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Don't be blinded by the hype. We feature honest and fair PlayStation videogame reviews.
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Rogue Legacy PS4 Review
Rogue Legacy makes the journey from PC to PS4 with all of its remarkably addictive charm and perfect gameplay intact. It's a must-own.

The Last of Us Remastered PS4 Review
The 2013 Game of the Year, The Last of Us, has been given a full HD upgrade by Sony and Naughty Dog and the result could be considered the 2014 Game of the Year.

The Walking Dead, Season Two: Episode 4, “Amid the Ruins” PS3 Review
The penultimate chapter of this season of Telltale Games' landmark "The Walking Dead" series is here. How does its set the stage for the finale?

Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty PS4 Review
This is a PS4 review of Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty," a game that most fans of the '90s classics thought would never happen.

Sniper Elite III PS4 Review
Sniper Elite III storms in to fill the void of PS4 games this summer. Just because it's the ONLY game this month, does that make it a good one?

Call of Duty: Ghosts: Invasion PS4 Review
A map-by-map review of the new DLC pack for "Call of Duty: Ghosts"--Invasion.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War PS3 Review
Valiant Hearts: The Great War presents Ubisoft another chance to push gaming forward with a PSN experience like no other. Do they take it?

EA Sports UFC PS4 Review
After signing a multi-year deal with UFC, EA really wants their first game about the sport to break through and elevate the sport. Does it force the gaming world to submit?

Borderlands 2, Headhunter 3: How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day PS3 Review
2K Games is back with another fun, holiday-themed Headhunter mission for Borderlands 2. Is How Marcus Saved Mercenary Day the antidote for your holiday woes?

Borderlands 2 Headhunter 1: TK Baha’s Bloody Harvest PS3 Review
The first Headhunter mission is available for Borderlands 2 and it's a Halloween-themed thrill ride. Did you really think that 2K Games would release inferior product for the best game of 2012? Think again.

Murdered: Soul Suspect PS4 Review
"Murdered: Soul Suspect" is fascinating but frustrating'; beautiful but boring; unique but familiar. It's something for everyone and mediocre for everyone.

Watch Dogs PS4 Review
The most anticipated game of the next-gen consoles is here. Does Watch Dogs live up to the hype? Is it Grand Theft Tech or just a GTA wannabe? It's an imperfect game that you still HAVE to play.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 PS4 Review
The video game version of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is even worse than those who know the history of bad film tie-ins might expect it would be.

Call of Duty: Ghosts: Devastation PS4 Review
This is a review of Call of Duty: Ghosts: Devastation.

The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode Three: In Harms Way PS3 Review
We're at the mid-point of season two of Telltale Games The Walking Dead. What does In Harm's Way say about where we've been and where we're going?

Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 Review
Want to blow up some Nazis? Of course you do. And you'll have a blast doing it in the surprisingly great Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Borderlands 2: Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre PS3 Review
This is a review of the PS3 expansion for Borderlands 2 called Headhunter 4: Mad Moxxi and the Wedding Day Massacre.

MLB 14 The Show PS4 Review
Sony's The Show franchise have been the standard bearers for all sports games for a few years now and they've topped even their own track record with the PS4 version of MLB 14 The Show, a true sports sim masterpiece.

Child of Light PS4 Review
Ubisoft's Child of Light is arguably the best PS4 game to date. It's certainly the best given its incredibly low purchase price to addictive quality ratio.

Batman: Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart PS3 Review
Cold, Cold Heart is the first story-based DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins and should get you excited for Batman: Arkham Knight while reminding you what just missed about Origins.

The Last of Us: Left Behind PS3 Review
The first DLC for Naughty Dog and Sony's award-winning "The Last of Us" is here. Does "Left Behind" tarnish the legacy of the best game of 2013?

Call of Duty: Ghosts: Onslaught PS4 Review
This is a review of the first PS4 map pack for Call of Duty: Ghosts, Onslaught.

Rayman Legends PS4 Review
Ubisoft wants you to play Rayman Legends on EVERY platform. And we're going to abide.

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster PS3 Review
Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 are canon for those with any interest in video game history. And they've been gorgeously remastered. Don't miss them.

Infamous: Second Son PS4 Review
Infamous: Second Son is the first must-play PS4 game. Why? Let us explain.

Dark Souls II PS3 Review
This is a review of Namco Bandai's Dark Souls II for PS3.

The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode Two—A House Divided PS3 Review
The second episode of the second season of The Walking Dead is here. Does A House Divided live up to its predecessors?

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes PS4 Review
The prologue to Metal Gear Solid V is here and it's both great and unsatisfying at the same time.

Bioshock: Burial at Sea, Episode 2 PS3 Review
The final chapter of Bioshock Infinite, Burial at Sea is here and it ends this saga on an accomplished, heartbreaking note.

Trials Fusion PS4 Review
Motorbike platformer "Trials Fusion" has a lot to offer games who are willing to crash over and over and over...

Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate PS3 Review
Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate was created as a tie-in for the PlayStation Vita when Origins was released in 2013 for the PS3. And now it's back on the main console. Has it survived the round trip?

Sir Hammerlock Versus the Son of Crawmerax PS3 Review
The final Headhunter pack for Borderlands 2 features the return of two beloved characters in Sir Hammerlock and Crawmerax. Should you take the trip?

LEGO The Hobbit PS4 Review
LEGO, Peter Jackson, and J.R.R. Tolkien combine for clever, family fun in LEGO The Hobbit, based on the hit movies The Desolation of Smaug and An Unexpected Journey.

MLB 14 The Show PS3 Review
This is a PS3 review of Sony's MLB 14 The Show.

South Park: The Stick of Truth PS3 Review
South Park: The Stick of Truth is FINALLY here. Was it worth the wait?

Thief PS4 Review
Thief attempts to reboot a legendary franchise for a new generation and ends up being 100% forgettable.

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 PS3 Review
Years after Castlevania: Lords of Shadow reinvigorated the undead franchise, its sequel is finally here to suck the life out of it again.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII PS3 Review
Final Fantasy gets its final last-gen game in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Is it a fitting goodbye to the PS3 platform or a relic of the past?

The LEGO Movie Videogame PS4 Review
Every blockbuster needs a video game and so "The LEGO Movie" gets a tie-in of its own. Does it live up to the legacy of the PS3 history of these games like "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes" or "LEGO Star Wars"?

Assassin’s Creed: Liberation PS3 Review
This is a review of Asassin's Creed: Liberation for the PS3 through the PlayStation Network.

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition PS4 Review
One of the best games of the recent PS3 era has been upgraded and refined for the PS4 and, guess what, it's the best game you could buy for your next-gen system.

Assassin’s Creed IV: Freedom Cry PS4 Review
"Freedom Cry" is the first story-based DLC for "Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag." Is it worth setting sail again?

The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 1 – All That Remains PS3 Review
This is a video game review of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode 1 - All That Remains for the PlayStation 3.

Killzone: Shadow Fall PS4 Review
With only two exclusive on-disc games for the PlayStation 4, there's a lot riding on the reception to this sequel to one of Sony's most popular trilogies. Does it lead us into the new generation or merely echo the problems of the old one?

Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 Review
Call of Duty: Ghosts is taking over systems like the Xbox One and PS4. Is this the one that will finally sink this juggernaut of a franchise? Probably not.

Need For Speed: Rivals PS4 Review
The first racing game for the PS4 is here in the form of the twentieth Need For Speed game, Rivals. Does this one lead the pack for the new generation or feel like a product of the old one?

Knack PS4 Review
It's the first PS4 game review! How does Knack live up to the expectations of being the first title through the door? Is it a great family experience or should you wait for #2?

Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Episode 1 PS3 Review
The first single-player DLC for Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea, Episode 1 is out for the PS3. Do you want to return to Rapture? Of course you do. But lower your expectations.

Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus PS3 Review
The geniuses at Insomniac Games return to the world of Ratchet & Clank Future with the highly-anticipated Into the Nexus. Is it a joyous reunion or should the band have stayed broken up?

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection PS3 Review
2010's Castlevania: Lords of Shadow was such a hit for Konami that they released a DS game and two DLC add-ons. Now, it's all available in one glorious collection. Should you buy it?

Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag PS3 Review
Few games this season will be bigger than the latest installment of Assassin's Creed. The developers at Ubisoft didn't have to deliver a great game to make a fortune. And yet delivered the best AC yet.

Battlefield 4 PS3 Review
It's finally here. The most anticipated multiplayer shooter of the year that's not named Call of Duty has arrived and Battlefield 4 is a glorious, spectacular accomplishment in the arena of online combat. What does it do right that so many games do wrong?

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes PS3 Review
The Avengers, The X-Men, Spider-man, and Howard the Duck? An amazing array of Marvel characters come together in arguably the best LEGO game since Star Wars. How does Marvel Super Heroes deliver such a clever, entertaining bang for the comic buck? Read on...

Batman: Arkham Origins PS3 Review
One of the most anticipated games of these final days of the PS3 is the third PS3 title to bear the name Arkham. How does Batman: Arkham Origins compare to the beloved two titles that preceded it? How do you feel about repeats?

Skylanders Swap Force PS3 Review
The Skylanders series have become some of the most profitable of the current generation of gaming. And yet they've never had a game this creatively impressive. Swap Force is a blast. Get your wallets out.

Beyond: Two Souls PS3 Review
Quantic Dream follows up their critical smash Heavy Rain with this supernatural drama starring Ellen Page & Willem Dafoe. Is it the last great game of the PS3 generation?

NBA 2K14 PS3 Review
2K Games is back with the latest and greatest basketball simulation you've ever played, centered around LeBron James' quest for greatness this time. Is it a slam dunk?

Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Review
Grand Theft Auto V has already made over a billion dollars for Rockstar Games. But should you, the lone hold-out in the cult of GTA, take a trip to Los Santos? Is it the final great game of the PS3 generation? Read our review and find out.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Apocalypse PS3 Review
Four more maps in the fourth and final DLC pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Before you give up on the biggest game of 2012 and prepare for CoD: Ghosts in November, should you download one more map pack? Of course you should.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix PS3 Review
Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix remasters the previously-unavailable Kingdom Hearts Final Mix along with notable bonus material like Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories. Is it worth the upgrade?

NHL 14 Review
Another year, another NHL game. How's this year's team? Just a placeholder for next year's next-gen version or something more? How about both?

Puppeteer PS3 Review
This is a review of Sony's Puppeteer, a family/action platformer that kids will enjoy for its simplicity of gameplay and adults will admire for its incredible visuals that approach art.

Diablo III PS3 Review
2012 PC Game of the Year Diablo III makes its debut on the PS3 this month and the result, unlike a lot of transports from comp to console, is an absolute blast.

Disney Infinity PS3 Review
Disney Infinity comes with a high price tag and great expectations. The cost is still high but the games fails creatively to live up to its moniker. Read on for the ugly how and sad why...

Rayman Legends PS3 Review
The long-delayed Rayman Legends is finally here for not just the Wii U but multi-platforms. How does this gorgeous game play on the PS3? Read our review and find out why you have to play this game.

Madden NFL 25 PS3 Review
The series that has been nicknamed the NFL's 33rd franchise is back but is Madden NFL 25 a leap forward from 13 or a placeholder until 15? Read on and find out.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist PS3 Review
The long-awaited follow-up to the 2010 Splinter Cell game, Blacklist, is finally here and it's even better than its fans could have expected.

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified PS3 Review
The follow-up to 2012's brilliant XCOM: Enemy Unknown takes the tactical combat approach of that game and brings it back to the '60s with a more action-driven aesthetic. Does the brilliance of the last game survive the time trip?

Time and Eternity PS3 Review
Time and Eternity comes out at a time of year when Sony gamers are dying for a great new property to get them through the dry months of Summer. This is not that great new property.

The Walking Dead: 400 Days PS3 Review
While we wait patiently for The Walking Dead: Season Two, Telltale Games has given us a preview/appetizer in the excellent DLC, The Walking Dead 400 Days. Read our review, play it, then play it again. It's that good.

NCAA Football 14 PS3 Review
It's not really time for college football season to start until EA Sports releases the annual iteration of NCAA Football. With the 2014 version on shelves likely to be the last one of this generation, is it worth a trip to the store?

Tales of Xillia PS3 Review
The 13th game in the "Tales" series has finally arrived stateside, almost two years after it became a hit in Japan. Was it worth the wait? Should you be excited about the fact that it already has a sequel?

Deadpool PS3 Review
Deadpool finally gets his own game courtesy of Activision and High Moon Studios and the result is a title that the notoriously short-tempered character would probably ridicule. What went wrong?

Metro: Last Light Faction Pack PS3 Review
The first DLC released for Metro: Last Light, Faction Pack, is now available. Is it worth a download for only $5 or should you save it for something better?

Do Not Fall PS3 Review
Do Not Fall joins a crowded PlayStation Store as the newest puzzle game on the block. Does it connect with its target audience or, pardon the pun, fall through the cracks?

Saint’s Row IV PS3 Review
Saint's Row the Third reinvigorated Volition's franchise but seemed to blow the roof off the entire concept. How could they possibly top it? How about aliens and superpowers? Believe it or not, it works.

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep PS3 Review
The fourth and final DLC for About.com's Game of the Year 2012, Borderlands 2, is here, and it's a beautiful, creative, even poignant end to this amazing saga, one of the most important games of the PS3 generation.

Best of PlayStation Network: Volume 1 Review
With downloadable games from the PlayStation Network playing an ever-increasing role in the gamer landscape, it makes sense that Sony would release a first volume of the Best of the PSN. Does it give one hope for a recurring series or should this first volume also be the last?

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Vengeance PS3 Review
The third DLC of multiplayer maps and zombie chaos for Call of Duty addicts is finally available for the PS3. Is it as good as Uprising and Revolution? Better? Check out our map-by-map review of Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Vengeance.

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge PS3 Review
Fans of the Ninja Gaiden games have been disappointed with recent developments in their franchise, especially the lack of blood and gore in the Nintendo Wii U version of the third game. It's BACK! Tecmo Koei and Team Ninja bring back the insane buckets of blood in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge. Is it worth the slice and dice?

Sacred Citadel PS3 Review
Deep Silver delivers an old-fashioned, side-scrolling brawler in Sacred Citadel. Is this nostalgic throwback to arcade games of your youth worth the download from the PSN? Check out our review and find out.

Injustice: Gods Among Us PS3 Review
Iconic DC superheroes and villains go head-to-head in the WB's newest fighting game from the team who made Mortal Kombat. Always wondered if Superman or Batman would win in a fight? Now you can find out the answer in this incredibly enjoyable game.

Dead Island: Riptide PS3 Review
2011's Dead Island was a surprise hit for Deep Silver and so they rushed a sequel into production. Welcome to Dead Island: Riptide. Is it worth the return trip?

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14 PS3 Review
Another month, another sports game. But a disturbing pattern is taking shape in 2013 sports games -- a holding one. Read on to find out more.

Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel PS3 Review
Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel promises dumb fun but is it more dumb than fun? Read our full review to find out how this co-op shooter for the Xbox 360 and PS3 delivers.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct PS3 Review
It's very early in 2013 but we may have already played the best game (Bioshock Infinite) and the worst game of the year. Read on for details on the latter.

Bioshock Infinite PS3 Review
It's only March but the 2013 Game of the Year may be here in the highly anticipated Bioshock Infinite from 2K Games. Does it live up to the hype? Does it ever. Read on for what might be the most praise-filled review you'll ever read on About.com.

God of War: Ascension PS3 Review
The sixth God of War game since 2005 is here. Is it an action-packed bridge between the PS3 Kratos and the inevitable PS4 one or just a space-filler? Read our full review of God of War: Ascension.

Dead Space 3: Awakened PS3 Review
The nightmares from Dead Space 3 have finally subsided and EA is ready to throw you back into the deep end of alien insanity with Awakened? Is it worth the trip?

MLB 2K13 PS3 Review
Peanuts, Cracker Jack, hot dogs, and March video games -- baseball season is back. We already hit MLB 13 The Show, a good-not-great update of the amazing MLB 12 The Show, and now we're back with the far-inferior and frustrating MLB 2K13. Why does this game strike out? Because it never should have come to the plate.

Tomb Raider PS3 Review
Reboots and prequels are two dangerous words for game developers and yet here's "Tomb Raider," the origin story for Lara Croft, and not only does it deliver on very high expectations but it surpasses them, becoming the first PS3 must-own of 2013.

MLB 13 The Show PS3 Review
It's not really the start of spring training until Sony's MLB The Show is released. The 2013 edition is here, likely the last one for the PS3 (before the 2014 edition explodes on the PS4). Does this final inning strike out or hit a home run?

Star Wars Pinball PS3 Review
Star Wars and pinball -- what could go wrong here? The answer is not much as Zen Studios has delivered the inaugural three-pack of tables that resulted from their new deal with LucasArts. With tables based on The Empire Strikes Back, The Clone Wars, and Boba Fett there's something for every fan of the Lucas-verse. Read the full review to see if there's something for you.

Crysis 3 PS3 Review
Crytek is back with another trip to the future in the combat-strategy hybrid Crysis 3, the first must-play game of 2013. What elevates Crysis 3 over what has been released so far this year? Why is it interesting enough that it could still be one of the best of 2013 in ten months' time?

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance PS3 Review
Return to the world of Metal Gear with the action-packed Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, a slice-and-dice adventure that delivers streamlined ninja cyborg action, now available for PS3 and Xbox 360. How does it compare to the Metal Gear Solid games? Read our full review and find out.

Aliens: Colonial Marines PS3 Review
Sega's Aliens: Colonial Marines picks up right after the end of James Cameron's beloved Aliens. Does it do the '80s classic justice or just betray its legacy?

Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time PS3 Review
Sly Cooper returns to the PS3 after a seven-year-plus absence from the world of gaming, a lifetime in this medium. Can Thieves in Time turn back the clock on this once-beloved series or does it merely prove that the franchise went dormant for a reason?

Dead Space 3 PS3 Review
EA continues one of the most acclaimed and beloved franchises in sci-fi gaming history this month with the release of Dead Space 3. Does it compete with its predecessors or tarnish their legacy? Read on to find out why the answer is a little bit of both.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch PS3 Review
The geniuses at Studio Ghibli, the men & women behind animated classics Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Ponyo, and many more, have made a role-playing game that's designed to enchant both children and adults. Does Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch live up to its massive potential?

Max Payne 3: Deathmatch Made in Heaven PS3 Review
Max Payne 3 gets its final DLC this month with the release of four new modes under the banner of Deathmatch Made in Heaven. Is it an angelic addition to one of the best games of 2012 or something that should be buried?

The Cave PS3 Review
Double Fine and Sega deliver an old-fashioned puzzle adventure game a la "The Secret of Monkey Island" in their PSN-downloadable title, "The Cave". Is it worth going underground with these intrepid adventurers and their unique sense of humor? Or should you bury this game?

DmC: Devil May Cry PS3 Review
The Devil May Cry franchise has been dormant for half-a-decade now, a lifetime in the world of video games. Does Capcom's reboot in DmC: Devil May Cry live up to the legacy of Dante or prove that this hero should have stayed in the underworld?

Anarchy Reigns PS3 Review
Sega's Anarchy Reigns is the first PS3 game of 2013. Does it start the year with a whimper or a bang?

Rise of the Guardians PS3 Review
Rise of the Guardians is just the latest in a long line of bad games based on hit children's movies. How bad? Read our full review and find out.

Toy Story Mania & Sports Champions 2 PS3 Review
The PlayStation Move has been one of the most underdeveloped technologies of the last few years with hardly any games available for it this holiday season. What's a parent to do if they want to buy a Move game for their kids this year? There are two new ones -- Toy Story Mania and Sports Champions 2. Sadly, both disappoint.

Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse PS3 Review
Family Guy is one of FOX's biggest hits and so it makes sense that a video game tie-in would be inevitable. But did it have to be so awful? Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse brings new shame to an already shameful genre of movie and TV tie-ins.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two PS3 Review
One of the most coveted family games of the holiday season is bound to be Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, Disney's sequel to their surprisingly creative hit. Does it follow in the mouse's footsteps or fall victim to the sophomore slump?

Far Cry 3 PS3 Review
Ubisoft's Far Cry 3 is the last major game of 2012 and comes after a wave of critical and commercial hits. Most don't expect it to compete. Most are wrong. This is one of the best shooters of the last few years. Read our review to find out why it's so good.

LEGO The Lord of the Rings PS3 Review
The LEGO franchise is back with a new game just in time for the holidays. Following on the heels of Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Batman comes LEGO The Lord of the Rings, a clever mix of your favorite toys and your favorite Hobbits. Is it worth the trip to Middle Earth?

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed PS3 Review
Sega goes for a little of that Super Mario Kart dollar with their cartoonish racer, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. How does it compare to one of the most popular racing games of all time?

Borderlands 2: Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage PS3 Review
The second DLC for Borderlands 2, Mr. Torgue's Campaign of Carnage, was released this week for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. Is it as much fun as Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty? Read on and find out.

Sony PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale PS3 Review
Timeless characters from the history of the Sony PlayStation 3 fight it out in All-Stars Battle Royale, a button-masher fighting game now available for the PS3. Does it win the fight?

Call of Duty: Black Ops II PS3 Review
The biggest entertainment franchise in the world is not Harry Potter, The Twilight Saga, or even Star Wars. It's Call of Duty. The billion-dollar industry returns this month with the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Is it more of the same? Is that a problem?

Hitman: Absolution PS3 Review
The Hitman franchise has been dead for so long that young gamers probably don't even remember how beloved and influential this series was on the PS2. How has time treated Agent 47 and can he make the journey to the next-gen before it's too late? Check out our full review for all of the details on one of the most surprisingly accomplished titles...

Assassin's Creed III PS3 Review
One of 2012's last anticipated games is here in the highly promoted Assassin's Creed III. Can this mega-franchise top its last beloved installment or is this the one where it starts to tread water? Read our full review and find out.

Midway Arcade Origins PS3 Review
Over 30 classic arcade games (including Joust, Gauntlet, and Spy Hunter) have been collected by Warner Bros. and offered at a low purchase price in Midway Arcade Origins. Should you bother finding enough quarters to visit this PS3 arcade?

Skylanders Giants PS3 Review
Parents out there probably already curse the name of Skylanders. If you're not familiar, it's a brilliant blend of physical toys and the virtual reality of video games. Brilliant for the cash machine that is Activision. Maybe not so brilliant for your wallet. Read on to find out more with this Skylanders Giants PS3 Review.

LittleBigPlanet: Karting PS3 Review
Play, Create, Share with a new game in one of the most creatively vital worlds in Sony PlayStation 3 history -- LittleBigPlanet: Karting. Whether you just want to challenge your friends on a series of expert-designed courses or create your own, this excellent game has something for you.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted PS3 Review
Racing game fans have been assaulted with titles in the last few years, to the point that it's hard for a game to standout. How does EA & Criterion's Need For Speed: Most Wanted match up? Does it win the race or eat dust?

Killzone Trilogy PS3 Review
Three of the best games made by Sony in the last decade have been assembled in the latest Collection release (following greatest hits collections for Ratchet & Clank, God of War, and more), Killzone Trilogy. How have these interstellar combat titles held up and is this a release worth adding to your collection?

Medal of Honor: Warfighter PS3 Review
How can Medal of Honor: Warfighter compete with expectations for Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Battlefield 4? Will it tide shooter fans over or just be seen as a disappointment? Read on and find out.

Doom 3 BFG Edition PS3 Review
Three of the most notable action games of all time along with their many expansion packs (and even a new one) have been repackaged in the stellar greatest hits collection, Doom 3 BFG Edition. How have they held up given that it's been nearly a decade since Doom 3? Find out.

007 Legends PS3 Review
James Bond is the most legendary spy of all time and he returns to pop culture in a big way in 2012 with the Blu-ray release of Bond 50, theatrical release of Skyfall, and the game, 007 Legends. Does the journey through the history of 007 leave fans shaken or annoyed?

Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty PS3 Review
2K Games has revolutionized DLC in the past and hope to do so again with the first DLC expansion for the frontrunner for 2012's Game of the Year - Borderlands 2: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty. Is it worth the trip to this new area of Pandora?

The Unfinished Swan PS3 Review
Giant Sparrow's highly-anticipated entry into the new wave of downloadable titles that are trying to redefine gamer's expectations is here today, October 23, 2012 with the release of The Unfinished Swan on the PlayStation Network. Does this swan sink or swim?

Angry Birds Trilogy PS3 Review
Having dominated the smartphone market to the point that Angry Birds is more than mere game - it is pop culture phenomenon - what could possibly be gained from Angry Birds Trilogy for the PS3 and Xbox 360. Read on to find out.

Dishonored PS3 Review
One of the most ambitious games of the year is here in Bethesda's highly-anticipated Dishonored. Does it live up to the hype or echo too many superior games? Read our full review for PS3 and Xbox 360.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS3 Review
This is a video game review of XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

NBA 2K13 PS Review
This is a video game review of NBA 2K13.

FIFA Soccer 13 PS3 Review
This is a video game review of FIFA Soccer 13.

Resident Evil 6 PS3 Review
This is a review of Resident Evil 6.

Infamous Collection PS3 Review
2009's Infamous and 2011's Infamous 2 are two of the best Sony-exclusive games released in the last decade. All PS3 owners should play them and now you can get them for one low purchase price along with a voucher for the standalone Infamous: Festival of Blood.

Dead or Alive 5 PS3 Review
There hasn't been a Dead or Alive game since 2005 and the awful 2006 movie adaptation made most gamers assume that this franchise was, well, less than lively. Will Dead or Alive 5, the first game in the series in seven years, be little more than nostalgia or a fresh reboot to the franchise? Read our review and find out...

God of War Saga PS3 Review
There have been five amazing games featuring the character of Kratos in the "God of War" series, two for the PS2, two for the PSP, and one for the PS3. Now all five games are available in HD editions for one low purchase price through the "God of War Saga." Get ready for 2013's "God of War: Ascension" with this crash course through one of the most influential franchises of all time.

NHL 13 PS3 Review
It's already been a great year for fans of sports simulations with MLB 12, Madden NFL 13, and NCAA Football 13 but fans are going to have to set aside time for another title with the release of NHL 13. With hockey players locked out and the actual season in jeopardy, will this simulated version do the job for fans of the stick and the puck?

Borderlands 2 PS3 Review
2009's Borderlands was a common choice for that year's game of the year. Gearbox and 2K Games have returned with Borderlands 2 and made every effort to make it a superior title to their award-winning predecessor. Have they succumbed to the sophomore slump or delivered The Dark Knight of video games? Check out our full review for the answer.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 PS3 Review
Another month, another fighting game. One of the most overcrowded genres for PS3 players sees another entry this month in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Is it worth stepping into the arena?

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron PS3 Review
Activision and High Moon Studios changed the video game reputation of Hasbro and the Transformers with the excellent War For Cybertron. They're back with the direct sequel to that game, another sci-fi shooter filled with destructive action. Is it just another marketing tie-in or another creative hit?

Journey: Collector's Edition PS3 Review
If you haven't played flOw, Flower, and Journey than your PS3 really hasn't done its job. You're missing out on three of the most important games available for the Sony PlayStation 3 and they have now been collected in one volume, Journey: Collector's Edition. And the games are just the beginning.

Ratchet & Clank Collection PS3 Review
Ratchet & Clank, Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando, and Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal have been assembled into one gorgeously remastered collection for both older players who remember how great these early '00 titles played and young ones who may be new to the world of the PS2 Lombax and his trusty metal pal.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PS3 Review
The long-dormant "Counter-Strike" franchise returns to the PlayStation Network this season in "Counter-Strike: Global Offensive," a team-based multiplayer shooter with a little bit of something for everyone.

Madden NFL 13 PS3 Review
It's not really time for football until the newest Madden game hits stores. Now that "Madden NFL 13" is here, we can get what promises to be an amazing season underway. Are you ready for some football?!?!

Darksiders II PS3 Review
Darksiders II promises to suck up dozens of hours of your life on a quest to save your brother War from the grip of the apocalypse. You get to play Death. Yes, THAT Death. Does it live up to the potential of the previous game and its amazing concept? You bet it does. Read on to find out more with this Darksiders II review.

Sleeping Dogs PS3 Review
As most players have exhausted their time with Saints Row the Third and we're still months from Grand Theft Auto V, it seems likely that action fans are looking for an open world fix. After a tumultuous development process that saw it undergo a company and title change, does Sleeping Dogs deliver what we need or just make us want to take a nap?

This is a PS3 review of Sound Shapes.
Sound Shapes is the latest PlayStation Network exclusive that is designed to approach the art of the video game from a unique angle. How does this blend of music and action work? And can you keep the beat?

The Expendables 2 PS3 Review
Sylvester Stallone promises to bring the action in The Expendables 2 when it hits theaters on August 17, 2012 but Ubisoft has given gamers a sneak preview of the explosive co-op chaos in their video game based on the Simon West flick. Does it deliver the bang or go bust?

Quantum Conundrum PS3 Review
Another month, another must-play game available only online. What's the latest, greatest hit to appear in the PlayStation Store? Do the words Quantum Conundrum mean anything to you? Probably not. But they will.

Resident Evil: Chronicles HD Collection PS3 Review
Two hit Nintendo Wii rail shooters, Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles & Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, have been remastered in HD and made available on the PlayStation Network for owners of the PlayStation Move just itching to blast some zombies before this Fall's release of Resident Evil 6. Have the games made a successful transition or has the console jump led to a fall?

Jeremy McGrath's Offroad PS3 Review
PS3 owners have been bombarded with racing games since the launch of the system. How could Jeremy McGrath's Offroad, a downloadable attempt to restart a franchise of offroading titles that has been dormant for over a decade stand out? Read on and find out.

NCAA Football 13 PS3 Review
It may not be opening day but the college football season really begins on July 10, 2012 when Electronic Arts launches the newest edition of their hit franchise in NCAA Football 13. Does it live up to championship-winning seasons of EA's past?

The Amazing Spider-Man PS3 Review
The Amazing Spider-Man is tearing up the box office but does the new PS3 game fall into the horrendous movie tie-in genre or stand alone as a great superhero adventure? There has been at least one great Spider-Man game in recent years. Don't we deserve another? Of course, but it's not coming in 2012. Read on to find out why.

LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes PS3 Review
The LEGO series of video games has become one of the most successful in the history of the form. Harry Potter, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and more have been the foundation for LEGO games. The most popular of them all was LEGO Batman and the 2008 family hit is finally getting a sequel in the most ambitious LEGO game to date -- LEGO Batman 2: DC...

Spec Ops: The Line Review (PS3)
Working from Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness as filtered through Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now, the highly-anticipated Spec Ops: The Line is one of the most ambitious war shooters of the last several years. Trying to portray the psychological cost of war, the campaign is one of the best the genre has seen in sometime but the...

Brave: The Video Game Review (PS3)
Brave is about to become the next major hit for Pixar when it opens in theaters on June 22, 2012. It was preceded three days earlier by a multi-platform video game version so people who love the Pixar flick can feel the power of the fiery Merida. Does it break the pattern of horrendous video games based on movies or fall into the same rut?

Batman: Arkham City -- Game of the Year Edition Review (PS3)
Batman: Arkham City was one of the most acclaimed and beloved game of 2011. What made it such a critical and commercial darling? And what can you expect from the Game of the Year Edition now on store shelves from WBIE and Rocksteady?

Lollipop Chainsaw Review (PS3)
Hollywood comes to the PS3 as filmmaker James Gunn (Dawn of the Dead, Super) teams with the demented people at Suda51 to deliver Lollipop Chainsaw, the tale of a zombie-hunting cheerleader with a power tool. Does it live up to the gleeful lunacy of its concept or does it fall as flat as a bad cheerleading routine? Read our full review.

Dragon's Dogma Review (PS3)
Dragon's Dogma, released on May 22, 2012, is finally here and Capcom has delivered a massive, engaging world for fans of role-playing games. Especially fans with a lot of time on their hands. With dozens of hours of gameplay, Dragon's Dogma definitely gives players quantity, but does it deliver the quality?

Inversion Review (PS3)
Inversion, released on June 5, 2012, is the new sci-fi shooter from Namco Bandai and tries to build on the fan bases for games like Gears of War, Resistance, and Killzone. While it brings a unique gameplay concept -- gravity manipulation -- to the genre, can it compete with the big guns?

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review (PS3)
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon series returns with its first game in five years. In a field dominated by Battlefield and Call of Duty, can Future Soldier play with the big boys? Or does this blend of futuristic war toys and stealth tactics miss its mark?

Sorcery Review (PS3)
The first high profile game designed for the Sony PlayStation Move in some time is finally here as SCEA releases Sorcery, a title aimed at pre-teens looking for a fantasy fix and wondering why they haven't been able to use their Move controller as a magic wand before. Does it cast a spell?

Game of Thrones Review (PS3)
Author George R.R. Martin started work on a Game of Thrones video game long before Peter Dinklage won an Emmy for his amazing work on the massive hit HBO series. The long-anticipated role-playing game based on the first book in the A Song of Fire and Ice series is finally here but does it live up to the hype or pale in comparison to the beloved...

Max Payne 3 Review (PS3)
Max Payne has gone underground in the gaming world for years but the team behind Grand Theft Auto IV and Red Dead Redemption have tried to bring him back from the dead and make him relevant again in 2012. With slow-motion guns blazing, Max Payne 3 wants to take over your summer. Does he hit his target?

Starhawk Review (PS3)
One of two Sony PS3 exclusives this month (Sorcery lands on 5/22), Starhawk is an action, sci-fi, shooter, run-and-gun, strategy game. Sound like too much for one title? Read on to find out if it is...

Sniper Elite V2 Review (PS3)
Sniper Elite was a hit 2005 World War II sniper game that has now been rebooted and upgraded for a new generation in Sniper Elite V2. With shooter games arguably both the hottest and most divisive genre out there, does this one stand up to the competition or go prone in comparison?

The Walking Dead Review (PS3)
With months between the recent finale of AMC's The Walking Dead and new episodes, what's a fan to do? Telltale Games, the geniuses behind the recent Jurassic Park and Back to the Future games, have revealed their prequel to the action of the show in a series of five monthly episodes. Does The Walking Dead, Episode 1 -- A New Day offer something...

Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat Review (PS3)
345 Games released two downloadable fighting games based on the hit Spike TV show Deadliest Warrior -- Deadliest Warrior: The Game and Deadliest Warrior: Legends -- and now they have been combined with all DLC in to one bundle called Deadliest Warrior: Ancient Combat. With so many acclaimed fighting games on the market, can this oddity stand out...

Prototype 2 Review (PS3)
2009's "Prototype" was a decent action game that still paled in comparison to the similar "inFamous." Three years later, Radical Entertainment returns to the world of Alex Mercer with a more ambitious, action-packed, impressive game that defies all of the complaints and criticisms of its predecessor. It's the action release of 2012 to date.

‘The Pinball Arcade’ Review (PS3)
PlayStation players already have the addictive "Marvel Pinball." Can "The Pinball Arcade," now available on the PlayStation Network, compete with its initial offering of four life-like tables or will it tilt in comparison?

'I Am Alive' Review (PS3)
Ubisoft brings their acclaimed survival action game "I Am Alive" to the PlayStation Network, hoping to join the list of the most essential downloadable games for the PS3. Does it survive a critical analysis?

'Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13' Review (PS3)
Tiger Woods returns to the forefront of the golf game market with the latest installment in his hit franchise, "Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13." Is it a hole in one or a double bogey?

'Twisted Metal' Review (PS3)
It took a decade to bring a new Twisted Metal to the PS3. Was it worth the wait or should this series have been sent to the video game junkyard?

'Journey' Review (PS3)
ThatGameCompany, the developers that made the landmark flOw and Flower, return with their highly-anticipated new downloadable title, Journey. Is their attempt to change the expectations of the average gamer notable or not worth your time?

'MLB 12 The Show' Review (PS3)
The MLB The Show franchise, a Sony PS3 exclusive, has been an award-winning sports series for years. Does MLB 12 The Show keep the reputation intact or even improve on what many considered perfection?

'Street Fighter x Tekken' Review (PS3)
Capcom tries to replicate the success of their hit "Marvel vs. Capcom" franchise with another crossover fighting game, "Street Fighter x Tekken." Is it another smash hit or does twice the fighters fail to equal twice the success?

'Mass Effect 3' Review (PS3)
EA and BioWare deliver the most anticipated game of the year and one that closes out a trilogy that fans adore. Is it "The Matrix Revolutions" or "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King"?

"Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition" Review (PS3)
"Mortal Kombat Tournament Edition" goes back to its roots, 2D fighting, with an incredible arcade fight stick that. Throw in Kratos, X-Ray views of the brutality, and the best-balanced MK combat system in years and you have one heckuvah fighter on your hands. I'm not sure "Mortal Kombat" can hold its own against "Street Fighter 4," but they're...

"Major League Baseball 2K11" Review – (PS3)
Another season of baseball is upon us and another installment of "Major League Baseball 2K11" is here. If you’re a baseball diehard or just a rookie fan, "MLB 2K11" could be the perfect game that could fill your need for baseball goodness.

"MLB: The Show" Review – (PS3)
There is no crying in baseball and definitely no crying in "MLB 11: The Show." It’s a game where the average Joe has the opportunity to step into the shoes of their favorite player/team as they fight for another chance at the Commissioners Trophy. "MLB 11: The Show" is likely the most realistic baseball simulation to date attracting both...

"Chime Super Deluxe" Review (PS3) - PlayStation Network Downloadable Games
With more songs, more boards, and re-tweaked rules, "Chime Super Deluxe" lives up to its fancy suffixes and is one of the best music/puzzle games on the PlayStation network.

“Dragon Age II” – (PS3)
BioWare returns with the much-anticipated sequel “Dragon Age II” continuing the ever-growing lineage of solid RPG titles for the publisher. “Dragon Age II” grows the rich lore of the DA universe, while taking the player on a wholly new adventure.

“Mind Jack” Review - (PS3)
“Mind Jack” is a PS3 third-person shooter with a new mental twist. The game will take you out of your character’s head, literally, and into the futuristic world of hacking and mind jacking. Play through your own game or hack into the games of other players taking control of NPCs and machines alike.

"DC Universe Online" (DCUO) Review PlayStation 3 (PS3)
Reviewing DC Universe Online (DCUO) was a challenge. Part superhero action game, part MMORPG it's as if the "World of Warcraft" hooked up with "The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction" and had an baby out of wedlock, little baby "DCUO." The game is fun, but it's really neither game, "DCOU" is more than a hybrid, it's an evolution in the MMO...

"Killzone 3" Review (PS3)
"Killzone 3" shows off the PlayStation 3 like no other game to date. You can play it in 3D, you can play it with your PlayStation Move motion controller, you can play it cooperatively on your couch or you can play online, "Killzone 3" seems to be the Bo Jackson of the PS3.

"LittleBigPlanet 2" Review (PS3)
"LittleBigPlanet 2" is epic adventure in a tiny litle package. Sure Sackthing is cute and the adventures are grand but it's the user generated games that stole the world's heart.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Review (PS3)
One of the biggest selling games of all time, "Call of Duty: Black Ops" had not only a lot of hype to live up to, but a legacy as well. "Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2" has been the go to for online shooter fans. They were no small army boots to fill, but "Call of Duty: Black Ops" is smart in not trying to be the same as CoD:MW2, but rather accomplish similar feats using a different strategy. Oh, and there are zombies... everyone loves zombies.

Grid 2 PS3 Review
2008's Grid was a game-changer for fans of racing games. Is the long-anticipated follow-up just as essential or is the new model a bit disappointing? Our full review has all the answers.

Remember Me PS3 Review
Capcom's Remember Me features a strong action heroine, gorgeous art direction, and captivating storytelling. So why is so much of it so dull? Read our full review to find out.

The Last of Us PS3 Review
It's been a very good year for PS3 gamers with 5-star gems like Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider, two titles that few thought would be challenged for 2013 Game of the Year. And then The Last of Us came along. This game is a masterpiece. Why? Read our full review for all of the details.

Deadly Premonition: Director's Cut PS3 Review
Twin Peaks meets Silent Hill meets something totally unique in the cult hit Deadly Premonition, now available in a Director's Cut for the PS3 for the first time.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger PS3 Review
Picking up the shattered pieces of the awful The Cartel, the Call of Juarez franchise returns to its roots with the arcade PSN offering, Gunslinger. Does it win the Mexican stand-off?

Fuse PS3 Review
Insomniac Games have made some of the most must-play titles of all time, including Resistance and Ratchet & Clank, and so there was natural excitement for their futuristic co-op action title Fuse. Does it live up to those expectations or run out of ammo?

Star Trek PS3 Review
We've played a LOT of bad, licensed tie-ins in recent months including games based on Family Guy, Rise of the Guardians, The Walking Dead, and Aliens. Does Star Trek break the trend or fit neatly into the mold?

Metro: Last Light PS3 Review
Metro: Last Light, the long-anticipated sequel to Metro 2033, is the first major game of Summer 2013. Does it live up to the hype or should it be buried underground?

Call of Duty: Black Ops II: Uprising PS3 Review
The second map pack for Call of Duty: Black Ops II is finally available for the PS3 and Uprising is worth your time and money. Whether you're one of the many addicted to the world of CoD or someone who's left Black Ops II and are looking for a reason to come back, sign up for Uprising.

Madden NFL 11 Review (PS3)
Madden NFL 11 is marching under the banner of "Simpler, Quicker, Deeper." It may be all those things, but I think a simpler marketing slogan could work, "Madden 11: Better." The game has new gimmicks every year, but this year we get a better game. In fact, this was the first year I could honestly say that I spent less time identifying the differences, and simply enjoying playing it.

Iron Man 2: The Game Review (PS3)
Iron Man 2: The Game provides a nostalgic experience. In recent years games based on movies have become quite good, but Iron Man 2: The Game harkens back to an era when video games based on films were very, very bad.

Final Fantasy XIII Review (PS3)
Big and beautiful, Final Fantasy XIII was the game many bought the PS3 for. No longer an exclusive, and much delayed some fretted that the experience may have been diluted. Fret not, this is as Final Fantasy as it gets, but that doesn't mean you'll necessarily fall in love with it. The game has changed, as has the genre, and I'm not sure the two synced up well with Final Fantasy XIII.

God of War III Review (PS3)
God of War III is an epic game plays as well as it is good looking. Violent and visceral God of War III is one of the single most impressive games on the PS3 thus far.

Heavy Rain Review (PS3 Exclusive)
Heavy Rain is a heavy game indeed. Brought to you by the same developers as Indigo Prophecy, Heavy Rain is an adventure game of the highest order. Sprawling story, jaw dropping visuals, and some very adult themes make this PlayStation exclusive on of the very few "must play" games of 2010.

BioShock 2 Review (PS3)
BioShock 2 has you playing as Delta, an alpha Big Daddy (I know, all you need is a Beta and an Omega). The game is bigger and better, but perhaps a bit too familiar.

Aliens versus Predator: Extinction
Aliens versus Predator is one of the few real time strategy games on the PS2. It's a solid concept that could use a little more personality.

Alter Echo
Alter Echo offers gamers some things they've never seen in a platformer before, and it's pretty to boot.

Arc the Lad End of Darkness: Guest Review
Nick Harward, youth gamer, provides a guest review of Arc the Lad End of Darkness.

Army of Two Review (PS3)
Please don't call this the "PS3 Gears of War Game." Army of Two is a solid start on a brand new property for EA. It's got some issues, but it's also a very good time, and a very different experience from Gears of War.

Army of Two: The 40th Day Review (PS3)
If you like third person shooters, and friends, then Army of Two: The 40th Day might be just what you're looking for. I liked the original, and the sequel is two steps forward and one step back. Read on to see how Army of Two: The 40th Day compares to the other little contemporary military shooter, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

Assassin's Creed (PS3) - Guest Review
Assassin's Creed guest review. A rundown of the key strengths and weaknesses of this much hyped stealth action adventure game by Ubisoft Montreal.

Battlefield: Bad Company Review (PS3)
Who decided shooters should be fun, again? From the sandbox gameplay and witty banter of the single player campaign to the all out madness of its multiplayer side, Battlefield: Bad Company is an honest to goodness fun shooter that shows excellence without taking itself too seriously.

Beatmania Review (PS2)
Beatmania was the rhythm videogame that started it all. The DJ sim took Japanese arcades by storm and spawned DDR and a slew of other titles. I've always been jealous of the Beatmania maniacs in Japanese arcades, so now I can sit at home and remind myself at how far I am from their mad "Bemani" skills.

Bionicle the Videogame
Bionicle the Videogame brings the adventure and mystery of one of the best selling Lego series to the small screen.

Black - PS2 Review
Black has been labeled one of the last great PS2 games. While it is impressive, certain deign choices and gameplay elements may keep Black from the upper echelons of PS2 games.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Regardless of whether or not you like Buffy, this game is something to see. Buffy the Vampire Slayer videogame is extremely faithful to the show, and one of the best action games I've played in some time.

Bully Review (PS2)
Bully is certainly one of the most controversial games of the year. However it is a light-hearted romp, a sort of GTA for kids. There's little to be scared of here, other than a very good time.

Buzz! Quiz TV (PS3) Review
Buzz! Quiz TV is the latest (and greatest) offering in the "popular in Europe, just made it to America" trivia franchise. Unlike many games out there today, Buzz! is not only great, but generous. When you've had your fun with the 5,000 plus questions just hop online and download more made by other Buzz! players. While not perfect, Buzz! is literally a party in a box.

Champions of Norrath
One part Everquest, one part Baulder's Gate, mix thoroughly and you have one of the best action RPGs the PS2 has ever seen.

Dance Dance Revolution: DDRMAX2
Play videogames and exercise at the same time. Dance Dance Revolution: DDRMAX2 has all the charm and frantic fun of the other DDR games, but with a few new twists.

Dark Sector Review (PS3)
This was, arguably, the first next-gen game ever announced. However, Dark Sector was delayed in order to polish it up a bit for release. While Dark Sector is easy on the eyes, some wonder if the time was well spent.

DC Skateboarding Video for PSP
Skateboarding guide, Steve Cave, has a review of the DC Skate Video on UMD for PSP. This critically acclaimed skateboarding film features some of the best production values seen in the skating genre.

Dragon's Lair HD Blu-ray/PS3 Review
Dragon's Lair HD Blu-ray brings Dirk the Daring back, again, to rescue the Fair Princess Daphne from Singe the Evil Dragon. This is the best looking version of the game to date. Don Bluth's signature style shines brighter on Blu-ray, more-so than even the original arcade laser0disc version. But how does it play? Read on adventurer, your quest awaits.

DRIV3R aka Driver 3 is the multimillion dollar attempt to dethrone the king of gritty car theft games, Grand Theft Auto.

EverQuest Online Adventures
It was bound to happen some day. That addictive Ever-crack action has now come to the PS2. Hope you're not doing anything for the next seven months.

Fifa 06 Review - PlayStation 2 (PS2), Xbox, GameCube, PC
Winning Eleven has been the standard for soccer/football games for this generation of consoles. Hot on its heels has been EA's Fifa series, with Fifa 06, EA is shooting to score the final goal on this era of consoles.

Grand Theft: Auto San Andreas
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has Rockstar in the headlines again. Yes, it's violent. Yes, it is amazing. Like it or not, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is something to behold. The sheer scope of the game puts most movies to shame. Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the standard all games should be held up to.

Fight Night Round 4 Review (PS3)
Boxing returns in a big way with incredible graphics and gameplay. The sport is well represented, but the game is not without its flaws.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Review (DVD, UMD)
Final Fantasy: The Spirit Within was a letdown for both fans and Square-Enix. Guess what? Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children doesn't look to fare much better.

Full Auto 2: Battlelines Review (PS3)
Think Twisted Metal Black, only with better racing and worse arena combat and you've got yourself some Full Auto Battlelines 2.

G1 Jockey 3
Horse Racing sims are big business in Japan. But will western audiences be chomping at the bit for this import, or will it fail to make that last turn?

God of War II Review (PS2)
Guest Reviewer Jeremiah Chin rediscovers the meaning of ancient greek brooding in the triumphant return of Kratos in God of War II. Can Kratos yell his way through another game? Will it trump the first journey? Will he ever get a shirt?

Grand Theft Auto IV - GTA IV Review (PS3)
Quite possibly the biggest release of any summer Grand Theft Auto IV proves that it doesn't have to be Christmas to enjoy great gaming. This may very well be the next-gen experience we've all been craving. GTA IV plays and looks better than any Grand Theft Auto of the past, and that's saying something.

Guitar Hero II Review (PS2)
Guest Reviewer Jeremiah Chin writes a review of Guitar Hero II from his hospital bed, recovering from an extremely severe Face Melting he received from playing Guitar Hero II.

Guitar Hero III: (3) Legends of Rock Review (PS3)
Guitar Hero III (3) not only has a new developer in Neversoft, but all sorts of new gameplay modes, including boss battles and battle modes bring a much needed twist to the falling pucks game. Despite some graphics issues GH3 is a blast to play with a great song list to boot. Only time will tell how well Guitar Hero III (3) stands up against Rock Band. This is one PS3 game you don't want to miss.

Gundam Crossfire Review (PS3)
So I wonder if the folks who make Gundam games ever watch the Gundam anime... The anime are great, but the games, yeah, not so much. The mobile suits in the anime are fast and armed to the teeth, in the game they are essentially stumbling tanks with two to three weapons. Shame really, there's lots of potential, but not much delivery.

Half-Life 2: The Orange Box Review (PS3)
Hands down, this is one of the greatest videogame values of all time. You get Half-Life 2, HL2 Episode 1, HL2 Episode 2, Portal, and Team Fortress 2 all for the price of one. Any of these games could have been a stand-alone title (albeit perhaps a download) and many were, but value aside, how does this PC classic franchise fare on the PS3? Well, that's what this review is here to answer.

Harry Potter Prisoner of Azkaban - Guest Review
When Harry Potter returns with his friends Ron and Hermione to the magical world for his third year at Hogwarts, his magical school, he begins another adventure.

Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup - Guest Review, PS2, Xbox, GameCube
Harry Potter Quidditch World Cup is a twist off of other sports video games. It’s slightly less repetitive, has a more exciting setting, and is a little more original than most sports games because it takes place in the fantasy world of Hogwarts, a school for wizards.

Indigo Prophecy Review - PS2, Xbox, PC
Indigo Prophecy attempts to revive the psycho-thriller RPG genre. There are new twists, mini-games and movie-style cinematography, but the slow, deliberate pace is back. Think of it as an American attempt to produce a Japanese style thriller, in the vein of Fatal Frame or Silent Hill.

James Cameron's Dark Angel
The show may be gone, but Dark Angel lives on in your game console. Just as the show didn't measure up to Buffy the Vampire Slayer, neither did the Dark Angel game.

Billed at this year's Halo killer, Killzone may not be up for the task, especially in light of Halo 2. However, Killzone is a top notch first person shooter, and one of the better PS2 online games out there.

Kingdom Hearts 2 Review (PS2)
Kingdom Hearts was one of the most memorable PS2 RPGs. The sequel, Kingdom Hearts II, works out the gameplay kinks of its predecessor, and manages to retain all of its charm. Oh, and there's a whole Tron level. Tron!

Legends of Wrestling II Review
Hulk Hogan is back to take on Andre the Giant in Legends of Wrestling II. Is the Hulkster enough to take this game to the top, read the review and find out!

Put down your Dual-Shock and pick up your headset. LifeLine is the PS2's first fully voice controlled videogame.

Little Big Planet Review (PS3)
Gaming 3.0 has finally come to life. Little Big Planet is not only a peek at the future of gaming, but a darn fun title and, perhaps, the single hottest PS3 game this holiday season. Little Big Planet is truly a must-play PlayStation title.

Logitech Cordless Precision Review (PS3 Controller)
Based on the excellent Sony PlayStation 2 Cordless Action Controller, Logitech's Cordless Precision for the PS3 uses the same body, but with PS3 twists. Customers interested in the Logitech Cordless Precision will have to decide if the $10 savings over the PS3's Sixaxis is worth the missing features.

Logitech PlayGear Amp Review - PSP
The PlayGear Amp is a stylin' portable speaker system for the PSP. This powerful stereo amp/speaker set brings a much welcomed aural upgrade to the PSP's UMD movies and games.

Logitech PlayGear Mod Review - PSP Headphones
As the iPod's white earbuds have proven, these days headphones are as much about style as sound, fortunately the PlayGear Mod PSP earphones deliver both.

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Videogame
Stunning movie, stunning game. It is a rare and wonderful thing when a videogame based on a movie is actually worth playing. The Return of the King is one of those games.

Madden NFL 07 Review (PS2)
Madden NFL 07 is the best looking football game the PS2 has seen. From the occasional 3D fan (most are still cardboard cutouts) to the improved textures, this is one sharp looking football game. Throw in an oddly compelling NFL Superstar mode, and the ability to download games to your PSP, and you've got a reason to buy, yet another, version of Madden.

Madden NFL 08 Review (PS3)
Madden NFL 08 on the PS3 is actually different this year, and different, this time, means better.

Madden NFL 09 20th Anniversary Review (PS3)
I really do love Madden, but this game fumbles too many times for me to fawn over it, despite the warm fuzzies a "20th anniversary" game should bring. Madden NFL 09 is like your favorite injured player, you know they'd be great if only they could...

Madden NFL 10 Review (PS3)
Less over the top, more realistic, and slightly evil, Madden 10 is a double sided coin. It's a mature, much welcomed version of the game, but folks are scratching their head over why they are paying extra for things already on the disc.

Madden NFL 2004
Boom! Just like all of EA Sports games, Madden NFL 2004 has received some major gameplay updates this time around.

Madden NFL 2005 Collector's Edition Review
15 years of football greatness, it's an amazingly long franchise for any media, even more so for a videogame. To celebrate, EA has released Madden NFL 2005 Collector's Edition, which includes the amazing Madden NFL 2005 and some sweet bonus features.

Madden NFL 2006 Review - PS2, GameCube, Xbox
While it may be the only NFL Game in town this year, EA has produced another winner. The 16th Madden features new options that really open up the game.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Review (PS3)
Ultimate Alliance is the ultimate dungeon crawl featuring many of your favorite Marvel comic book characters. With gameplay refined over two previous titles, Raven has made a game for both the hardcore and the casual. Unlockable characters and costumes, as well as alternate endings, add to the experience. Rent or buy, you should definitely check this game out.

Medal of Honor Vanguard Review (PS2)
Medal of Honor Vanguard is the latest WWII shooter brought to us by EA. In it, you fight members of the Axis of Evil (the old school one that is), blow up tanks, so on and so forth. Sound familiar? Well, it should, as Vanguard does so little to change a diluted genre, sticking to tried a true mechanics that are starting to come off as lazy and boring.

Metal Gear Acid - PSP
There's been a lot of talk about the pocket-playable Metal Gear. To be frank, it's a love it or hate it title. If you dig Pokémon, Yugi-oh, or Magic you'll adore Metal Gear Acid. If you prefer shooting to shuffling, then this may be the Metal Gear you can do without.

Metal Gear Acid 2 Review - in 3D! (PSP)
Yeah, so I liked Metal Gear Acid (Ac!d) a lot. Now, the sequel's in 3D. Real 3D; like with the glasses and all. What's not to love? Bizarre digital CCG in 3D, there's so much goodness here that you may just pass out.

Metal Gear Solid 4 (MGS4): Guns of the Patriots Review (PS3)
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is simply a stunning videogame. Clever, beautiful, and fun beyond compare, MGS4 is one of the best games of the year, if not the best.

MVP Baseball 2004
EA finally gets baseball right. MVP Baseball 2004 may actually be this year's MVP for baseball games.

MX Superfly Featuring Ricky Carmichael
Fast and freaky motocross racing. If you like to play in the dirt, then MX Superfly was custom made for you.

Namco Museum Battle Collection PSP Review
It's been a long dry Summer for the PSP, but luckily Namco has delivered a collection of classics and modern twists on old hits. Ms. Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaga and 18 other old-school videogames accompany 4 new 3D versions to complete the collection.

Nascar 06 Total Team Control Review - PS2, Xbox
EA's Nascar 05 Chase for the Cup was a huge improvement for the Nascar racing series. They have refined the game in 06 with Total Team Control. No longer a solo sport, your Nascar team is the key to the checkered flag.

NBA Live 06 Review - PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PC
NBA Live 06 brings all the fast break hard dunkin' action of the NBA home for you to control. All new animations and character models bring a much needed face-lift to this classic NBA franchise.

NBA Street V3 Review
NBA Street V3 resurrects the franchise from a two year hiatus. The new controls, improved customization features, and over the top animations make NBA Street V3 an easy score for any basketball fan.

NCAA Football 07 Review (PS2)
NCAA Football 07 offers more than enough new gameplay features to warrant the purchase of another college football game. Oh, and it makes you smarter, no really. History questions, math questions, NCAA Football 07 will make you smarter.

NCAA Football 2004
This college football sim may cause you to drop out of your Big-Ten school. Play at your own risk.

NFL Street
With Blitz being retired, there is a lack of NFL arcade-style games. NFL Street hits the gap with style and wild gameplay.

NHL 06 Review - PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PC
We will see if the fans came back to hockey after last season's... oh wait, there was no 'last season'. Regardless of lame puck politics, the videogame side of hockey looks better than ever, with NHL 06 making a strong bid for the Stanley Cup.

Nyko Wireless PS2 Controller
Keep cool with this wireless controller. Is the built in 'air-conditioner' heaven or hype?

Okami Review (PS2)
Okami is a stunning action/puzzler that brings Japanese mythology to life in a game that is very likely going to be remembered as one of the PS2's best.

PixelJunk Shooter Review: The Depths of Disaster (PS3)
The best $10 you'll spend all year will be on PixelJunk Shooter: the Depths of Disaster. It's no secret that I'm a big fan of PSN games, you can get 6 or so games for the price of one Blu-ray video game, and with gems like PixelJunk shooter, it's a no brainer. Fun, fast, surprisingly funny and charming this single or co-op puzzle-shooter is a diamond just waiting to be grabbed.

PlayGear Pocket - PSP hard shell case
At first sight, I wasn't so sure, but after sticking my PSP in the clear hardshell case I was sold. My PSP rarely leaves its PlayGear Pocket.

PSP Gear Pouch & PSP Mini Gear Pouch Review
WaterField creates high-end, durable bags. Their Gear Pouches for the PSP are both rugged and stylish.

PSP UMD movie round-up: Made, Godsend, The Doors, and The Best of Will ...
The latest batch of PSP UMD movies released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment is an ecclectic bunch. They've certainly got the genre's covered, from comedy to psych-thriller. With UMD movies bringing in the lion's share of PSP sales, this batch is certainly worth a gander.

Psychonauts Review
Psychonauts was dropped by Microsoft, and bought up by Majesco. Bless them, for now they have released Psychonauts, one of the most creative platformers of all time, on the PS2.

Red Ninja: Rise of Honor Review - PS2, Xbox
Red Ninja had potential. Everyone likes ninjas, and folks like female ninjas in skimpy outfits even more. Unfortunately this Tenchu-knockoff needed a bit more time in ninja camp, as it's a bit clumsy.

Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory Review - PSP
Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory, the name is oddly fit. Rengoku is an action RPG for the PSP that is neither heaven nor hell, though you may find yourself and your android avatar repenting over and over again.

Resident Evil 5: Collector's Edition Review (PS3)
Resident Evil 5 is an amazing game that continues all that is great about the series and pushes it forward. It's not without it's faults, but Resident Evil 5 is still one of the finest games on the PS3.

Resistance 2 Review (PS3)
Resistance 2 is a superb shooter which features amazing, lag-free, 60 (sixty!) player online matches and an 8 player co-op campaign. This game shines in more than its online offerings, and is an excellent shooter in every respect.

Resistance: Fall of Man Review (PS3)
Resistance: Fall of Man is the PS3's killer app. While the PS3 has had a decent launch lineup, Resistance may just go down as one of the best launch games ever. Simply put, Resistance is the finest shooter any PlayStation has ever seen. Is it a Halo killer? That's a matter of taste, but it certainly belongs on the same shelf.

Ridge Racer - PSP Review
Ridge Racer PSP is the launch title that shows off the PSP like none other. It sounds and looks luscious, it plays fast, and it puts the Nintendo DS version of Ridge Racer to humiliating shame.

Robotech Battlecry
It is like a dream come true. I grew up on Robotech, and the game is more than I could have ever expected.

Rock Band PlayStation 3 Review (PS3)
Rock Band, the greatest game to ever be held back by iffy hardware and bad politics. As a game, Rock Band is the zenith of rock games, but the hardware seems to constantly be breaking down and unlike the Xbox 360 version, you can't use your Guitar Hero guitar as a bass. Great game, but too many issues for a $170 title.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms
Dynasty Warriors brought large scale battles to a new level. Romance of the Three Kingdoms slows it down a bit, and puts you in charge of entire armies in this strategy war game.

Rugby 2004
Rugby 2004 brings the fast paced, hard hitting football of the southern hemisphere to your living room.

Spiderman: The Movie - Videogame
Spiderman swings against the wind, proving that you can actually make a decent superhero / movie videogame.

Not since Wave Race on the Nintendo 64 has water sports videogaming been so much fun.

Street Fighter Alpha Anthology Review (PS2)
The Street Fighter Alpha Anthology is a must have for fighting gear heads. Lots to tweak, lots to play with. It lacks some of the extras we've come to expect from an anthology, but it's still probably the best fighting game collection out there.

Tekken 5
After a less than stellar outing in Tekken 4, Namco has redeemed itself with what may be the best game in the series, Tekken 5. Loaded with some amazing extras, Tekken 5 will have fighting fans grinning like cats.

Tenchu Wrath of Heaven
Ninjas, stealth action, Japanese mysticism, and a wicked selection of weapons, what more could you ask for?

The Bard's Tale
The Bard's Tale may end up being my number one RPG pick for this holiday season. It looks and plays great, in addition to being laugh out loud funny. Three cheers for the return of the Bard!

The Bigs Review (PS3)
Yes, The Bigs is more arcadey than the true baseball sims out there, but not by much. With defense being so broken in the baseball sims, and steroid accusations in the MLB, The Bigs may not be all that far off.

The Darkness Review (PS3)
The Darkness is one of the most cinematic FPS games I think I've ever seen. Yes, the graphics and art direction are superb, but the storytelling in The Darkness is second to none. The Darkness is truly a next-gen game, both in terms of tech and design.

The Godfather (PS2) - Guest review
EA throws its hat into the GTA ring with The Godfather. Though the game makes excellent use of the movie license and brings a few innovations to the crime-sandbox genre, the game falls short of being great. Repetitive gameplay and occasionally frustrating camera and difficulty keep it from being an offer you can’t refuse.

The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction Review - PS2, GameCube, Xbox
Hulk smash lame superhero videogames! The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction is one of the better comic videogames to come down the pipe in a while. Fast, lots of action, and GTA style free roaming fun... sign me up for some gamma ray treatment.

The Sims 2 Review - PlayStation 2 (PS2), Xbox, GameCube
The world's evil-est time stealer now has new digs; The Sims 2 has left the PC and taken over your console. Tweaked to work on PS2, Xbox, and GameCube, The Sims 2 brings its addictive micro-management gameplay to your living room. If you like your life, leave the Sims alone; less they move in and take over.

The Sims
The most popular PC game of all time sets its sights on dominating the PS2. The Sims is a bit different on the PlayStation, but that doesn't make it any less fun.

Tony Hawk's Proving Ground (PS3) - Guest Review
The latest installment in the never ending Tony Hawk Pro-Skater franchise offers some amazing new options, but is it enough to defend the skater crown from new-commer SKATE?

True Crime: Streets of LA
Let's turn the Grand Theft Auto genre on its head by making you the cop. You still get to steal cars, only now it's legal... sorta.

Ultimate Spiderman Review - PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PC
Ultimate Spider-Man has emerged as king of the superhero hill. Amazing comic-inking (new cel-shading), solid story line, killer gameplay and outstanding animation leave gamers begging for more. This could mark the end of lame comic book videogames.

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Review (PS3)
As a sequel Uncharted 2: Among Thieves does everything it’s supposed to: build on some great gameplay and story ideas in the original while making everything generally better. Improving everything from the visual appeal, to control scheme and play mechanics, everything that worked in Uncharted is still here. Building on the smooth and badass treasure hunter angle that Indiana Jones perfected,…

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3) - Guest Review
Voted PS3 Game of the Year, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is an achievement both technically and in terms of gameplay.

Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade
Untold Legends: Brotherhood of the Blade is an action RPG that looks, feels and plays like Champions of Norrath, which may be because it's made by the same folks.

Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom Review (PS3)
Untold Legends: Dark Kingdom seems to be travelling the wrong way. We rarely see franchises grow from handhelds to consoles, but here we are with a PSP property seeing a next-gen game.

We Love Katamari Review - PS2
We really did love Katamari. It was the $20 freaky little Japanese game that could. It was constantly sold out at gamestores and even spawned homemade Katamari Damacy fashion, globally. It's no wonder than Namco would put out a sequel. We Love Katamari is the epitome of the postmodern videogame. It's self referential bizarrity will have you too singing, "We Love Katamari!"

Winning Eleven 6
The world's most popular soccer / football video game just gets better and better. This could possibly the best looking sports game of all time.

World Championship Poker 2, Featuring Howard Lederer - PS2, PSP, Xbox, PC
World Championship Poker 2 is the best poker sim any console has seen. It move fast, plays well, has a fun career mode, and the A.I. actually provides some challenge. The real fun with World Championship Poker 2 is online, with eye toy support you can try to read other player's tells. Howard Lederer should be proud to have a decent poker game in an genre with no real stars.

Hitman HD Trilogy PS3 Review
Agent 47 used to rule the gaming world in the '00s with the "Hitman" series, three of which have been assembled in the "Hitman HD Trilogy". How have they held up? Will they still work for a new generation of gamers ready for the PS4 or just remind us of how far we've come since the PS2?

X-Men Legends 2: Rise of the Apocalypse Review - PS2, Xbox, GameCube, PC
X-Men Legends II is not only a solid action RPG, but X-Men fans will be left speechless by the attention to detail and all the wonderful unlockable X-goodies. Fun game for RPG fans, superb for X-Fans.

X2: Wolverine's Revenge
Hey Bub, follow Wolvie from his origins to his present place in the film in this action game.

X3: The Official Game a.k.a. X-Men:The Official Game - Review (PS2)
X3: The Official Game is certainly a looker. It's too bad the art director wasn't in charge of the whole project. Weak game design and strange plot choices prevent this from being an Uncanny X-Game, nowhere near the fun of X-Men Legends II.

Ys: The Ark of Napishtim - PSP Review
Ys: The Ark of Napishtim is a port of the PS2 action RPG for the PSP. Graphically, everything is intact, and the amount of PSP exclusive extras is grand. The game may be too difficult for handheld gaming fun, however.

Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament
If you liked Dragon Ball Z Budokai, you're going to like Yu Yu Hakusho: Dark Tournament. It has the attention to detail that will make any anime fan grin. But if you dislike anime or cel-shaded fighters, Yu Yu Hakusho may not be the spirit detective for you.

Zen Pinball Review (PS3)
Zen Pinball casual-hardcore Playstation network PSN PS3 PlayStations 3 downloadable multiple tables

Start the Party - PS3 Move
The name says it all, "Start the Party." It's a collection of minigames reminiscent of the old EyeToy games on the PlayStation 2, only much, much better.

Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock Review (PS3)
Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock bashes its way onto the consoles, bringing with it new game play modes, killer visuals and a new list of rocking music. If you are a fan of music games and love to rock out, Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock could just be your ticket to ride.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions Review (PS3)
Four Spideys one web-slinging game. "Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions" weaves a plot amongst four different era Spider-Man (Spider-Men?). But does the plot stick as well the web?

Resident Evil: Revelations PS3 Review
2012's Resident Evil: Revelations was a Nintendo 3DS exclusive that has now been ported to the Nintendo Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3. Is it worth the upgrade?

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon PS3 Review
It may only be May but you won't play a DLC game more insane than Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, a spin-off of one of the best games of 2012 with dragons, cyborgs, super-soldiers, and more insanity than most '80s action movies. Is it worth the nostalgic trip to the future?

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