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God of War III Review (PS3)

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God of War III Box Art

God of War III Box Art

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The Bottom Line

God of War III is the summer (spring?) blockbuster you've all been waiting for. Big, beautiful, violent and sexy it's the type of big budget game we were all expecting.

What I didn't expect is how insanely beautiful the game would be, nor did I expect a story so intriguing that people would sit and watch me play God of War III. Heck, sometimes they'd ask me to play just so they could watch. Now there's a stamp of approval.

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  • God of War III is one of the best looking games to date
  • Improved combat means you'll use all the weapons and have more fun doing so
  • Epic battles abound, GoW III truly delivers with memorable battles
  • Every level not only was aesthetically different, they have unique game design
  • The post-game content is fun and offers high replay value


  • The fear level was dull and self-indulgent
  • It ended. I was genuinely sad it was over. Kratos, come on, GoW IV... pretty please?
  • Targeting is still not as tight as other games


  • Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
  • ESRB Rating: Mature, and really this time. This isn't Halo, this game was made for the "R" rated crowd.
  • Genre: Epic 3d person action
  • Platforms: PlayStation 3 exclusive

Guide Review - God of War III Review (PS3)

Kratos may not like many people but we sure can't help but love him. The ultimate anti-hero is back in God of War III, and dare I say it, he looks better than ever.

I was playing through Final Fantasy XIII when God of War III came in the mail. I remember wandering around FFXIII's Gran Pulse with a content smile thinking, "my goodness, this is the prettiest game I've ever played." So, imagine my surprise when I first started playing God of War III and I had to pause, fairly early on, and retract my statement about FFXIII. I'm not sure God of War is "prettier" than Final Fantasy XIII, but when I got a close up of Kratos squeezing through a crack inside the Titan Gia I put down my controller and thought, "wow, am I really going to have to say GoW III is better looking than FFXIII?" Then I got back to killing things. Because beauty aside, you will kill a lot of things in GoW III.

Those of you new to the series should not hesitate one moment, GoW III not only works well as a stand alone game, but it actually will catch you up on the gist of the previous two games fairly quickly. If you were lucky enough to get your hands on the God of War III Ultimate Edition you were treated to a downloadable documentary that explores the stories of the games and how they relate to Greek mythology, as well. And what a story it is. Greek myth is the perfect alternative to high fantasy. Lots of wonderful creatures, gods, god-like titans, and fascinating characters... and Kratos seems to want to kill them all. Actually, that's where some get it wrong. In GoW III Kratos simply wants to exact his vengeance upon Zeus, but Hades, Olympus, and the world between stand in his way... but not for long. Playing as Kratos, you will have the chance to dispatch almost every imaginable Greek mythological creature is surprisingly twisted, yet beautiful fashion.

Yes, you kill a lot in god of war. The minotaur, the cyclops, the harpy... all just appetizers for the titans and gods you will battle. The battle are glorious, and far more fun in this outing. For the first time, you have reason to use weapons other than your blades. In fact, not only will you quickly realize that different enemies are vulnerable to different weapons, but that they have varying value depending on the number of enemies and the size of the environment. In fact I found myself switching weapons for kicks countless times.

But it's not all combat, there are puzzles to solve, items to collect, and goddesses to love. The latter takes advantage of the infamous God of War context sensitive actions (aka quick time events). There are dynamic animations where you no longer control Kratos, but rather press various buttons on the controller as they appear on screen to be treated to incredible scenes of violence (or love). Yes, the mechanic has been around a while, but nobody does it better than the God of War crew.

Fun and furious, GoW III is simply one of the best games you'll buy this year. Thank you, Kratos, for the memories.

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