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Guest Review: Arc the Lad End of Darkness – PS2

Arc the Lad End of Darkness brings back memories, in this action RPG

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By Nick Harward

Guest Review: Arc the Lad End of Darkness – PS2

Arc the Lad End of Darkness

Rated: Teen
In Arc the Lad End of Darkness, you start out on a boring island as Edda, a young exorcist, his friend Hemo, a short, up tight creature from the Slothian group, and a young girl named Kirika. As you go throughout the land destroying evil you collect cards, you can use them in battle, or summon more characters to aid your struggle. Arc the Lad is a great game (except for Hemo, the annoying sidekick).

In Arc the Lad EOD you don’t have to exorcise the story.

On an island, Edda and Hemo are building a boat, when Hemo runs up with a book with strange writing in it. As Edda reads it, a young girl named Kirika comes to retrieve the book, (you see her very often in the game). When you hear about a disturbance Edda and Hemo run into town to see a bunch of people called Hunters (they protect people against evil) talking to the Chief about some sort of demon. The Chief orders Edda to join the Hunters on their trip to stop the demon. When the demon is vanquished Edda passes out and wind up in town far away, not remembering what had happened. As Edda explores he wants to become a Hunter to help people get rid of the demons, so he takes on a series of tasks to become a full fledged Hunter, and once he is a Hunter he can artificially use magic with his ald(uses cards to turn into magic) . Once Edda becomes a Hunter he takes on more tasks to raise his Hunter level he can use more cards, get new characters, and overall save the world.

Arc the Lad is easy on the eyes.

Arc the Lad EOD: Combat

The graphics in Arc the Lad EOD are pretty good, there is quite a bit of detail in the characters. The hair and facial features are all very well done except for Hemo, he is short, ugly and I think he has acid reflux, but you can't really hold it against him. The levels have great graphics, beautiful islands, and amazing cities. Most of the game is played in an overhead view, though it can change for combat.

All the characters in Arc the Lad are all pretty good, Edda has a lot of detail, as does everyone else in the game even the little person named Hemo who is more annoying then an enflamed Hemorrhoid. But it is fun to make fun of him as you progress.

Corny music, very fun game.

The music in this game is kinda corny, you know, dun, dun dun dada but most games have corny music, so it doesn’t matter, just turn the sound down, you won’t miss anything because there are subtitles and they don’t have voices. It's too bad, as they spent so much effort on the visuals, you'd think they'd show the audio some love too.

Should I exorcise the game or not? I think not.

Hemo, the annoying sidekick

My overall opinion, this game is defiantly worth the money. It has good graphics, good story, cool weapons and magic. I would say the only downfalls are the lack of speech, and Hemo. So get the game today!
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