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Killzone Trilogy PS3 Review

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Killzone 3

Killzone 3

Image © Sony
The 'Collection' Series of releases from Sony continued recently with another great addition to a wave that has already included "Ratchet & Clank Collection," "God of War Saga," and "inFamous Collection." The latest and greatest gathers three highly underrated games in the trio of "Killzone" titles, a series that has drawn comparisons to Microsoft's "Gears of War" in its blend of interstellar combat but that I've always found more consistently entertaining than one of the few big guns left in the Xbox 360 arsenal. In particular, "Killzone 3" is an absolute must-play both in campaign and multiplayer. I wish that Sony would more often take a chance and offer something new to go with the greatest hits in these releases but if you haven't played the "Killzone" games because you've been too busy with "GoW" or even "Resistance," don't miss out.

Game Details

  • Publisher: Sony
  • Developer: Sony
  • ESRB Rating: M (Mature)
  • Genre: First-Person Shooter
  • Pros: Remastered Killzone, Value For Three Underrated Games
  • Cons: Not Much New If You Already Own Them

Many PS3 owners came to the series with the breakthrough "Killzone 2" and so the remastered version of the original "Killzone" may actually be the most enticing title in this trio. Released in 2004 for the PS2, just as that console was about to become obsolete, "Killzone" was a decent game but didn't make nearly the waves of its two sequels for definite reasons. Five years later, "Killzone 2" took the world by storm with its non-stop action and deep multiplayer offering. It was followed two years later by "Killzone 3." "Killzone: Liberation" was released for the PSP in 2006 while "Killzone: Mercenary" is being prepared for the PlayStation Vita in 2013.


Killzone 3

Killzone 3

Image © Sony

Get to cover, kill the enemy, and do it again. With the exception of a few unique set pieces (particularly in "Killzone 3"), the gameplay here is pretty straightforward. And the storytelling leaves something to be desired. I think that's the biggest problem with the way critics have approached "Killzone" and the franchise's biggest flaw. It doesn't really give you characters to care about in the battle against the Helghast Army. It just gives you non-stop action.

If you know that the storytelling is lackluster going into this series, the action should be enough to keep you entertained. It comes down to how well the combat is executed. Games like the "Killzone" titles need a consistent and building pace. We don't want to get bored with the repetition of warfare and we need to feel like things are getting more intense without getting frustrating. "Killzone" has the most flaws and looks a little dated, particularly in the A.I. department, but the two sequels were underrated when they were released and still are today.

While the first game is the most flawed, it is also really the only new portion of this release given that it has been HD-remastered and given trophy support. The other two games are essentially the exact same as they were upon their release. In fact, if you pop in the "Killzone 3" disc, as I did, it just accesses the same saved game data as when you probably played the title two years ago. So if you have "Killzone 2" and "Killzone 3," the only thing you're really buying here is an upgraded "Killzone" and all of the multiplayer map packs released for the second two games.

Graphics & Sound

I'll never understand why "Killzone 3" didn't get more attention for its stunning graphics. I think it's because it came out around the same time as "God of War III" that it wasn't given enough credit but this game would look amazing if released right now and it's been nearly 24 months since it came out. If you haven't played "Killzone 3," it's the kind of visual experience that could be used to show off your TV. The shading, the consistent frame rate, the animations -- it's a beautiful game. Well, as beautiful as slicing an alien warrior's head off can be. And the sound is just as remarkable. "Killzone" looks dated and even "Killzone 2" has some issues but "Killzone 3" is a beauty.


Killzone 3

Killzone 3

Image © Sony
It's becoming tempting to rank the "Collection" games and maybe we'll do so after this months's release of the "Resistance" games in one bundle but what's undeniable is that these are great holiday gift ideas for the gamer in your family. "Ratchet & Clank" for the little ones. "Journey" for the adults. "God of War" for the teenagers. And "Killzone" for everyone who thinks that Microsoft has the best interstellar combat franchise on the market.
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