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Full Auto 2: Battlelines Review (PS3)

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Full Auto Battlelines 2

Full Auto Battlelines 2


The Bottom Line

There will be a Twisted Metal game for the PS3, and it will be better than Full Auto 2: Battlelines. But that is in the future world, and FAB2 (feel free, SEGA, to use that one) is here now, and it's serviceable. The pickings are pretty slim right now for the half-a-million of us who happen to own a PS3, and pretty much anything starts to look good when you are as hungry as we are. Fortunately FAB2 is fun, flawed, but fun. If you can survive the evil audio cut-scenes, and poorly designed arena levels, you end up with a fun racing combat game.
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  • Very Pretty Textures with a High Frame Rate
  • Racing Combat Missions are a Blast
  • Good Variety of Slick Weapons


  • Poor Vehicle Design
  • Arena Combat Missions are Painful
  • Paper Thin Plot is Quite Annoying to Listen to
  • No Sixaxis Support? Really?


  • Graphics: 4 Smooth and silky. FAB2 is one of the best looking launch titles with lots of shiny things
  • Sound: 3 Unmemorable sound track and effects are scarred by the confused voice of the female AI you work for in the game
  • Control: -1 Sorry guys, not only is it an odd layout, but you get negative marks for no Sixaxis support
  • Difficulty: 3.5 There's a nice line between passing a level and accomplishing all the goals
  • Multiplayer: 3 All of the modes are there, but what a cool twist it would have been to enable a co-op mode
  • Online: 3 You can race-combat (racebat?) 8 people online, which seems like too few...
  • Documentation: 4 The game will teach you everything you need to know
  • Rated: Teen I think the ESRB goes easy on auto violence, to me, it's just as jarring as a shooter
  • All scores are out of 5. The overall score is not a combination of the above scores.

Guide Review - Full Auto 2: Battlelines Review (PS3)

Full Auto 2: Battlelines is an odd game. There are so many things about it that I don't like, (how about supporting the Sixaxis? It was made for this stuff!) yet I keep coming back to it, again and again. I think what brings me back it that this was a great idea, with great technology, with some major design flaws. When you get past those flaws, you see what could have been an excellent game that gets knocked back to merely being good.

Normally I'd tell you about about the story of the game here, but it is so bad I can't stand to even type about it. Something about an A.I. at war with a street gang, and you need to blow stuff up with your car to save everyone. It's all a set up for you to get to play Project Gotham Racing with guns. Seriously, if they called the various achievements "kudos" they'd be the same game, only with more explosions. I mean that as a compliment, BTW.

So you race, you blow stuff up, you unlock bigger guns and better cars. The guns are great, as are the tracks, and the enemy AI works. The only real downers in the visuals are the car designs look like PGR cars with guns glued to them. The biggest problem is with the painfully bad arena games set in stadiums so small you have to wonder why you are driving when you'd probably be more deadly on foot. They are small, crowded, and you don't get to skip them.

Full Auto 2: Battlelines is a great engine, a decent game, and a horrible story. Take it in that order and there is fun to be had, despite its shortcomings.

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