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Indigo Prophecy Review - PS2, Xbox, PC

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Indigo Prophecy, Rated: Mature

Indigo Prophecy Screenshot

The Bottom Line

This is not your father's role playing game. Indigo Prophecy is a top-notch psycho-thriller that draws players in with eerie music and superb story telling. The game is not the combat oriented RPG that many are used too, but the complicated story will draw in many looking for something "deeper".
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  • Indigo Prophecy marks the return to deep, compelling stories
  • Superb attention to detail, very eerie atmosphere
  • Slow deliberate pace makes this a great game to sit down with a cup of cocoa and play


  • Camera and control issues
  • Animation and graphics could use some attention


  • Graphics: 3.5 - Great design, but a bit blocky in terms of characters and objects
  • Sound: 5 - The music and sound are superb, the voices and effects will haunt you for days
  • Concept: 4 - Not the first psycho-thriller RPG, but it is the best at bringing in movie elements
  • Control: 2.5 - The mini-game works well, but you end up walking into far too many walls and corners
  • Difficulty: 4 - You can adjust the difficulty down if you find yourself repeating scenes
  • Replay: 2.5 - There's a lot here, but the Indigo Prophecy's linear story may be enough once through
  • Rated: Mature - Drug references, drinking, sexual situations... Indigo Prophecy is for grownups
  • All scores are out of 5. The overall rating is not an average of the above scores.

Guide Review - Indigo Prophecy Review - PS2, Xbox, PC

Looking for something that may take a little less button mashing and a little more thought? Indigo Prophecy may be the action thriller you're peeking around the corner for. The psyco-horror role playing game does feature some action, usually in the form of a Simon-esque mini-game, but the real draw is the spine-tingling story. The game is meant to be approached as a film, with games being referred to as 'movies' in the menus. The developers have really come through, and while it may not look as good as a film, the plot and writing is better than many I've seen.

Indigo Prophecy starts with you murdering a man in a restaurant bathroom, and continues with the player playing parts the murderer and two detectives all trying to figure out what happened. Through in some disturbing visuals, wonderfully creepy music, and a touch of the supernatural and you've got one heck of a hook. The player controls the characters movements and dialog with the analog sticks. All action takes place via a mini-game that has players playing Simon with both sticks at the same time. Everything works well, except for a clunky camera that ends up getting characters stuck frequently.

Indigo Prophecy is one of the few games where you actually care what happens. There are an immense amounts of clever touches and the game feels like it was made with love. Aside from some control issues, if you are fine with a slower pace, Indigo Prophecy will deliver a deep, spooky gaming experience.

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