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"MLB: The Show" Review – (PS3)

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By Christopher Diller

MLB 11: The Show Box Art

MLB 11: The Show

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The Bottom Line

"MLB 11: The Show," is probably the most realistic baseball simulator to date. With the new pure analog control system, "MLB 11: The Show" added a whole new level to the quality of gameplay this genre can bring to the table. It may not be a fast-paced sports game, however, "MLB 11: The Show" should be the top pick for anyone looking to find a great baseball game for their PS3.
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  • New analog controls add a new level of gameplay
  • Deep character customization
  • PlayStation Move and 3D compatible
  • Captures the baseball experience in all it's glory


  • Waiting time between gameplay is too long
  • Analog controls could be too difficult for first time players
  • UI and menu are difficult to navigate
  • Captures the baseball experience in all it's sluggishness


  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • Developer: SCE San Diego Studio
  • ESRB Rating: E for Everyone
  • Genre: Sport Game, Sports Simulation, Baseball
  • Platforms: PlayStation 3 Exclusive
  • Accessories Supported: PS3 Move, PlayStation Eye, 3D Compatible

Guide Review - "MLB: The Show" Review – (PS3)

Well a new year has come and that means another installment of probably one of the most successful baseball game franchises for the PS3, "MLB 11: The Show." With some new features added, "MLB 11: The Show" could potentially be the most realistic baseball simulator to date. Though I'm a bigger fan of the grid iron than the diamond, even I was duly impressed by the level of difficulty that "MLB 11: The Show" presented.

While the diehard fans of the genre are more than happy with the new features added to the game, the new pure analog controls could potentially drive new fans of the genre away. Where old baseball titles have simply used a targeting and one button throw mechanic, "MLB 11: The Show" has raised the bar by adding an all-analog control scheme. While adding the new analog feature to this title has given gamers a higher level of precision, the learning curve from beginner to expert is much higher. It requires not just timing but a good amount of finesse to get the new control style down. The gameplay itself is a little too unforgiving as well. With the addition of the analog pitching system, it seems as if the game is completely unforgiving. You better get the ball exactly in the strike zone or the umpire will be walking the batters every chance you give him.

"MLB 11: The Show" is a great baseball simulator. Heck, probably the best that I have ever seen. However, being exactly "like baseball" can sometimes be more harmful than good. The amount of time actually required to play a game in "MLB 11: The Show," seems to pretty much match the amount of time to watch an actual game on TV minus the commercials. Without simulating most of the games, it would take forever to get though an entire season. The sad part, most of the time wasted is actually not playing the game. Loading screens and cinematic cuts are one problem. Waiting for the pitcher to actually throw the ball is another.

One surprising feature that I absolutely loved in the game is the player customization that you go through when you start "Road to the Show." I found myself actually spending a couple hours using the extensive features given to me, morphing my character into one of the most hideous creatures you have ever seen and then attempting to move him from the Minor leagues to the Majors.

All in all, I am absolutely impressed at the new features that "MLB 11: The Show" has to offer. Coming from a person who doesn’t play too many baseball games, I am now more tempted to buy the next installment of this franchise. "MLB 11: The Show" is such a good baseball simulator it has me excited to actually go to a couple of baseball games and buy myself an overpriced beer and hot dog.

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