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Buzz! Quiz TV (PS3) Review

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The Bottom Line

Buzz! Quiz TV is a show stopper. Invite friends over, throw some chips on the table, warm up the blender, boot up Buzz!, prepare to hear all about what a "wonderful party" that was. Buzz! was a good game on the PS2, and it's excellent on the PS3. From the wireless controllers to the HD graphics and online gameplay this is probably the best trivia game/game-show that any console has ever seen. Scene It? looks dull in comparison. Though not perfect, Buzz! is a very good time waiting to happen.
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  • Buzz! Quiz TV may beat out Rock Band as the ultimate party game
  • New Wireless Buzz! controllers are worth every penny
  • With over 5,000 questions, downloadable packs, and user created content you won't get bored
  • Who knew a trivia game could look this good? Buzz! is great in HD
  • New game modes, like Sofa v. Sofa


  • Only one online player per PS3 seems like an oversight
  • Game modes and audio may get repetitious
  • Game only has one difficulty setting, and it seems a bit too easy at times
  • Single player wouldn't feel so lonely if you could play with AI opponents


  • Graphics: 4 Yes, Buzz! Quiz TV does rely on stereotypes for its characters, but they at least look good in HiDef
  • Sound: 4 Great sound effects and voice acting, only more variety would make it better
  • Control: 5 The new Buzz! wireless controllers work well and on any Buzz! game on any system... all controllers should do this
  • Difficulty: 2 Questions were a bit too easy, it'd be nice to have a harder play mode
  • Gameplay: 4 Buzz! is a blast and easy to pick-up, more variety in the mini-games would have been nice, though
  • Multiplayer: 5 With support for up to 8 controllers, Buzz! is one of the best casual multiplayer games out there
  • Online: 3.5 The ability to write and download questions is great, but online multiplayer seems to be a bit too narrow
  • Documentation: 5 This is a game that explains itself very well
  • All scores are out of 5; final score is not an average of the individual score
  • Rated: Teen but is trivia really more offensive than a shooting game?

Guide Review - Buzz! Quiz TV (PS3) Review

I decided to put Buzz! Quiz TV through the ultimate test: an actual party. When the party started, Buzz! was sealed in its box. When it was over, not only was I congratulated for a great party, but Buzz! and I were invited to many more. Thanks, Buzz! I am now the toast of the local hipster scene.

All exaggerations aside, I busted out Buzz! not only to see how much people would like it, but how easy/fast it was to setup (very, but batteries aren't included) and how intuitive it was. Buzz! sailed through every criteria with flying colors. There was no need to sync the controllers, and we were playing as soon as the disc went in and didn't stop until the wee hours came 'round.

Buzz! Quiz TV may not be the first in the series, but it certainly has taken it to a new level. The wireless controllers are a god-send, but you can still use the wired ones from your PS2 and the wireless ones will work the the PS2. Wouldn't it be nice if every plastic guitar were the same? The graphics and sound really pop and game plays wonderfully. Of course the biggest changes have occurred in the online department.

Once you tire of the 5,000 questions in Buzz! you can download more packs on a variety of topics for a nominal fee, or you can go over to the user generated side of things and write/download community questions, very Web 2.0 for a videogame. Of course you can play online where you can get ranked, earn trophies... all good stuff. Unfortunately you can only play with one controller online. While you can share it, it seems odd to not be able to compete as a team against other teams.

As good as Buzz! is, the voice tracks get repetitive, and I have to wonder why the game modes are so few. As much as I enjoy "pie fight," I don't need to see it every time I play.

Squabbles aside, Buzz! PS3 is just what the system needed, a great time for everyone in the room.

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