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Every now and again I get the chance to review something not related to PlayStation, yet still of interest to gamers.

Anno 1503 A.D. - PC
Anno 1503 A.D. was the most popular game in Germany when it came out. Think of it as Civilization, but with more focus on trade.

Armies of Exigo Review
Armies of Exigo is a fantasy RTS where the plane of war goes underground. Your armies: elves, beasts, knights, and creatures of the darkness must battle to the death along the hills and tunnels of Exigo.

Brute Force - Xbox
This is the game that was meant to hold Xboxers over until Halo 2 came out. It's squad based 3rd person gameplay is surprisingly engaging.

Cold War Review - PC, Xbox
Cold War combines Splinter Cell-esque stealth action with tons of great gadgets and gizmos. Who knew an x-ray camera could be so useful?

Crimson Sea - Xbox
Imagine the frantic action of Dynasty Warriors, but in outer space. That's Crimson Sea.

Dead Man's Hand - Xbox, PC
This wild wild west videogame is ambitious and brings new elements to the first person shooter genre.

Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball - Xbox
Girls, gambling, sun and sand... this is videogame escapism at it's very finest.

Dracula Unleashed Interactive Adventure - DVD Videogame
Take an old PC game and port it to DVD, and you get a surprisingly well acted, awful playing vampire experience.

Gamebox 1.0 Review (DVD)
Convergence seems to be the name of the game in Hollywood. Movies based on games, and games based on movies, have proven themselves to be big moneymakers. Gamebox 1.0 continues the trend, but rather than licensing one specific game, the movie creates its own universe similar to movies like eXistenZ.

Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee - Xbox, GameCube
How this one landed on every console but the PS2 is beyond me. This is a rompin', stompin' good party game, and a must have for Godzilla fans.

Golden Sun - Game Boy Advance
Guest Reviewer Aaron Albert takes a look at one of the most popular Game Boy Advance role playing games to come out, Golden Sun.

Logitech Cordless Mediaboard Review (PS3)
Was it evil for Sony to lock the PS3's Bluetooth system, effectively not allowing 3rd party accessories access? Sure. But that's not stopping companies like Logitech from creating accessories like its wireless keyboard the Cordless Mediaboard.

Logitech Cordless Precision Review (PS3 Controller)
Based on the excellent Sony PlayStation 2 Cordless Action Controller, Logitech's Cordless Precision for the PS3 uses the same body, but with PS3 twists. Customers interested in the Logitech Cordless Precision will have to decide if the $10 savings over the PS3's Sixaxis is worth the missing features.

Lords of EverQuest - PC
Looking for something besides Warcraft III to play? Lords of EverQuest brings real time strategy gaming to Norrath.

LoSt-CaUzE Noise Canceling Gaming Headphones by AblePlanet Review
The LoSt-CaUzE noise canceling gaming headphones sound superb. Surprisingly deep bass and excellent noise cancellation make this a hard set of ear cans to beat. Now if they only has a mic...

Magic: Battlegrounds - Xbox, PC
This isn't your typical card game to video game conversion. Magic: Battlegrounds opts for action over turn based card playing.

Metal Slug 3 - Xbox
Score one for Xbox. 2D Japanese side scrolling goodness finally lands on the American console.

Neverwinter Nights - PC
This is simply some of the best Dungeons and Dragons action you can have without needing a bag full of 20-sided dice.

Phantasy Star Online Episodes I & II - Xbox, GameCube
This was THE role playing game on Xbox Live, until the economy was broken by hackers. Still fun to play, and still as charming as it was on the SEGA Dreamcast.

Speed Racer Limited Edition DVD
I grew up watching the adventures of Speed Racer and his fabulous Mach 5. This collector's edition will bring a grin to any Anime fan's face.

The Chronicles of Riddick - Xbox
This is the kind of content the Xbox needs. Superb graphics, amazing gameplay, too bad there isn't more of it.

The Sims Double Deluxe - PC
The Sims Double Deluxe is the best value Sims pack out there. It features enough Sim-tastic fun to hold you over until the release of The Sims 2.

The Temple of Elemental Evil - PC
This dark RPG features the level of details people have come to expect from epic PC games.

Tube Slider - GameCube
This fast paced futuristic racer represents NEC's return to making videogames.

Unreal Championship - Xbox
Unreal Championship is a great game, on the PC. On the Xbox there is terrible slowdown when playing multiplayer, and it features one of the most confusing menu systems you'll ever see.

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