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Nyko Wireless Air Flo Controller - PS2

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Nyko Wireless Air Flo Controller PS2

Nyko Wireless Air Flo Controller PS2

The Bottom Line

The Nyko wireless Air Flo controller for the PS2 is something that must be held to appreciate. Some may think it's a gimmick, some may swear by it. Either way, this is a solid performing wireless controller, air flo or not.


  • Solid wireless performance
  • Tons of clever extras
  • Keeps your hands cool


  • Long battery life, without the air flo on
  • No vibration / rumble


  • Solid wireless performance, good range, long battery life.
  • Comfortable, well designed controller. Only draw back are the wobbly L2 and R2 buttons are too tall.
  • Air Flo blows air into your palms to cool them, but it cuts down on the battery life.
  • The removable mini arcade stick was a treat, great for old school fun.
  • The ability to rest it on a table (especially combined with the detachable stick) is a nice touch.
  • Missing in action: Vibration / Rumble and Auto Fire
  • I'm not sold on rubberized grips, they make my hands hot, which is odd for a controller with A/C.
  • Every bit as good, if not better than other wireless controllers I've used.

Guide Review - Nyko Wireless Air Flo Controller - PS2

Ok, so you may be asking yourself, "Self, do I really need a controller that cools my hands off while I play?" It depends, in Seattle I probably didn't, but gosh darn it if it isn't a nice feature to have here in sunny Salt Lake City. Of course you should probably also ask yourself if you are willing to admit that you get sweaty palms while playing videogames...

The Nyko wireless Air Flo controller PS2 is an interesting concept. Not only does it allow for cordless play, but it features a removable mini arcade stick (screws into the D-Pad), rubberized grips, the ability to hold it or play with it resting on a table, and it gently caresses your hand with cooling breezes that transport you to a place where your palms never get hot... Alright, so blowing air into your palms may not be the biggest selling point, but I rather liked it. Of course, with all the extras, one has to wonder a) where's the rumble (sorry kids, no vibration) and b) what no auto fire? I get air conditioning but no auto fire? Very strange indeed.

Jokes aside, I submitted this thing to a variety of games, and it performed remarkably well. It didn't weigh much more than my Dual Shock, and aside from wobbly L2 and R2 buttons, it played every bit as well. The range and battery life are solid, though it should be noted that cranking up the jets to cool your palms does suck the juice.

Am I sold on the air flo? I'm not sure. But I am convinced this is one of the best wireless controllers I've used.

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