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Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review (PS3)

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating

By Laura Warner

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Box Art

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock

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The Bottom Line

It feels like Guitar Hero. It sounds like Guitar Hero. Chances are good it even smells like Guitar Hero. It does not however look like "Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" finally gives us a game visually worthy of this generation of consoles. That combined with an eclectic group of rock songs and new game modes has produced a version of the game that is addictive as any of its predecessors, if not more so. Warriors of Rock provides almost everything veterans of the franchise have come to expect, as well as offering new game play modes to entice new comers to the game.
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  • Warriors of Rock comes packaged with a robust list of rock-esque songs
  • More Guitar Hero play modes than ever
  • GH:WoR is visually stunning
  • Online and local multiplayer both rawk in GH:WoR
  • The new characters and character design options are a nice improvement


  • The new story arc is dumb, plain and simple
  • You can have to much of a good thing, as is evidenced by the sometimes overwhelming game options
  • The quest-centric nature of the game restricts certain aspects of the game, i.e. locked songs


  • Publisher: Activison, Developer: Neversoft
  • ESRB Rating: T for Teen
  • Genre: Music game, Rhythm game
  • Other Platforms: Xbox 360, Wii
  • Gameplay: 3.5 GH:WoR takes the traditional game play of the franchise and improves it, providing new play options
  • Sound: 4.5 GH WoR has a great list of songs, even if a few songs seem to come out of left field
  • Control: 4 The Guitar works exactly like you’d expect, it just looks more impressive now
  • Multiplayer: 5 You can now play with you friends at home, or take on players online, the party mode is nearly perfect
  • Graphics: 5 The in-game graphics are as impressive as the super stylized cut scenes

Guide Review - Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review (PS3)

If you are a fan of Guitar Hero, "Warriors of Rock" certainly won’t let you down. The game at its core really does feel like part of the franchise, with a shiny new topcoat. A lot of the classic game play is still there, with new modes and options to bring a greater depth to the way the game can be played. Now you can take your rock star self online and play with people when your friends are busy doing mundane things like working. The Party mode exemplifies what a game should become when people want to play casually. The ability for players to jump in and out of a song that you can’t be booed out off really creates the invitation to get everyone to play, instead of just the regular music loving gamer.

The new songs provide a spectrum of relatively difficult to ridiculously challenging. The music isn’t as Rock specific as you might expect, while there are many classic rock and rock songs included on the list there are also some odd ball choices coming from punk, pop and indie genres. The title of the game shouldn’t scare off those players who prefer mainstream music, there is as much for you in this game as there is for the most hard core of rockers. Aside from what ships with the game it is possible to import songs from previous Guitar Hero games, not to mention the ridiculous amount of songs available through downloadable content.

The game is worth checking out just for the graphics. The great characters, and customization options are really just the tip of the iceberg. The game is much more cinematic. Not only does it look better, but also everything just feels better. The lip sync on the characters would put any pop star to shame, not to mention that every song you play looks like an actual concert. Now there is one thing that even the best graphics in the world can’t save. A terrible story line.

"Warriors of Rock" is supposed to be driven by the story line of the main play mode. However the story line is ridiculous and relatively boring. It’s a bad case of trying to force two genres together that don’t match well with each other. People want to play killer songs, not turn their characters into robots to defeat a boss. However the storyline isn’t a huge deterrent, you can just button mash your way through the irrelevant text, watch some nice cut scenes, and get back to playing the music.

"Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock" for the most part is extremely challenging, so if you are considering purchasing this game be ready to pour some serious sweat into the game.

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