training, and social life. It adds new twists not previously seen in any football game.
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  • New momentum system does a much better job at capturing the feel of college football
  • Campus legend mode allows you to train, educate, and manage a single star player
  • Visuals are looking as good as a PS2 sports game can look
  • Lots of details from every school, the University of Utah stadium was spot on!


  • Ugh, the game moves so well, but the menus and simulations are so slow
  • Menu system really needs to be overhauled
  • The commentators need a more diverse playbook, they say the same things over and over


  • Graphics: 4 Great looking stadiums and players, but the cheerleaders... well how about more?
  • Sound: 2.5 High quality, but one can only listen to the same college fight song so many times...
  • Control: 3 It's responsive, but I think Madden and NCAA Football both need to be re-mapped
  • Difficulty: 3.5 It's easy enough, but if you don't pick a ranked school, be prepared to be beat down
  • Gameplay: 4.5 If it weren't for the slow/awkward menus, NCAA Football 07 would have had a 5 here
  • Multiplayer: 4 As is par for the course, this is a game designed to be played with friends
  • Online: 4 Real-time updates from ESPN Radio, and integration with other ESPN content is very welcome
  • Documentation: 4 Between the in-game tutorials and the manual, you should be fine
  • All scores are out of 5. The overall rating is not an average of the above scores
  • Rated: Everyone... Who doesn't want their kid playing college football?

Guide Review - NCAA Football 07 Review (PS2)

NCAA Football 07 is a solid football sim. The sound and graphics are great. They've really done their research and created some beautiful looking college football stadiums. The even have photos of players, mascots, cheerleaders from not only the big programs, but from schools like my beloved University of Utah. While these details add an air of realism and lovability to the game, it's the improvements to gameplay that bring NCAA Football 07 to the Rose Bowl over, say, the Emerald Bowl.

Kicking finally matters. Much like putting in Tiger Woods golf kicking has always been too easy. The new analog stick kicking controls not only feel good, but make the game much more difficult, a welcome addition. The real kicker is the new play modes. The Dynasty Mode has been overhauled to include a BCS championship, in-season high school recruiting, and a new "Spring Games" where you play against your own team to earn points in spring training.

The new and improved "Campus Legend" mode is a real treat. You create a character, train him, and manage his calendar. You must balance practice, academics, and social activities to be successful. The clincher? The major you choose not only affects your player, but you have to take his tests and quizzes, answering real history, math, and psych. questions. For those of you still in school, what better tool to sell your parents on getting you a new football videogame? It's "educational"

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