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Bionicle - PS2, GameCube, Xbox, PC, Game Boy Advance

Bionicle and the Mysteries of the Toa Begin

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By Alex Bailey

Bionicle The Game

Bionicle Rated: Everyone

We used to think Legos belong thrown out on the carpet or carefully put away under our beds. But times have changed yet again. With the launch of the game Bionicle, LEGO begins its new adventure into the digital world entertainment. And with six legends of Tao, little is lacking.
From the toys comes the game. That’s how LEGO switched things around after modeling its recent successful toy line into this exciting game. A fast-paced adventure, Bionicle begins in the world of Mata Nui, in an ultimate batter between good and evil.

Bionicle begins a new partnership between Electronic Arts and LEGO that lets you control the fate of our six heroes of Toa and the Tao of light. With Bionicle, LEGO begins its branching out from classic plastic toys into video games, movies, and action figures. A fresh combination of action and sports maneuvering, your adventures with Bionicle go farther than any normal gaming experience.

Together the six legelnds of Toa solve individual adventures and evolve into the grand Toa: Tao Nuva. Tapping into elemental powers, you will lead Tao Nuva in the battle with the Makuya and the shadow of darkness.

First off, Bionicle’s graphics and game play provide relative ease of controlling heroes and adventures. A few of the camera angels switch a bit fast, most of the graphics are amazing. Whether your gliding from tree leaves or surfing down lava channels, the 3-D Bionicle world is at many times a breathless visual voyage.

Two words that sum up Bionicle are hybrid creativity. With each new player you command follows completely new ways to explore the world. From gliding, flying, surfing, skiing, and battling, every turn provides a different endeavor. Even with specific characters, Electronic Arts really worked hard to create creative challenges, monsters, and interactive levels.

With that all said, the adventures of Bionicle cater more towards younger audiences. Compared to most action games which are extremely complex, Bionicle levels out into six unfussy levels and one basic storyline. The character’s abilities also remain unchanged throughout the game as well. But, where the complexity lacks, the graphics and game play make up. In the world of Mata Nui, the Tao reign superior.

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