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Battlefield: Bad Company Review (PS3)

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Battlefield: Bad Company Tank Combat

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The Bottom Line

Finally, a well-executed first person shooter that doesn't burden players with a self-absorbed story line. Battlefield: Bad Company is fun, funny, and plays as well as many of the more "serious" shooters out there. Bad Company also does destructible terrain and sandbox gameplay better than any shooter I've seen in ages.
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  • You can blow up most anything you see
  • Excellent variety of vehicles and weapons
  • A superb single player campaign with an interesting/fun story
  • Fantastic 24 player maps
  • Some of the best voice acting of the year


  • Enemy AI is occasionally out to lunch
  • Story telling, while fun, may be to "juvenile" for some adult gamers
  • Sure would be nice to be able to carry more weapons
  • Controls take some getting used to
  • Your teammates may be funny, but are frequently useless


  • Graphics: 3.5 Last year they would have been great, but there's stiff competition out there these days
  • Sound: 5 From voice acting to sound effects and music, Bad Company is a beacon of hope for gaming audiophiles
  • Control: 3.5 I realize people don't like the DualShock 3's triggers, but it's no excuse for odd button mapping
  • Difficulty: 3.5 Usually pretty straightforward, but every now and then they'll throw you a doozie
  • Gameplay: 5 Finally, some real thinking in terms of shooter level design
  • Multiplayer: 4.5 It's a Battlefield game -- you expect great multiplayer, and they deliver
  • Online: 4 Matches are easy to get into and rumors of content downloads abound
  • Documentation: 4 It's fine, but the creative tutorial level really starts things off right
  • All scores are out of 5; final score is not an average of the individual score
  • Rated: Teen Sometimes I just don't get the ESRB; in my mind this is every bit as violent as the "M" rated shooters out there

Guide Review - Battlefield: Bad Company Review (PS3)

Battlefield: Bad Company takes the polish of games like Rainbow Six: Vegas or Call of Duty 4 and combines it with a fun story line ripped straight out of the ensemble classic Three Kings.

From driving tanks and sniping from afar to clearing out towns by calling in Russian artillery strikes and blowing up bridges, the amount of sheer destruction one gets to cause in Battlefield: Bad Company is mind blowing. The game plays as tightly as any other AAA shooter out there, but its over-the-top destructible environment and surprisingly clever dialog really cause it to stand out in the mass of military shooters out there.

Players will immediately notice that the maps are wide open in Battlefield: Bad Company. Rather than following the age old linear/branching level design of shooters past, Bad Company takes its cue from Grand Theft Auto and provides a semi-sandbox approach. While the levels have boundaries, you can tackle objectives in any order, and from any direction. An excellent progress save system keeps the game moving and less frustrating than most checkpoint schemes out there.

Bad Company's massive multiplayer maps and Gold Rush game mode (aka conquest) will keep players engaged, and those new to the Battlefield series will be shocked to find the one of the best online multiplayer games of the year, second only to CoD4.

So little is said about sound in games, and frequently that is because it is unremarkable. Battlefield: Bad Company, however, features some of the best voice acting and sound effects I've heard in years. The gunfire sounds are not only scary, but useful as via sound alone you can judge approximate distance and direction.

Battlefield: Bad Company is simply a superb game that may not be as pretty as some of the other shooters, but is easily more fun, which always makes for better company anyway.

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