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Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban Review: PS2, Xbox, GameCube

Harry Potter is back in his 3rd year at Hogwarts

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Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban

Rated: Everyone
When Harry Potter returns with his friends Ron and Hermione to the magical world for his third year at Hogwarts, his magical school, he begins another adventure.

Harry, Ron, and Hermione are back for more adventure

Harry, Ron, and Hermione go around the school learning new spells, collecting potions ingredients, defeating their rival’s evil plans, and battling Dementors—the guards of Azkaban prison. You can alternate between characters during the game—they all have special talents. Harry is athletic and can access remote places by climbing ropes and jumping gaps. Ron is curious and good at exploring, so he can find secret passages and hidden items in bookshelves. Hermione is good at casting difficult spells because she studies hard and is very smart. She also can squeeze into small places where the boys are too big to go. Usually, when one of the friends learns a new spell, the group attends a magical class. Then the teacher sends Harry and his friends through a hidden door somewhere in the classroom to retrieve a spellbook. After the spell is learned, the group has to battle a “boss,” a monster that can only be defeated by using the new spell. There’s nothing wrong with going to all this work to get a new spell, except after you escape the boss you’ll hardly ever use it again. And here’s the bigger problem. It’s almost impossible defeat the boss without a website full of hints and cheats open on a nearby computer.

Great story, good game

The only Hogwarts class that does not give you a new spell is Potions. Snape, the Potions teacher, only tells you what you need for the next class. When it’s time to collect the ingredients you consult your handy cheat site for help. Then, you can attend the class to learn about the new potion. Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban itself is a fun game that is never boring, but running back to a computer every ten minutes for help is definitely not fun. Sure, with the hints it’s the right amount of difficulty, but we all would rather do it ourselves.
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