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Madden NFL 07 Review (PS2)

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Madden NFL 07 box art

Madden NFL 07

EA Sports

The Bottom Line

Madden NFL 07 is the best looking, and best playing of the series, to date. Aside from cosmetic upgrades, the new lead-blocker control and the highlight stick (allows you to perform signature HB moves) add a lot to the already solid game. There is very little not to like about Madden NFL 07, other than the speed. If you are going to play the franchise mode, you better be a very patient person. I went and made a sandwich while the PS2 calculated who to cut and who to keep on the CPU teams.
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  • One of the best looking sports games the PS2 has seen
  • Lots of new controls make running the ball much more fun
  • Madden's new NFL Superstar mode brings role playing into a football sim
  • Features the ability to transfer games back and forth between the PSP and the PS2


  • S-L-O-W menus, especially during the off season
  • Not all fans are 3D, only those shown close up
  • Control scheme needs to be updated


  • Graphics: 4.5 I was more than a little surprised at how good the game looked, who needs next-gen?
  • Sound: 5 Great licensed music, excellent commentary, all games should sound this good
  • Control: 3.5 The buttons all need to be remapped, but the new control options add depth to the game
  • Difficulty: 4 Anyone can button-mash their way through a season, but to get good takes skill
  • Gameplay: 5 There are so many ways to play, and the game itself is so deep, it's hard not to love it
  • Multiplayer: 4 Madden NFL 07 plays very well with others
  • Online: 4 EA Nation gives you a place to play against others without any Xbox Live-esque fees
  • Documentation: 3.5 The manual is decent, but doesn't go deep enough on all that's happening in-game
  • Rated: Everyone While the game does feature the ability to get tattoos, the kids'll be OK
  • All scores are out of 5.The overall rating is not an average of the above scores

Guide Review - Madden NFL 07 Review (PS2)

Madden NFL 07 is pretty much the only pro football game out there. Sure there's Blitz but without team names, player names, or even the NFL logo, it's a tough sell. Fortunately for all of us, EA actually cares about the series, and has offered us one of the richest sports games out there.

The biggest improvements come in the form of new control options. With lead blocker control you can knock the opposing defensive tackle on his tail as an offensive line man, then switch to the tailback and bust a move through the hole you just made. When you pull it off, it's one of the most satisfying Madden moments you'll ever experience. Keeping with the running game, they've also included a highlight stick. Like many of the EA Sports and EA Sports Big games, the right analog stick now allows you to perform player specific moves, such as cutbacks, jukes and bowling over a line backer.

The franchise mode has also received some love in the form of new scouting options. But the NFL Superstar mode is the real treat. Similar to NCAA 07's Campus Legend mode, you control everything from training to IQ tests to memorizing movie script lines. A football RPG is something I didn't expect from the series, but I like it.

The game has one major fault, however. The time between certain menus, and the time needed to calculate scores and roster changes is nearly unbearable. While this is a top-notch sports game, the excruciating menu system keeps it from getting the 5 stars it deserves.

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