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The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Review - PS2, GameCube, Xbox

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The Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Screenshot

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction

Hulk angry!

The Bottom Line

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is a game befitting the mighty green one. Lots of smashing, bashing and brawling keep the game fun and furious. The ability to run to and smash anything you see makes it almost as liberating as Grand Theft Auto. The only thing dragging down the greatness of the Hulk is a poor story and some lackluster missions that interrupt the smash fest that is The Hulk: Ultimate Destruction.
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  • Not only the best Hulk game ever, one of the best superhero games out there
  • The game is surprisingly fast and features fun, frantic combat
  • The free-roaming Grand Theft Auto style gameplay works surprisingly well
  • Hulk can smash, hurl, and make boxing gloves out of just about anything


  • The story behind the Hulk is nowhere near as smashing as the gameplay
  • The cheat code system only allows you to use codes you've found in the game


  • The Hulk himself has decided to break down The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction for us
  • Graphics: 4 Hulk look good, but building and vehicle look boxy
  • Sound: 4.5 Hulk sound mean! Music sound very pretty, Hulk like
  • Concept: 4 Hulk no like being compared to puny Spiderman, Hulk game much better, more to smash
  • Control: 3.5 Hulk easy to control, some button combos difficult for Hulk's big thumbs
  • Difficulty: 3 Hulk easy enough for even puny spiderman to play. Some bosses cheat, make Hulk angry
  • Replay: 4 Hulk like to smash all day, Hulk think many missions boring
  • Rated: Teen Hulk think that little kids no should be able to pick up and throw people into walls
  • Ed Note: I take no responsibility for the Hulk's opinions or comments... I hope he doesn't get angry
  • All scores out of 5. The star rating is not an average of the above scores.

Guide Review - The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Review - PS2, GameCube, Xbox

Yup, superhero videogames are generally a pretty crappy genre. Just pick up any Batman game (on second though, just take my word for it) and you will see that everything grand about comic books is missing. It's as if someone took all that was super about superheros and replaced it with a bunch of jumping puzzles and exploding barrels. Much like the Kool-aid man of yore, the Hulk smashes through the boundaries of dull gaming bring destruction and gaming goodness along for the ride.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction really is the culmination of the free-roaming hero game. There was much comparison between Grand Theft Auto and Spiderman the videogame when it came out, and rightfully so. The Hulk takes it all a step further. You can roam the streets picking up busses and throwing them into tanks until your thumbs get sore. There is a central hideout, where you get missions and such, but most of the action takes place in sprawling levels that you can trash to your heart's content.

With a 150 unlockable moves, tons of unlockable cheat codes, 30+ story missions and 40+ side missions there is a ton of green gaming here to keep you busy. Unfortunately, some of the missions are slow and tedious (why is the Hulk asked repeatedly to run a foot race?).

At the end of the gamma ray, Ultimate Destructions surely captures the fury and power of the Hulk. Controlling the Hulk is easy and satisfying. The Hulk is a great game that, with some tweaking, could be superb.

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