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Dracula Unleashed Interactive DVD Game

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Dracula Unleashed Screen Shot

"I know, I couldn't get very far either"

The Bottom Line

Dracula Unleashed is a 're-vamp' of a 1993 Viacom game by the same name. Frustrating gameplay holds back what could have been a fun interactive movie. Let's hope they try again, with a new system.


  • Can be played on any DVD player
  • Interesting Video Game Genre
  • Who doesn't like vampire flicks?


  • Update of a 1993 game
  • Gameplay feels very 1993
  • Quite difficult


  • Dracula Unleashed plays on any DVD player, whether it be on your TV, game console or computer.
  • Video clips are surprisingly watchable, around the same quality as an average PBS original.
  • The icons and menus look new, but the gameplay still feels old.
  • Dying countless times and having to retrace steps drains the life out of any sort of consistency.

Guide Review - Dracula Unleashed Interactive DVD Game

Dracula Unleashed is a game I really want to like. I think that DVD games could usher in a whole new type of video game and open up gaming to a much wider audience. Unfortunately, this Dracula game should not be unleashed on that audience.

The game doesn't look bad at all. Quite the contrary, Dracula Unleashed looks and sounds quite good. It sorta has that 80's made for TV movie feel. But someone drove a stake right through the heart of this title with a heavy dose of stinky garlic gameplay.

Trial and error, is what it's all about. The game consists of getting items and taking them to the right people in the right order. One mistake and you're vampire food. It would have made a decent B movie, but it's an nightmarish game.

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